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NLW Archives and Manuscripts Dafydd Llwyd, of Mathafarn, approximately 1420-1500
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Transcripts by Owen M. Edwards and another of 'cywyddau' by John Cent, John Vaughan o Gairgai, William Phylip, William Wynn, Rowland Hugh, Thomas Prys, and Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (Dafydd Llwyd, Mathafarn); and 'englyni...

O. M. Edwards and others.

The commonplace book of Sir John Price,

  • NLW MS 9048E.
  • File
  • [1901x1961].

A photostat facsimile of Balliol MS 353, a commonplace book of Sir John Price (1502?-1555). The manuscript contains genealogical memoranda relating to the family of John Price (Siôn ap Rhys) and his wife, Johan Williamson, notes on Welsh bardic gr...

Llyfr Thomas Jones, Trawsgoed,

'Cywyddau' and other poems by Guto'r Glyn, Sion Brwynog, Wiliam Llŷn, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Llywelyn ap Gutun, Huw Arwystli, Sion Tudur, Edmwnd Prys, Wiliam Cynwal, Tudur Penllyn, Hywel Borthor ('o'r Trallw...

Bedo Hafesb

Transcripts of 'cywyddau' etc., by Bedo Hafesb, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llewelyn, and others, together with translations of some poems; a list, compiled by Robert Stephens, of poems by Bedo Hafesb; and letters to Gwrtheyrn from Robert Stephens.

Stephen, Robert, 1878-1966

Gwaith Thomas Wiliems,

A collection of 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' mainly in the early hand of Thomas Wiliems, otherwise called Thomas ap William, of Trefriw, with a few items in his later hand. The poets represented are Iorwerth Beli, G[o]ronwy Gyrio...

Wiliems, Thomas, 1545 or 1546-1622?


Proof sheets of projected editions by E. Stanton Roberts of 'cywyddau' by Tudur Penllyn, Ifan ab Gruffydd Leiaf, Hywel Rheinallt, Gutto'r Glyn, Gruffydd Hiraethog, Hum ap Dafydd, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn, Robin Ddu, Dafydd Nanmor?, ...

E. Stanton Roberts.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

Transcripts from manuscript sources, with copious variant readings, of 'cywyddau' by Ifan ap Gruffudd leiaf, Tudur Penllyn, Gruffydd Hiraethog, [Lewis Glyn Cothi], Guttor Glyn, Tvdvr Pennllynn, Thomas Kelli, Ho'll Rinallt, Howel Kil...

E. Stanton Roberts.


A seventeenth century transcript of 'cywyddau' and other poetry by Edmwnd Prys, John Havard ('o lanyspyddaid'), Tudur Aled, Simwnt Fychan, Siôn Tudur, Robin Dyfi, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Sion Fychan (Caethle), Robin...


Transcripts by Ioan Pedr and others of 'cywyddau' and other poems by Wiliam Llŷn, Guto'r Glyn, Siôn Brwynog, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Llywelyn ap Gutun [ap Ieuan Lydan], Huw Arwystli, Wiliam Cynwal, Siôn Tudur, Edmwnd P...

Ioan Pedr and others.

'Llyfr Gwyn Mechell ...'

'Llyfr Gwyn Mechell, sef Casgliad o Ganiadau ... wedi ei ysgrifenu gan William Bulkeley, Yswain o'r Brynddu, Llanfechell yn Mon ...', containing 'cywyddau', etc. by Sion ap Hywel ap Llywelyn Fychan, Morys Dwyfech (Morus ap...

Bulkeley, William, 1691-1760


'Cywyddau' by Edwart ap Raff, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Huw ab Elis, Robert ab Ieuan ap Tomos, Humphrey Thomas Gruffudd, Sion Phylip, Tomos Penllyn, Maredudd ap Rhys, Wiliam Llyn, Sion Tudur, Rhys Cain, Morys Cyffin, William ...


A collection made by William Jones ('Bleddyn'), Llangollen of 'cywyddau' by Guto'r Glyn, Wiliam Llŷn, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Ieuan Llafar, Lew[y]s Môn, Thomas Prys, Gruffudd Phylip, Richard Goch, John Morris...


A transcript by William Jones ('Bleddyn'), Llangollen of 'cywyddau' and 'englynion', etc. by Gwerful Mechain, Hywel Dafi [Hywel ap Dafydd ab Ieuan ap Rhys], Sion ap Philpot, Robert ap Dafydd Llwyd, Gruffudd Leiaf, Ior...


Transcripts of 'cywyddau' by Sion Cent, Dafydd Gorlech, Robin Ddu, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn, Lewis Powys, Gwilym Telyn, Maredudd ap Rhys, Owain Twna, [Sir] Gruffudd Fychan, Syr Huw Pennant, Edwart Owain and Ieuan Brydydd Hir (Ieuan Fardd).


'Cywyddau' and other poetry by Gruffudd Hiraethog, Bedo Phylip Bach, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Bedo Brwynllys, Tudur Aled, Robin Ddu, Sion Phylip, R-- M--, Sion Tudur, Wiliam Llŷn, Ieuan Dew Brydydd, Llywelyn ap Gutun, Edmwnd Prys, Richard Cynwa...


A volume containing transcripts of Welsh verse in strict metre (consisting mainly of 'cywyddau') transcribed, October [18]89 - February [18]90, by I[saac] F[oulkes] [newspaper proprietor and publisher]. Many of the poems are annotated to...

Isaac Foulkes.

Cell gymysg,

Two fragments (pp. 170-94 and 107-32), the first containing copies of 'cywyddau' by Iolo Goch and Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd o Fathafarn, and the second containing a brief vocabulary (Sae to Silltaerau); an extract from a lette...


A collection of 'cywyddau' mainly of a vaticinatory nature. The poets represented are Ifan ap Rhydderch ab Ifan Llwyd, Llywelyn ab Owain, Robin Ddu, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Dafydd Gorllech, and Gruffudd ap Llywelyn Fychan.

Llyfr Cwmbychan,

'Cywyddau' and other poems by John Vaughan, Wiliam Phylip, Siôn Phylip, Sion Dafydd ap Siencyn, Edwart ap Rhys, Raff ap Robert, Dafydd Nanmor, Gruff[u]dd Gr[y]g, Simwnt Fychan, Richard Phylip, Siôn Tudur, Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen, Rhy...

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