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Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985
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Anerchiad i'r 'Tri' ar eu rhyddhad o garchar

Anerchiad, Awst 1937, gan y Parch. D. Llewelyn Jones, ar ran Rhanbarth Sir Drefaldwyn o Blaid Genedlaethol Cymru, yn gyflwynedig i Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine a D. J. Williams ar eu rhyddhad o'r carchar yn sgil llosgi'r Ysgol Fomio ym Mhenyberth (f. 15). = An address, August 1937, by the Rev. D. Llewelyn Jones, on behalf of the Montgomeryshire Region of Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, to Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine and D. J. Williams on their release from prison following the burning of the bombing school at Penyberth (f. 15).
Ceir nodiadau ar fynwentydd ac ysbrydion yn ardal Borth, sir Aberteifi, ar f. 15 verso. = There are notes on cemeteries and ghosts in Borth, Cardiganshire, on f. 15 verso.

Jones, D. Llewelyn (David Llewelyn), 1898-1973


Pencil sketches of incidental music, possibly for a television drama entitled 'Blodeuwedd' by Saunders Lewis; and a photocopy of a corrected script of 'Blodeuwedd'.

David Jones letter to Anthony Powell

A letter, dated 10-11 July 1967, from the artist and writer David Jones, Harrow, to the novelist [Anthony] Powell, mainly discussing Welsh genealogy and history. Jones also refers to the anniversary of his involvement in the battle of Mametz Wood, 10-11 July 1916, the subject of part 7 of his poem In Parenthesis (London, 1937) (f. 16 verso).
The letter contains references to the recent 'David Jones Special Issue' of Agenda, 5.1-3 (Spring-Summer 1967), Powell's television producer and director son Tristram, with whom Jones was acquainted, Kenneth Jackson, Saunders Lewis, and Jones's knowledge of Welsh (all f. 16), and the Eliseg Pillar inscription (f. 16 recto-verso).

Jones, David, 1895-1974

David Jones letters to Valerie Wynne-Williams

  • NLW MS 24167i-iiiE.
  • File
  • 1958-1974

One hundred and twenty-four autograph letters, 1959-1974, from painter-poet David ('Dafydd') Jones, all addressed to Valerie ('Elri') Wynne-Williams (née Price), with the exception of two to her husband Michael ('Mihangel') (ff. 54, 112-113) and one to them both (ff. 55-56), discussing a variety of topics including his, and her, health and living conditions, his work, his friends, the Welsh language and Welsh history and politics. Some letters are illustrated with coloured pencil, pen and ink drawings, mainly of animals and flowers (ff. 8, 32, 33, 45 verso, 46 verso-47, 48 verso, 76, 103, 104 verso, 152), inscriptions (ff. 9, 34, 124 verso, 128, 136 verso) and sketch maps of Harrow (ff. 143, 144).
There are references throughout to friends and correspondents including Saunders Lewis (ff. 2-11 passim, 42-188 passim), Harman Grisewood (ff. 4-192 verso passim), René Hague (ff. 42 verso-187 passim), David Blamires (ff. 160, 186, 190 verso, 192), Louis Bonnerot (ff. 123, 186 verso), Tom Burns (ff. 13, 14 verso, 48, 64 verso, 68 verso, 77, 85 verso, 86 verso, 89 verso, 110, 116, 140 recto-verso, 188 verso), Douglas Cleverdon (ff. 68 verso, 160 verso, 162, 163 verso, 187), Aneirin Talfan Davies (ff. 9 verso, 11, 14 verso, 16, 33 verso, 63 verso, 71 verso, 123, 124, 128, 129 verso, 154 verso, 162), Clarissa Eden (f. 107 verso), T. S. Eliot (ff. 51 recto-verso, 62 verso, 67 verso, 69 verso, 71, 73, 74, 85), Gwynfor Evans (ff. 29 verso, 31, 131-192 verso passim), Illtud Evans (f. 6, 11 recto-verso, 37, 46 verso, 57, 61), Arthur Giardelli (ff. 150, 151 verso, 171 verso, 186), Eric Gill (ff. 45 verso, 66, 67 verso, 68 verso, 121), Stanley Honeyman (ff. 84, 140, 154 verso, 159 verso), Morag Owen (ff. 59, 98, 140), Catherine Rousseau (née Ivainer) (ff. 36 verso-127 passim), Stephen Spender (ff. 81 verso-82, 83 verso, 91), Bill Stevenson (f. 158 verso) and Helen Sutherland (ff. 68, 97 verso, 157). There are also occasional references to Desmond Chute (f. 120 verso), Idris Foster (ff. 60 verso, 63 verso), Philip Jones Griffiths (ff. 1, 131), David Lloyd George (ff. 108 verso-109, 127 verso), Megan Lloyd George (ff. 18 verso, 20, 21-22), J. D. Innes (f. 49 verso), Augustus John (f. 85 verso), Alun Oldfield-Davies (ff. 37, 77), Tristram Powell (ff. 142 recto-verso, 144), Caradog Prichard (ff. 19 verso, 77, 108), Kathleen Raine (f. 59 verso), Keidrych Rhys (ff. 6 verso, 8, 9, 16, 30 verso, 36 verso), Meic Stephens (ff. 171, 175), Vernon Watkins (ff. 47, 128 verso), D. J. Williams (f. 106 recto-verso), Kyffin Williams (ff. 49, 63, 77) and R. O. F. Wynne and his family (ff. 61, 62, 63, 64 verso, 67 verso, 81, 94 verso, 96 verso¸ 98, 130 verso), and brief reminiscences of his experiences during the First World War (ff. 70 recto-verso, 76, 79 recto-verso, 108 verso-109, 130 recto-verso, 151 verso, 164). Also included is a copy of his letter, dated 10 August 1959, to Megan Lloyd George (f. 21; for her reply see NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers CT3/3, f. 247); cuttings of letters to the Times by David Jones, Valerie Price and others, 1958 (ff. 193-196); and a copy of a 1959 photograph of the two by Philip Jones Griffiths (f. 197). The letter of 23 September 1973 (ff. 178-179 verso) was published under the title 'Yr Iaith' in Planet, 21 (January 1974), 3-5.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol: 1974-1976

