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Garlick, Raymond
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Correspondence : 1986

Includes letters from John Davies (5); R. Gerallt Jones; Raymond Garlick (6); Meic Stephens (12, including copies of letters from Meic Stephens to Ceri George and R. Brinley Jones); Anthony Conran (3); Jeremy Hooker (3); Robert Minhinnick; Bruce J...

Davies, John, 1944-

Correspondence : 1990

Includes letters from Leslie Norris (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Meic Stephens (3); Raymond Garlick (5); Dora Polk (2); Gillian Clarke; Gwyn O. Jones; Nigel Jenkins; Jeremy Hooker (2); and John Davies (2).

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Correspondence : 1989

Includes letters from Jeremy Hooker (2, including a typescript of his article, 'A profile of Roland Mathias' for the New Welsh Review); Raymond Garlick (2); Glyn Jones; Gillian Clarke (4); and John Davies.

Hooker, Jeremy, 1941-

Correspondence : 1994

Includes letters from Sam Adams (4); Raymond Garlick (3); Richard Poole (4); Ruth Bidgood (2); Tony Curtis; and Jeremy Hooker. The file also contains an obituary for Robert Morgan by Roland Mathias.

Adams, Sam, 1934-

Correspondence : 1988

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn; Don Dale-Jones (2); Glyn Jones (3); Raymond Garlick (5); John Davies (2); Brian Howells; Ruth Bidgood (4); Wynn Thomas; Dora Polk; Belinda Humfrey; and Jeremy Hooker (2).

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Honorary degree and fellowship

The file comprises papers relating to the degree of Doctor in Litteris, honoris causa awarded by the University of Wales, 1974, including Professor T. J. Morgan's presentation of Glyn Jones, and related letters and cards. The correspondents i...

Bevan, C. W. L. (Cecil Wilfrid Luscombe), 1920-1989

Writers of Wales for the Assembly,

Copies of a statement signed by numerous authors in support of an Assembly for Wales, together with a copy of the letter sent to them by Gillian Clarke and W. Rhys Nicholas. Also included are letters from W. Rhys Nicholas (2); Gwyn O. Jones; A. G....

Correspondence : 1975

Includes letters from Ruth Pryor (10); Glyn Jones (3); Alan Rudrum (7); Chris Torrance (2); Brian Keeble (11); Désirée Hirst (7); David [Dai] Smith (5); David Blamires (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Gwyn Williams (3); Bernard Lloyd; Sally Roberts Jone...

Pryor, Ruth

Correspondence : 1969

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (10); Désirée Hirst (3); Rosamund Stanhope (6); Meic Stephens (33); Raymond Garlick (5); Robert Morgan (7); Cecil Price (14); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Terry Measham (4); Raymond Moore; Jane McCormick (5); Neville ...

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

General correspondence

The file contains correspondence with publishers relating to the reprints scheme, 1977, in particular regarding reprints of Emyr Humphreys' work. The file also includes letters from Raymond Garlick, Ned Thomas and Belinda Humfrey including th...

Humphreys, Emyr

'Letters (writers)',

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6); Ted Hughes; Anne Stevenson (4); Jean Earle (4); Bobi Jones; Gwyneth Lewis (5); Olivia Byard; Christine Evans (3); Maura Dooley (4); John Emyr (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Sally Roberts Jones (3);...

Correspondence : 1962

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (7); D. W. Trevor Jenkins (3); R. George Thomas (8); Cecil Price (3); Glyn Jones (5); D. Tecwyn Lloyd; A. G. Prys-Jones (3); David Harries (2); Aneirin Talfan Davies (3); Richard Evans (9); L. Alun Page; Geral...

Garlick, Raymond

Correspondence : 1972

Includes letters from Alison Bielski (3); Leslie Norris (6); Susan Glyn (3); Dora Polk (7); Raymond Garlick (7); Gillian Clarke (29); Glyn Jones (4, including a copy of letter to Meic Stephens); J. P. Ward (6, including a typescript of the poem &#...

Bielski, Alison J.

Correspondence : 1973

Includes letters from Robert Morgan (9); Sam Adams (8); Richard Poole (5); John Tripp (7); Sally Roberts Jones (11); Cyril Hodges (7); Raymond Garlick (7); Tony Curtis (4); Philip Pacey (3); Richard Vaughan (2); Alan Perry (3, including a typescri...

Morgan, Robert, 1921-1994

Correspondence : 1964

Includes letters from Meic Stephens (2); Cecil Price (12); R. George Thomas (6); Robert Morgan (3); Leonard Clark (5); Raymond Garlick (5); Glyn Jones (2); John Idris Jones (4); David Harries; Bryn Griffiths (2); D. J. Williams; Gerald Morgan (2);...

Stephens, Meic

Correspondence : 1999

Includes letters from John Trice (2); Roy Thomas; Raymond Garlick (6); Richard Livsey; Leslie Norris; Jeremy Hooker (2); John Davies (3); and Ruth Bidgood (3).

Trice, J. E. (John E.)

Raymond Garlick poems,

A letter, 9 August 1989, from the poet Raymond Garlick to manuscript collector Colin Huggett (f. 44), enclosing photocopies and original drafts of four published poems.These comprise photocopies of worksheets of 'Miss Puw' and 'Emma...

Garlick, Raymond

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