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Powys, Gertrude M. (Gertrude Mary) -- Death and burial
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Letters from Littleton Alfred Powys

Sixteen letters, ten postcards and one photograph, 1952, to John Cowper Powys from his son Littleton Alfred Powys, containing mainly personal news, a reference to the death of his aunt, Gertrude Powys (ff. 10-verso), and ink drawings by Littleton Alfred on ff. 4 verso, 5, 6 verso, 22 verso, and 34-verso. There is one enclosed letter to John Cowper Powys from Nell Sampson, friend of Littleton Alfred, and one letter dictated to and written by John Cowper Powys's [?godson], Francis. Littleton Alfred's declining health is mirrored in his deteriorating handwriting.

Letters from Littleton Charles Powys

Ten letters (one incomplete), four telegrams and seven postcards, 1948-1949, 1952-1955 and undated, to John Cowper Powys from his brother Littleton Charles Powys, mostly containing personal and family news. One of the telegrams informs of the death of Littleton's and John Cowper Powys's sister Gertrude in 1952 (with enclosed obituary), the remainder announcing the success of Littleton's eye surgery. There is also an enclosed poem by Myra Reeve, dated February 1954. Two of the envelopes (ff. 19 and 32) have been inscribed by John Cowper Powys.

Letters from Lucy Penny

Fifty-nine letters and seven postcards, 1944-1946, 1949, [?1950], 1951-1955, to Phyllis Playter from John Cowper Powys's sister, Lucy Penny. The letters contain mainly family news, including references to the deaths of Lucy's sister, Gertrude Powys, and her brother, Theodore Francis Powys, and to Lucy Penny's stay at Allington Sanatorium, Bridport, Dorset from 1952 to1953. Enclosed with one letter is a letter from Lucy to her brother, John Cowper Powys. There are occasional notes by Powys biographer Morine Krissdottir.

Letters from Lucy Penny

Eighteen letters and seven postcards, 1950-1952, to John Cowper Powys from his sister, Lucy Penny, containing mostly family news, including the death of their sister Gertrude in April 1952 and Lucy's purchase of the cottage at Mappowder (accompanied by a flyer announcing the sale of the cottage by auction). A note from Lucy's and John Cowper Powys's sister Philippa (Katie) Powys is included in one letter and there is also an enclosed letter from Lucy to Phyllis Playter. One of Lucy's letters, dated Christmas Eve 1952, is written from Allington Sanatorium, Bridport. Included as part of this correspondence and filed within an envelope are five undated letters and one undated postcard to John Cowper Powys from Lucy which pre-date the death of Gertrude Powys but which cannot be placed with any certainty within the chronology of the collection.

Letters from Marian Powys

Thirteen letters, 1952, to John Cowper Powys from his sister Marian Powys, mostly containing news of family and friends, including the death of Marian's and John Cowper Powys's sister Gertrude Powys and references to Marian's writing and lacemaking work. Enclosures comprise two letters to Marian from the Reverend J. H. C. Johnson.

Letters S-W

Letters to John Cowper Powys arranged alphabetically, S-W. The correspondents are as follows: Elisabeth Schoen (3), 1957-1958, 1962 (with enclosed printed piece (in French) relating to the French translation of John Cowper Powys's Autobiography (1934)); Enid Mary Starkie (1), 1956; B. T. W. Stevenson (1), 1957; Martha Sweeney (1), 1928; Gilbert Turner (1 postcard), 1945; Bridie Wall, cousin of Gerard Casey, husband of John Cowper Powys's niece Mary Casey (1), undated (photocopy) (annotated by John Cowper Powys); Theresa Whistler (1), 1959; Louis Wilkinson (2 telegrams), 1919; Dora Williams (10), 1939, 1941, 1943-1944; Huw Menai Williams (2), 1951, 1958 and Anne, his wife (1), 1962 (together with a press cutting, 1951, relating to a luncheon held in Huw Menai's honour, and a printed flyer advertising an edition of the periodical Wales in which an article by Huw Menai appeared); Angus Wilson (3), 1956, 1962-1963; and Gamel Woolsey (2), 1951 (containing her response to John Cowper Powys's novel Porius (1951), 1952 (reference to the death of John Cowper Powys's sister Gertrude Powys).

Letters to Gamel Woolsey

Four letters, 1930, 1942, 1952, 1959, from John Cowper Powys to the poet and novelist Gamel Woolsey. The letters contain references to Powys's preparations prior to embarking on his novel Porius (1951), as well as his response to his brother Llewelyn Powys's novel Apples Be Ripe (1930) and to some writings of Gerald Brenan; there are references also to the death of Powys's sister Gertrude Powys in 1952. Enclosed with the letter of 1959 is a poem addressed to Gamel Woolsey by Powys entitled 'A Pity' (f. 17).

Miscellaneous Powys family and other letters

Letters largely to and between various members of the Powys family, as follows: To Lucy Penny from her mother Mary Cowper Powys (5), 1911-1912, 1914; to Marian (May) Powys from her mother Mary Cowper Powys (1), [1914]; to Margaret Powys from her son Littleton Alfred Powys (1), 1926; to Gamel Woolsey from Mary (Molly) MacCarthy (1), undated, which refers to Gamel's then contentious work One Way of Love (1930) (with a note by Powys biographer Morine Krissdottir); to Gertrude Powys from [her brother Theodore Francis Powys], (3), 1941, 1946 and undated (typescript copies); to Gertrude Powys from her sister Lucy Penny (1 postcard), [1944]; to Marian Powys from 'E. R.' (1), 1947; to Peter Powys Grey from his mother Marian Powys (1), 1948; to Bernard O'Neill from Philippa (Katie) Powys (1), 1949 (photocopy); to Francis Llewellyn Powys from his cousin Littleton Alfred Powys (1 postcard), 1951; to Littleton [?Charles] Powys from an unnamed correspondent (the letter lacking a signature and appearing incomplete) (1), 1953; to George Frederick Sims from John Cowper Powys's nephew Francis Llewellyn Powys (1), 1958 (photocopy); to Alyse Gregory, widow of Llewelyn Powys, from Francis Llewellyn Powys (1), 1960; to Jill Olson from Katie Powys (1), 1961 (photocopy) (with note by Morine Krissdottir); to Lucy Penny from her sister Marian Powys (1), [1963]; to Lucy Penny from Powys biographer Marie Canavaggia (including a note to Phyllis Playter) (1), 1964; to Lucy Penny from her niece Isobel Powys Marks (1), 1966; to Lucy Penny from her niece Rose Dyer (1), 1969; to Lucy Penny from her nephew Gilfrid Powys (1), 1969; to Lucy Penny from her great-nephew Michael (2) and her great-niece Lucy (1), 1969; to Francis Llewellyn Powys from C. Benson Roberts (1), 1970; to John Cowper Powys's brother William Ernest (Willie) Powys from Agnes [ ? ] in Poland, enclosing a photograph [?from Adrian Upfield]) (1), 2002; together with undated letters to Alyse Gregory from Lucy Penny (1) and Ty (Barbara) Powys Grey (née Tyler), first wife of Peter Powys Grey (1), an undated letter to Bernard O'Neill from Lucy Penny (photocopy), and an undated postcard from Marian Powys to an unnamed recipient (on the dorse of which is a printed notice of an auction of some of Marian Powys's lacemaking stock upon her retirement). Included separately in an envelope are photographs of Marian Powys and Peter Powys Grey, [?1936], and an obituary of Gertrude Powys, [1952].