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Edwards, Owen M. (Owen Morgan), 1858-1920
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A Sense Of Duty

Brief overview of proposed production titled A Sense Of Duty, apparently based on the life of historian, educationalist and writer Owen Morgan (O. M.) Edwards.


The file comprises an album kept by O. M. Edwards while he was an undergraduate student at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. It contains a large number of autographs, poems and cuttings, various notes, and several letters addressed to Edwards. The correspondents include J. Mortimer Angus, Lewis Edwards, Y Bala, Thomas Charles Edwards (2), Ellis Jones Ellis-Griffith, John Edward Lloyd and John H. Puleston. There is also a stray letter written by O. M. Edwards.

Angus, J. Mortimer (John Mortimer), 1850-1945


Miscellanea of David Samuel, including articles, notes on the centenary of the introduction of the printing press to Aberystwyth and other notes of local interest, an appreciation of Sir Owen M. Edwards, etc., together with an account of the formation of a branch of 'Undeb y Ddraig Goch' at Aberystwyth, 1902.

David Samuel.

Casgliad amrywiol,

  • NLW MS 12526F.
  • File
  • [1850x1915] /

A scrap album containing manuscript and printed items, newspaper cuttings, etc., described on the first page as 'Casgliad amrywiol o eiddo Ionawryn Williams [see the preceding manuscript] yn cynnwys engreifftiau o'i ddiddordeb a'i weithgarwch. Ceir ynddo hefyd nodiadau ychwanegol ar rai o Gymry Manceinion . . .' The manuscript material includes a copy of an anonymous election manifesto addressed to the [Manchester] Welsh, denouncing the previous Conservative administration and advocating the return of Messrs. Jacob Bright and John Slagg as [Liberal] members for the city [of Manchester] [?1880]; a holograph letter from Joseph Parry, University College, Cardiff, to Mr. [Ionawryn] Williams, 1899 (reference to the writer's fifth opera King Arthur); a holograph postcard from Owen M[organ] Edwards, Oxford, to Mr. [Ionawryn] Williams, 1898 (acknowledging the receipt of 'englynion' and hymns); poems addressed to Ionawryn Williams at Bethesda [co. Caernarvon] (1900); miscellaneous other poems; a few biographical notes on Manchester Welshmen; etc. The printed items include copies of a prospectus (with order form attached) advertising Ionawryn Williams's forthcoming volume of biographies of Manchester Welshmen [see the preceding manuscript]; a handbill announcing 'A Liberal demonstration of the north east and south east divisions of the county of Lancaster' to be held at Manchester, 24 and 25 October 1879; the rules (with balance sheet and list of members and officials) of the Manchester Welsh National Society (1894-1895); the programme of the same society's activities for the session 1895-1896; menus and programmes in connection with St. David's day celebration dinners in Manchester (1891 and undated); the programme (with rules and list of officials) of the Booth Street East Young People's Literary Society for the session 1869-1870; a commemorative article on Ellis Roberts of Manchester by Ionawryn Williams (extracted from Y Cronicl, July 1893), and a similar article on Ionawryn Williams himself (extracted from Y Cronicl, October 1907). The newspaper cuttings, which form the largest class of insets, are of a varied nature. Most refer to persons and events connected with the Manchester and Salford area from the 1860's to the early twentieth century. They include, inter alia, obituary notices of Welshmen who had some connection with Manchester (e.g., Sir William Roberts, physician, ob. 1899, Professor Thomas Jones, surgeon, ob. in South Africa, 1900), Manchester news items of Welsh interest (e.g., St. David's day celebrations, meetings of Welsh societies, a meeting in connection with Welsh disestablishment in 1883), poems by Ionawryn Williams, and other miscellaneous verse.

Williams, Ionawryn.


Letters addressed to Edward Edwards and others by T. K. Brighouse, W. Cadwaladr Davies, 1892; Timothy Davies, 1890; Owen M. Edwards, 1892; J. C. Evans, Bala, 1892; Samuel Evans, 1889; H. S. Foxwell, 1892; J. Mortimer Green, 1892; Maurice Griffiths, 1920; Hubert Hall; Roger Hughes, 1892; Cecil Jane, 1920; J. Morris Jones; T. D. Jones, 1929; R. Kenrick; John Edward Lloyd, 1901; J. S. Mackenzie, 1892; H. R. Reichel, 1892; H. Sidgwick, 1892; Geo. H. Peacock, 1921; C. P. Tremain, 1923; James Ward, 1902; and Hugh Williams.


