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Geraint fab Erbin,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams and another containing the story of Gereint vab Erbin from the Red Book of Hergest.

Moses Williams and another.

Gofal Tylwyth ...,

A manuscript containing 'Gofal Tylwyth neu Ddyled Pennau Teuluoedd', being a translation into Welsh by the Reverend Samuel Williams of 'A domestick charge, or, The duty of household-governours ...' by Erasmus Saunders, M.A. of ...

Reverend Samuel Williams.

Gramadeg Dafydd Ddu,

A manuscript containing the 'grammar' of Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug (fl. before 1400), i.e. his 'llyfr cerddwriaeth' dealing with the structure and art of bardism and verse.A note on p. 31 records that this manuscript was copied fro...

Historia Judas, &c.,

A manuscript containing 'Historia Judas', 'Trioedd Taliesin' and a fragment of 'Purdan Padric'.

Hywel's Laws, &c.

A manuscript in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing transcripts of the Laws of Hywel Dda from an unidentified manuscript (ff. 1-9) and from the White Book of Hergest (ff. 63-67); a transcript of a commonplace book, temp. James I, ...

Immanuel neu Ddirgelwch Cnawdoliaeth mab Duw,

A manuscript entitled 'Immanuel neu Ddirgelwch Cnawdoliaeth mab Duw' in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams. The text is a Welsh translation of Archbishop James Ussher's Immanuel: or, The mystery of the incarnation of the Son o...

Samuel Williams.

Index to the Welsh laws,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing an index to subjects and phrases in the Welsh laws.

Moses Williams.

Index to the Welsh laws,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing an index to the subject matter of the Welsh Laws within the manuscripts owned by him.

Moses Williams.

Interpretation of Dreams,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing the Interpretation of Dreams from Llanstephan MS 28; and 'Gr. ap kynan twssog kymry a wnaith gyfreth ar y gwyr wrth gerdd' in a seventeenth century hand.

Moses Williams and another.

Kyngor Katw ddoeth ar Bardd glas,

A manuscript containing 'Kyngor Katw ddoeth ar Bardd glas', being a transcript by Samuel Williams of a manuscript written in 1604 by John Jones, Gellilyfdy.

Samuel Williams.

Legal triads,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing a collection of legal triads.

Moses Williams.

Leges Howeli Da, &c.,

A manuscript, apparently in the hand of John David, containing a transcript of Rawlinson MS C. 821 (pp. 1-107); 'Am ossodedigethau Dyfnwal ... moel ...' (pp. 109-110); excerpts, in Welsh, from a very old manuscript of the Laws which was ...

John David.

Lives of Saints, &c.,

A manuscript containing lives of saints, etc. An index is included on p. i.Pp. i, 427-433 are in the hand of Moses Williams. A note - 'Pretium £1 . 4 . 6 An. 1715' - on the fly-leaf is in the same hand as most of the manuscript. At the e...

Moses Williams and another.

Lives of saints,

A manuscript containing for the most part the lives of saints.Pp. 1-389 were written by Roger Morys of Coed y Talwrn, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (see p. 93) towards the close of the sixteenth century, while pp. 390-403 were written by Thomas Evans (Th...

Roger Morys and Thomas ab Ifan.

Llyfr o Venegnieth,

A manuscript entitled 'Llyfr o Venegnieth', being medical recipes copied from a manuscript written in 1608 by John Jones, Gellilyfdy, who had, in turn, copied parts (ff. 20-27) 'o law Roger Morris'.

Llyvyr Jams Dwnn,

A manuscript containing poetry by Siâms Dwnn, Huw Arwystli, Gruffydd Phylip, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Guto'r Glyn and others Pp. 1-498 are in the hand of Siâms Dwnn (see p. 457); pp. 499-521 are in the hand of 'Tho: P.' [Tho...

Siâms Dwnn, Thomas Prys and ?Siôn Cain.

Majorum Catalogus

A transcript, in an unidentified hand, of a manuscript in the hand of John ap Gruff[ydd] Eyton (see p. 72), containing a genealogical history from Adam to Cadwaladr in the form of illustrative tables with brief comments (pp. 1-30); and a genealogi...

John ap Gruffydd Eyton

Meddygon Myddfai,

A manuscript, mainly in the hand of James Davies ('Iaco ab Dewi') of 'Trerhedyn yn Llan Llawddoc' and completed 15 July 1713 (see p. 30), containing 'Meddygon Myddfai', being a transcript from the Red Book of Hergest,...

Iaco ab Dewi and Moses Williams.

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