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys llythyrau sy'n trafod gwaith yr Academi o ddydd i ddydd, gan gynnwys llawer o ohebiaeth ynglŷn â materion ariannol a'r newidiadau cyfansoddiadol oedd yn yr arfaeth. Ceir cyfeiriadau at gyhoeddi Taliesin ac at y cais i ennill Gwobr Nobel i Saunders Lewis yn ogystal â chyfeiriadau at dderbyn Geraint Gruffydd a Wil Sam yn aelodau o'r Academi.

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol/General correspondence

Yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth/Includes letters from: Trefor Beasley; D. J. Bowen; Kitchener Davies; Dr Noëlle Davies, T. I. Ellis (2); E. D. Jones; Saunders Lewis; D. Myrddin Lloyd; Dafydd Miles; Emrys Pride (2); Mati Rees; Keidrych Rhys (3); Jac L. Williams (2); R. O. F. Wynne.

Beasley, Trefor,


Benjamin T. Lewis; Esyr Lewis; Gareth Lewis; Mostyn Lewis; Huw Lewis; Ian Lewis; Sir John Herbert Lewis; Robyn Léwis; Saunders Lewis; Julian Lewis; Richard Lewis; and Steffan Lewis.

Llythyrau Kate Roberts a Saunders Lewis,

A letter, 5 September 1947, from Kate Roberts to Saunders Lewis (ff. 54-55), together with his reply, 9 September 1947 (f. 56, end lacking), concerning her forthcoming radio interview with him to discuss her writing technique.
The discussion was transmitted on the Welsh Home Service of the BBC on 15 October 1947 and a transcript was subsequently published in Crefft y Stori Fer, ed. by Saunders Lewis (Llandysul, 1949). The letters are published in Dafydd Ifans, 'Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders - Atodiad', National Library of Wales Journal, 29 (1995-96), 341-345.

Roberts, Kate, 1891-1985.

Miscellaneous letters

  • NLW MS 21818E.
  • File
  • 1900-1995

Letters, 1900-1995, of miscellaneous provenance. Correspondents include A. J. Balfour (1) 1916, W. H. Davies (2) 1912-1913, Lyubov (Aimée) F. Dostoevskaya (1, in French) 1924, Owen M. Edwards (4) 1900-1916, David Lloyd George (4) 1911-1919, Megan Lloyd George (3) 1948-1951, Richard Hughes (6) 1923-1935, Augustus John (7) [1918]-1950, Daniel Jones (2) 1972-1981, David Jones (1) 1966 (discussing some of his paintings), Jack Jones (2) 1938-1939, Saunders Lewis (5) 1951-1965, Wallis Simpson, later Duchess of Windsor (1) 1937, Edward Thomas (1) 1901, and Ralph Vaughan Williams (1) [1940].


Notebook of Berta Ruck, January-June 1937, containing diary entries, ideas for fiction, comments on the progress of her writing, and pasted-in letters and cards to her, together with her typescript account of attending the trial at the Old Bailey of Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine and D. J. Williams, sketches of the defendants and related press cuttings and correspondence. Also pasted in are press cuttings relating to other contemporary events, including the coronation of George VI and the marriage of Edward, duke of Windsor.

Papurau Cronfa Saunders Lewis

  • Fonds
  • 1929-1979

Papers of O. M. Roberts, 1929-1979, relating mainly to 'Cronfa Saunders Lewis', the fund set up to provided financial assistance to Saunders Lewis following his dismissal from his lecturing post at Swansea.

