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Garlick, Raymond
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Correspondence : 1989

Includes letters from Jeremy Hooker (2, including a typescript of his article, 'A profile of Roland Mathias' for the New Welsh Review); Raymond Garlick (2); Glyn Jones; Gillian Clarke (4); and John Davies.

Hooker, Jeremy, 1941-

Correspondence : 1990

Includes letters from Leslie Norris (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Meic Stephens (3); Raymond Garlick (5); Dora Polk (2); Gillian Clarke; Gwyn O. Jones; Nigel Jenkins; Jeremy Hooker (2); and John Davies (2).

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Correspondence : 1994

Includes letters from Sam Adams (4); Raymond Garlick (3); Richard Poole (4); Ruth Bidgood (2); Tony Curtis; and Jeremy Hooker. The file also contains an obituary for Robert Morgan by Roland Mathias.

Adams, Sam, 1934-

Correspondence : 1995

Includes letters from Richard Poole (3); Sam Adams (5); Raymond Garlick (7); Jeremy Hooker (including a typescript copy of his article, 'Henry Vaughan: image-maker, iconoclast'); Ruth Bidgood (4); Meic Stephens (2); Cliff James (2); and ...

Poole, Richard, 1945-

Correspondence : 1996

Includes letters from Ruth Bidgood (4); Sam Adams (6); Marion Löffler (2); Robert Steel; Meic Stephens (2); Nigel Jenkins (including a typescript copy of his poem 'Porth Cwyfan (for Roland Mathias)'); Gerald Clifton; John Davies (2); Ray...

Bidgood, Ruth

Correspondence : 1997

Includes letters from Leslie Norris; Nigel Jenkins; Raymond Garlick (5); Sam Adams (7); Belinda Humfrey; John Trice (2); Jon Dressel; Robert Steel (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Jeremy Hooker (2); and John Davies.

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Correspondence : 1998

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (4); Tony Curtis; Jeremy Hooker; Ruth Bidgood (4); John Davies; and Gloria Evans Davies (including typescript copies of poems by her).

Garlick, Raymond

Correspondence : 1999

Includes letters from John Trice (2); Roy Thomas; Raymond Garlick (6); Richard Livsey; Leslie Norris; Jeremy Hooker (2); John Davies (3); and Ruth Bidgood (3).

Trice, J. E. (John E.)

Correspondence : 2000

Includes letters from Sam Adams (3, including a typescript copy of the poem 'The Maesglas Marciano', i.m. Dick Richardson 1934-1999'); Richard Livsey; Ruth Bidgood (3); Jeremy Hooker (2); Raymond Garlick (4); John Trice; and Gloria ...

Adams, Sam, 1934-

Correspondence : 2001

Includes letters from Sam Adams (6); Ruth Bidgood (3); Raymond Garlick (7); Cliff James; John Trice (2); Leslie Norris; and Gloria Evans Davies (including typescript copies of poems by her).

Adams, Sam, 1934-

Correspondence : 2002

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (4); Sam Adams (2); Dannie Abse; Roy Thomas; John Trice; Ruth Bidgood; Jeremy Hooker; Kyffin Williams; and John Davies (2).

Garlick, Raymond

Correspondence : G,

Includes letters from Raymond Garlick (5); Walford Gealy; Victor Golightly (18); John Goodby (4); Iris Gower; Jon Gower (4); Roger Granelli (5); Lesley Grant-Adamson (7); J. Gwyn Griffiths (4); Steve Griffiths (5); Viv Griffiths (4); and Peter Gru...

Correspondence: 1972-1981,

Includes letters from Glyn Jones; John Tripp (2); Arthur Giardelli; Prys Morgan (2); Raymond Garlick (2); Moelwyn Merchant; Philip Owens (2); Robin Gregory; Leslie Norris (5); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Philip Pacey; Dannie Abse; Sam Adams (2); Charles...

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995.

Correspondence: 1995-1999,

Includes letters from Enid Luff (4); Christine Evans (2); Raymond Garlick; Caryl Davies; Angela Morton (2, including a poem); Mavis Carter (5); Liz Ashurst; Esther de Waal; Jean Earle (4); Gladys Mary Coles; Margaret Merritt (9); Mary Lloyd Jones ...

Correspondence: prose,

Correspondence, mostly concerning articles, stories and poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Steve Griffiths (2); A. G. Prys-Jones; Greg Hill; Ronald Lowe; Mike Jenkins; John Pikoulis (5); Sylvia Kantaris (2); Ruth Bi...

Dock Leaves: early support

Correspondence, 1950-1951, relating to Dock Leaves, mostly regarding attempts to secure financial support for the magazine, and including letters from Raymond Garlick and Cynan.

Garlick, Raymond

Editors and publishers

The file comprises letters to David Jones from editors and publishers (other than Faber and Faber), with letters from Alwyn D. Rees, Moelwyn Merchant, George Ewart Evans, Raymond Garlick, Keidrych Rhys, Stephen Spender, Louis G. Cowan, John H. Joh...

Rees, Alwyn D.

General correspondence

The file contains correspondence with publishers relating to the reprints scheme, 1977, in particular regarding reprints of Emyr Humphreys' work. The file also includes letters from Raymond Garlick, Ned Thomas and Belinda Humfrey including th...

Humphreys, Emyr

General correspondence

The file contains general correspondence, 1978-1979, regarding the reprints scheme. The file includes a letter from Raymond Garlick expressing his disquiet over the use of the term 'Welsh literature' instead of 'Anglo-Welsh' on...

Garlick, Raymond

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