Letters mainly addressed to E. W. Evans, in connection with contributions to Y Goleuad and other publications; with some addressed to T. J. Hughes (Adfyfyr), editor of Cymru Fydd, and William Williams, of Dolgellau, etc.
The correspondents include Sir Edward Anwyl, Chester, 1898 (a translation by the writer's brother of Dr. Lentzner's MS); H. H. Asquith, 1895 (Welsh Church Bill); William Canton, Berkhamsted, 1910-1911 (Mary Jones and the British and Foreign Bible Society); D. Charles, Aberdovey, 1878 (the publication of a 'Memoir' by the writer); A. Crawshay, The Waverley Book Company Limited, 1913 (with an inventory of T. E. Ellis papers loaned by the recipient); R. W. Dale, Birmingham, 1886-1893 (Disestablishment, a discussion of Higher Criticism in the Welsh press); D. R. Daniel, Camberwell, [1914x1918] (recruiting for World War I); D. Charles Davies, Upper Bangor, 1885 (a centenary address by the writer, etc.); E. O. Davies, Bala, [?1907] (with a statement on the writer's duties at the Theological College at Bala); Griffith Davies, The Cottage, Walton Workhouse, Liverpool, 1901 (the publication of an account of the case of W. O. Jones); Martin Diosy, formerly secretary to [Ferencz Lajos Akos] Kossuth, from Liverpool, to the editor of Yr Amserau, 1850 (a memorial to Lord Palmerston on behalf of Kossuth and his fellow-prisoners, and the writer's proposed visit to A. J. Johnes, Garthmyl); George C. M. Douglas, Glasgow, 1894 (permission to make use of the writer's printed works on the Scriptures); Ellis Edwards, Bala, etc., 1902 and [n.d.] (Mold C. M. Association, press contributions by laymen, etc.); D. Charles Edwards, Llanbedr, Merioneth, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); Lewis Edwards, Bala, to various recipients, 1878-1884 and [n.d.] (an adjudication of Welsh translations from Robert Burns, the purchase of books for Bala College, etc.); O. M. Edwards, Lincoln College, Oxford, etc., 1889-1999 (the writer's co-editorship of Cymru Fydd, the writer's nomination for the parliamentary representation of Merioneth, etc.); and Principal Thomas Charles Edwards, Aberystwyth, Bala, etc., 1881-1896 and [n.d.], with some written on his behalf by his wife Mary Edwards (publications in Y Goleuad, the proposed union of Bala and Trevecca Colleges, a reply to an attack on Dr. Lewis Edwards in Y Goleuad, a proposed official Calvinistic Methodist newspaper, the death of David Morgan, Ysbyty Ystwyth, etc.); with some draft replies.


