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A manuscript dated c. 1726 (see p. 63) containing poetry, the poets cited including Elis Cadwaladr, Huw Morys and Rees Ellis.


A manuscript containing pedigrees written, at least in part, in 1633 (see p. 68).There are several lacunae in the text.


A manuscript containing pedigrees, which includes a list of the mothers of Welsh princes and their children.

Poetry, apocryphal gospels, &c.,

A manuscript containing poetry (pp. 5-18, 42-162), the poets cited including Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Guto'r Glyn, Siôn Cent and Iorwerth Fynglwyd; apocryphal gospels (pp. 21-31); 'y Discibl ar Athro', which includes a brief sum...

Welsh Laws,

A manuscript containing a copy of the Welsh Laws taken from Brit. Mus. MS Bibl. Cotton. Titus D. 11.

Welsh Laws,

A manuscript containing a copy of the Welsh Laws taken from Brit. Mus. MS Bibl. Cotton. Cleopatra B. v. 2.

The Life of Griffith ap Kynan,

A manuscript containing the Life of Griffith ap Kynan in Welsh and Latin (original foliation 1-40); and the Burial of Arthur (original foliation 45-52). Ff. 1-52 (original foliation) are written on one side only. The text of the Life of Griffith a...

Brut y Brenhinedd,

A manuscript containing a copy of Brut y Brenhinedd from the British Museum MS Bibl. Cotton. Cleopatra B. v.

Copies from the Red Book of Hergest,

Copies made from the Red Book of Hergest by David Parry in 1697 (see f. 202), written mostly on one side only. The volume contains De Carolo Magno (ff. 7-77); Historia Caroli Magni (ff. 78-91); Imago Mundi (ff. 91-98); Brief Chronicle (f. 98 = col...

David Parry.


A manuscript containing transcripts by David Parry from the Red Book of Hergest, together with other poetry, the volume being compiled before it was given to Jesus College, Oxford in 1701. The contents of the volume are as follows: A Welsh Grammar...

David Parry, Reverend Samuel Williams and Moses Williams.

Gofal Tylwyth ...,

A manuscript containing 'Gofal Tylwyth neu Ddyled Pennau Teuluoedd', being a translation into Welsh by the Reverend Samuel Williams of 'A domestick charge, or, The duty of household-governours ...' by Erasmus Saunders, M.A. of ...

Reverend Samuel Williams.

Pedigrees and poetry,

A manuscript, 'ex Autographo D'ni H. Salesbury de Llan rwst penes dnm R. Salesbury de Rug', containing pedigrees and poetry.Pp. 1-22 are in the hand of David Parry, and pp. 23-36 probably also in his hand. The poets cited include Ta...

David Parry.


A manuscript containing prophecies in prose and verse and including alleged prophecies of Myrddin and Taliesin and the works of Iolo Goch, Dafydd Llwyd and Rhys Nanmor.The text at p. 39b is said to be 'copied out of the Chronicle of Guttun Ow...

Poetry, prophecies, &c.,

A manuscript containing poetry, prophecies, 'histories', etc. and including 'Kynghorev Kattwn ddoeth ar bardd glas or gadeir' (pp. 27-29). The poets cited include Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Siôn Cent and Lewys Morganwg.The text begin...


A manuscript containing an 'Important Corpus of Welsh Poetry' compiled by the Reverend Samuel Williams and Iaco ab Dewi [James Davies], with the first lines of the poems given alphabetically in an index. The volume also contains 'Hi...

Reverend Samuel Williams, Iaco ab Dewi and Richard Morris.

Ystorie Kymrü,

A manuscript written by 'Ifan llwyd ap Dafydd o Nantmynach o fewn sir ferionedd esguier' containing 'Ystorie Kymrü, neü Cronigl kymraeg' from Brutus (1108 B.C.) to Cadwaladr Fendigaid (683 A.D.).

Ifan Llwyd ap Dafydd.

Brut y Tywysogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing Brut y Tywysogion, with which some such text as that of the Saxon Chronicle has, to some extent, been interwoven in the earlier part.

Welsh proverbs,

A manuscript in the autograph of Moses Williams containing Welsh proverbs translated into Latin. Inside the front cover is inscribed: 'Transcribed out a MS. writ by Dr Davies. The Drs.' First and Second Translations are in the Harleian L...

Moses Williams.

The Mabinogion, &c.,

A manuscript containing the Mabinogion (pp. 1-64); the Dream of Maxen Wledic (p. 65); the Adventure of Llvdd and Llevelys (p. 74); and the History of Kulhwch and Olwen (pp. 81-120).The text was transcribed from the Red Book of Hergest and collated...

Moses Williams.

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