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Buchedd Collen, &c.,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Buchedd Collen' (pp. 25-31), 'Hanes Taliesin' (pp. 33-44), 'Keyryd' (p. 77), transcripts from the Black Book of Carmarthen (pp. 1-20, 98-118) and the Book of Tali...

Moses Williams.

Canwyll y Cymry, &c.,

Canwyll y Cymry, carols and 'dyrïau', being compositions of the Reverend Rice Prichard, M.A. ('Yr Hen Ficer') (1579?-1644) (pp. 7-146), vicar of Llandovery, and others in the hand of William Salisbury, Bachymbyd. The manuscript...

William Salisbury.

Catechism Eglwys Loegr ...,

A manuscript in three parts: (i) 'Catechism Eglwys Loegr wedi ei amgylchieithu'; (ii) 'Gwrth-ddadleu yn erbyn y Catechism wedi eu hatteb'; (iii) 'Gweddiau boreuol'.

Cerdd-lyfr Cymraeg,

A manuscript containing the works of the medieval Welsh bards, being a transcript by William Maurice, Llansilin (see p. 492) of British Museum Addl MS 14869. Pp. 69, 119 and 141 bear respectively the dates 1September, 4 October and 6 October [16]6...

William Maurice.


A manuscript containing dated extracts from Brut y Tywysogion (pp. 1-16); and a chronological table 'out of Sir Tho. S. Sebright's MS. No 13. Ex libro D'ni Jo. Prise Militis'.

Chronology, arms, pedigrees and poetry,

A manuscript containing a chronology, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales (pp. 1, 33-37, 43-48, 49-60, 100, 111-113); arms, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales (pp. 2-8, 9, 99); pedigrees, mainly of kings and rulers of Wales and England (pp. 9b-88...

Copies from the Red Book of Hergest,

Copies made from the Red Book of Hergest by David Parry in 1697 (see f. 202), written mostly on one side only. The volume contains De Carolo Magno (ff. 7-77); Historia Caroli Magni (ff. 78-91); Imago Mundi (ff. 91-98); Brief Chronicle (f. 98 = col...

David Parry.

Culhwch ac Olwen and Y Mabinogion,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams (pp. 1-4) and another (pp. 5-66) containing a transcript of Kulhwch ac Olwen and of Y Mabinogion from the Red Book of Hergest.

Moses Williams and another.

Cyfraith Hywel Dda,

A manuscript containing a copy of 'Cyfraith Hywel Dda o Lyfr Owain Meurig o Fod-organ y Mon, Esq.'.

Cyfraith Hywel Dda,

A manuscript containing the laws of Hywel Dda 'o Lyfr Wm. Philips o Aberhodni [?Aberhonddu]'.

Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain,

A manuscript containing a copy of Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain in the hand of Hugh Maurice.The text is apparently the same as that in the printed edition of 1829.

Hugh Maurice.

Cywyddau Dafydd ap Gwilym,

A manuscript mainly containing cywyddau of Dafydd ap Gwilym (pp. 1-240). Pp. i-xviii are in the autograph of Moses Williams (1685-1742) and the remainder of the text in that of his brother Samuel Williams. P. i is headed 'Welsh names of Men &...

Moses Williams and Samuel Williams.

De Excidio Brittanie,

A manuscript in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams, Llangynllo containing Gildas's 'De Excidio Brittanie' in Latin and Welsh on opposite pages.

Samuel Williams.

Dychymmygjon Dynjon yn Addoliad Duw,

A manuscript containing 'Traethawd ynghylch Dychymmygjon Dynjon yn Addoliad Duw', being a translation of the work of William King, lord bishop of Dublin. At the beginning of the volume are prefixed two leaves containing a list of Welsh p...

Dyfrif Achwyniad ...,

A manuscript entitled 'Dyfrif Achwyniad ar y tosdurus Sarrhâd o Ymadrodd Halogedig mewn Cymdeithas'.

Englynion y Beddau; Hanes Taliesin; &c.

A composite volume, mainly in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), copied from manuscripts of Lewis Morris and others 'ynghylch y flwyddyn 1765' (p. i), including 'Englynion y Beddau' (pp. 1-15) and 'Englynion y Clyw...

Flyting poetry,

A manuscript containing flyting poetry exchanged between Archdeacon Edmwnd Prys and Wiliam Cynwal. Following the death of Wiliam Cynwal, Edmwnd Prys breaks off the exchange and composes an elegy to his erstwhile poetic rival (p. 177). Another eleg...

Flyting poetry, &c.

Poetry, including the Ymrysson (flyting poetry) between Archdeacon Edmwnd Prys and Wiliam Cynwal (see Peniarth MS 43); other poets cited include Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym and Gruffudd Hiraethog.For the englynion numbered 28-118 cf. Pen...

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