Letters mainly addressed to E. W. Evans, with at least two addressed to T. J. Hughes (Adfyfr), largely in connection with contributions to Y Goleuad and other publications.
The correspondents include W[illiam] Rathbone [M.P.], Liverpool, 1887 (declining to contribute to Cymru Fydd); W[illiam] Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog), Chester, 1882 (a preaching engagement); Stuart Rendel, Whitehall Gardens, etc., 1887 and [n.d.] (a contribution to Cymru Fydd); [Sir] John Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford, etc., 1890-1899 (Royal Commission on Sunday Closing in Wales, the death of T. E. Ellis and the recommendation of O. M. Edwards as his successor in the parliamentary representation of Merioneth); Henry Richard [M.P.], London, etc., 1887-1888 (a contribution to Cymru Fydd, comments on a Bill); D. Roberts, Liverpool (the case of W. O. Jones); Ellis Roberts (Elis Wyn o Wyrfai), vicar of Llangwm, 1887 (the recipient's treatment in Y Goleuad of a quotation in Yr Haul); E. Roberts, Hoylake, 1901 and [n.d.] (the publication of the writer's essay on Henry Richard submitted to the National Eisteddfod at Merthyr Tydfil in 1901, comments on Y Goleuad, the case of W. O. Jones); [Judge] J. Bryn Roberts, Lincoln's Inn, etc., 1892-1895 (the writer's political record, an interview with Mr. Asquith, the publication of a pamphlet, etc.); John Roberts, Abergele, 1888 (comments on the Local Government Bill); John Roberts, Rhosgoch, Anglesey, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); John Roberts, missionary, of Khasia, from Liverpool (an order for Y Goleuad, comments on the writer's activities); R. D. Roberts, Clare College, Cambridge, 1883 (a press contribution); Richard Roberts, The Theological College, Bala, etc., 1900-1901 (an agreement with Dr. [Ellis] Edwards, etc.); T. F. Roberts, Cardiff, 1889 (a contribution to Cymru Fydd); Tho[mas] Roberts, Bethesda, 1885 (a press contribution); T. H. Roberts, Liverpool, [1901] (the case of W. O. Jones); Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th earl of Rosebery, 1887 (the question of Establishments, declining to write an article); Wm. Bowen Rowlands, London, [n.d.] (the conduct of the Government in Ireland, Disestablishment, etc.); D[avid] Saunders, Swansea, 1888 and [n.d.] (the appointment of D. C. Davies to the principalship of Trevecca College, the writer's promise to publish a correction in Y Goleuad); William Sinclair, The Chapter House, St. Paul's Cathedral, to Goronwy Evans, 1907 (enclosing an autograph and photograph, the recipient's illness); Wm. B. Stevenson, Bala and Glasgow, 1907 (the writer's appointment to Glasgow, encloses copies of testimonials, a message to readers of Y Goleuad); Alfred Thomas, 1st baron Pontypridd, 1887 (comments on a Liberal meeting at Aberystwyth); D. Lleufer Thomas, London, 1895 (encloses a bibliography re. Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire); John Thomas (of J. and L. Thomas, importers of provisions), Stanley Street, Liverpool, 1901 (the removal of recipient's business to Liverpool); John Thomas, Congregational minister, Liverpool, 1891 (an account of the funeral of the writer's brother Owen Thomas); W. Cornwallis West, Lymington, Hampshire, 1888 (comments on Local Government Bill); Edmund Swetenham (incomplete; comments on Local Government Bill); Alexander Whyte, Edinburgh, [n.d.] (impressions of a visit to Bala College); A. Osmond Williams, Penrhyndeudraeth, 1900 (the writer's political and public confession); John Williams, Gilfach, Bargoed, to Goronwy Evans, 1908 (the writer's health); O. Gaianydd Williams, Roe Wen, Tal-y-Cafn, [1901] (the case of W. O. Jones); W. Williams, Swansea, 1884-1894 (the writer's publications, a controversy concerning Edward Matthews, Ewenny, etc.); W. Williams, Liverpool, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); W. Williams, Ardwick, Manchester, 1901 (the case of W. O. Jones); and R. H. Wyatt, Westminster, 1888 (the eviction of recipient's father). Also included in the group are a statement concerning the writer's tenancy of Cae Einion, Dolgellau (incomplete); a note of the opinion of [?Owen] Robyns-Owen on the desirability of publishing evidence in the case of W. O. Jones; a copy of a letter, [1803], from L. Hughes, secretary to Samuel Horsley, bishop of St. Asaph, to the Rev. Simon Lloyd, [Plas-yn-dre, Bala], requesting him to attend at the Palace on 2 November next for examination previous to being licensed to the perpetual curacy of Llanuwchllyn (with references to the adherence of the recipient and his family to 'Methodistical Tenets'); a copy of part of a report by Simon Lloyd of the examination (the former part being lost); and a copy of a letter, [3 November, 1803], from Geo. Robson, from the Palace, St. Asaph, to Simon Lloyd, requesting the return of the recipient's letters of orders, his nomination to the curacy of Llanuwchllyn, and his letters testimonial (see D. E. Jenkins, The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles… Vol. II (1908)).

Cronfa Owain Myfyr

  • NLW MS 22362B
  • File
  • [c.1789]-1903

A volume, c. 1789-1801, containing Welsh medieval prose texts and later verse, mainly in the hand of Owen Jones ('Owain Myfyr', 1741-1814). Other hands include Hugh Maurice (ff. 64-74) and Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') (ff. 110v-11v). The prose includes texts relating to cerdd dant, copied mainly from 'Llyfr Rhobert ap Huw o Fodwigen' [BL Add. MS 14905]; 'Cato Cymraeg', 'Ystori y Llong Foel', 'Breuddwyd Paul Abostol' and other texts, 'o Lyfr Mr Thomas or Gest yn Eifionydd Mehefin 1777' [Richard Thomas (1753-80)] (ff. 14-33); 'Y Diharebion Cymraeg' (ff. 66-79); 'Y Pedwar Brenin ar ugain o'r Brytaniaid ... allan o Lyfr Havod Uchdrud' [? Havod MS 5] (ff. 112-23); and 'Llyma val y descennodd Pendevigaeth Gymru yn oes Vaelgwyn Gwynedd ...' 'Tomas Wiliams o drevriw allan o hen vemrwn a gawsei y cof hwnn' [NLW MS 16962] (ff. 131v-6). The verse includes 'Casgliad o Benillion o waith Anonymows', collected by William Jones, Llangadfan (ff. 79v-110). Tipped into the volume are a list of contents compiled by Griffith Hugh Jones ('Gutyn Arfon'), a note on the above collection of penillion, and two letters to 'Gutyn Arfon' from O. M. Edwards, 1900 (f. v), and Robert David Rowland ('Anthropos'), 1903.