Roberts, Owen Morris, 1906-1999

Papurau Eileen Beasley

Papurau, 1955-1962, fu'n eiddo i Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, ac sy'n ymwneud â'r ymgyrch ganddi hi a'i gŵr Trefor am yr hawl i gael ffurflenni treth oddi wrth Gyngor Dosbarth Gwledig Llanelli yn y Gymraeg. = Papers, 1955-1962, of Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, relating to her and her husband Trefor's campaign for the right to have rate demand notices from Llanelly Rural District Council sent in Welsh.
Mae'r papurau yn cynnwys llythyr at y Beasleys oddi wrth GDG Llanelli, 24 Medi 1955 (f. 27), a llythyr oddi wrth Mrs Beasley at y Cyngor, 9 Tachwedd 1955 (f. 28); copi carbon o lythyr, [?1955], oddi wrth Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Llydaw], at GDG Llanelli (f. 29); dwy ffurflen 'Notice of Distress' a gyflwynwyd i'r Beasleys mewn perthynas ag eiddo a atafaelwyd gan y Cyngor, Mawrth 1956, Ionawr 1958 (ff. 30-31); a dau lythyr at Eileen Beasley, Rhagfyr 1961, Ionawr 1962, oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, ynglŷn â'i ymchwil ar gyfer ei ddarlith radio 'Tynged yr Iaith', lle bu'n trafod eu hymgyrch (gw. Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (Llundain, [1962]), tt. 27-28) (ff. 32-33). = The papers include letters to the Beasleys from Llanelly RDC, 24 September 1955 (f. 27), and from Mrs Beasley to the Council, 9 November 1955 (f. 28); a carbon copy letter, [?1955], from Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Brittany], to Llanelly RDC, (f. 29); two Notices of Distress issued to the Beasleys, relating to property seized by the Council, March 1956, January 1958 (ff. 30-31); and two letters to Eileen Beasley, December 1961, January 1962, from Saunders Lewis, concerning his research for his radio lecture 'Tynged yr Iaith', in which he discussed their campaign (see Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (London, [1962]), pp. 27-28) (ff. 32-33).

Beasley, Eileen.

Saunders Lewis's dismissal from University College of Swansea,

Transcripts of letters and memoranda, both typescript and handwritten, 1936-1937, in support of Saunders Lewis, dismissed from his post as senior lecturer in the Department of Welsh, University College of Swansea, following the Penyberth arson of September 1936.
They include a manuscript draft (ff. 121-123) and partial typescript copy (f. 125), [1937], of a letter sent on behalf of the College's teaching staff to the Executive Council [?of the Association of University Teachers], expressing support for Lewis; a typescript copy of the letter, 20 October 1936, from Principal C. A. Edwards to Lewis, informing him of the decision to suspend him from his duties pending the termination of legal proceedings (f. 120), with a manuscript copy of the same, [1937] (f. 119); a typescript copy of part of a letter, 15 February 1937, to accompany a petition by members of the academic staff calling for his reinstatement (f. 124); and a note by Stephen J. Williams summarising Lewis' literary and political work, published in May 1937 in Universities Review, 9 (1936-37), 169 (f. 126).

Scripts without music,

Scripts of a number of radio or television plays for which Alun Hoddinott apparently composed the incidental music, but for which no music has been identified. The titles include 'Treason' and 'Yn y tren' (Saunders Lewis), and 'Jackie the jumper' (Gwyn Thomas),


Llythyrau, [1951]-[1960]. Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Bertrand Russell, Dyfnallt [Owen] (2), Gwilym R. [Jones], Kate Roberts, Saunders Lewis, D. J. [Williams], Raymond Garlick a Bobi [Jones].

Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.


Llythyrau, [1935]-[1962]. Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Kate Roberts, Saunders Lewis (3) a Keidrych [Rhys].

Roberts, Kate, 1891-1985.

Aristoteles: Barddoneg (1978, 2001),

Papurau, 1974-1978, yn ymwneud â chyhoeddi'i gyfieithiad Aristoteles: Barddoneg gyda rhagymadrodd a nodiadau ganddo. Ceir llythyrau oddi wrth Ceri Davies, R. Brinley Jones, Saunders Lewis, Alan Llwyd, Meic Stephens a llythyr oddi wrth Ceri Davies am ailgyhoeddi'r gyfrol yn 2001.

Davies, Ceri.


Llythyrau, 1946-1997, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Rhydwen [Williams], Gwynfor Evans, Kate Roberts (3), John Rowlands, John Emyr, Saunders Lewis, Densil Morgan, R. [Tudur Jones] (3), Derwyn Morris Jones (2), Ceri Davies (1) a D. J. Williams (3).

Williams, Rhydwen.


Rhageiriau, 1968-1980, gan gynnwys rhagair Gwenlyn Parry ar gyfer Tŷ ar y Tywod, 1968; rhageiriau Gwenlyn Parry a Rhydderch Jones ar gyfer un o gyhoeddiadau Rhydderch Jones, [1975x1980]; a rhageiriau Gwenlyn Parry a Saunders Lewis ar gyfer Y Tŵr, 1979.

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