D. R. Daniel Collection

  • GB 0210 DANIEL
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1854]-[1966]

Papers of David Robert Daniel, comprising, material relating to Thomas Edward Ellis, MP, including diaries, exercise books, speeches and election addresses, correspondence of Thomas Edward Ellis, including correspondence with D. R. Daniel, papers of his political career, copies of diaries and letters, memoirs by others and papers relating to the death of T. E. Ellis, [c. 1854x1934]; material relating to David Robert Daniel, [c. 1869x1931], including diaries, manuscript volumes and notes on places, his family and various individuals, some being eminent Welshmen, school and college papers, letters and cards to and from D. R. Daniel, including some from public men and women, relations and his wife, and miscellaneous and family papers; material relating to the North Wales Quarrymen's Union and the Penrhyn Quarry Strikes, [1878xc.1903], including reports, pamphlets, cuttings, correspondence, discussions, resolutions, and newspaper cuttings; together with material relating to David Lloyd George, including letters and cards to D. R. Daniel and to Mrs S. E. Daniel, some of which are from David Lloyd George and Megan Lloyd George [c. 1890x1966].

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

D. R. Daniel,

The letters, 1899-1925, refer to contemporary events in Wales, notably within Caernarfonshire, many to political developments and literary themes. There are many references to prominent Welsh figures, their activities and contribution, especially O. M. Edwards.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

Deunydd yn ymwneud â Chymdeithas y Brythonwys ac â Chymry Llundain,

Letters and circulars, 1886-1900, relating to 'Cymdeithas y Brythonwys' ('The Cambro-Briton Society'), London, most of them being addressed to John Burrell. Among the numerous correspondents are Judge Ivor Bowen [d. 1934], Morgan Davies, W[illiam] Cadwaladr Davies [1849-1905], Sir Owen M[organ] Edwards [1858-1920], T[homas] E[dward] Ellis [1859-1899], Sir E. Vincent Evans [1851-1934], Sir Ellis Jones Griffith [1860-1926], J. Elias Hughes, Sir Lewis Morris [1833-1907], Sir T. Isambard Owen, T. Woodward Owen, Sir John H. Puleston [1829-1908], Lewis W. Roberts, R[obert] D[avies] Roberts [1874-1940], T[homas] F[rancis] Roberts [1860-1919], Sir W. Bowen Rowlands, D[avid] A[lfred] Thomas (afterwards viscount Rhondda) [1856-1918], W[illiam] ['Glanffrwd'] Thomas [1843-1890] and Sir Thomas Marchant Williams [1845-1914]. There is also a group of letters dealing with inquiries from the Reverend John Owen, Mold and others relating to the number of Welsh people resident in London who were or were not associated with places of worship.

Educational papers: letters, 1907-1918

The file contains letters to J. E. Powell from E. Anwyl, O. M. Edwards, Evan William Evan, David Lloyd George, Henry Lewis, John Herbert Lewis, Sir Harry Reichel, Sir John Herbert Roberts and Percy E. Watkins.

Anwyl, E. (Edward), 1866-1914

Flintshire press cuttings,

A scrap-book containing cuttings from Prestatyn Weekly, etc., 1905-10, relating to Prestatyn, Diserth, Gwaenysgor, and Newmarket. Among them are several cuttings of a Bygones column edited by Thomas Edwards, containing a history of the Talargoch Lead Mine. Also included in the volume are two typewritten acknowledgements, 1911, of copies of anthems and a Welsh coronation hymn presented by Thomas Edwards to the King, and holograph letters to Thomas Edwards from D[aniel] L[ewis Lloyd], bishop of Bangor, 1894, [Sir] O[wen] M. Edwards, Oxford, 1906, Thos. Francis, music printer, Islington, London, undated, and members of his family.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from J. T. Davies, H. R. Reichel (3), I. Gollancz (5), Kuno Meyer (2), Fritz Jecklin (2), W. A. Raleigh, R. Hughes, E. Walter Rees ('Gwallter Dyfi'), E. H. Goodman Roberts, E. Vincent Evans (5), William B. Halhed (13), J. G. Frazer, H. W. C. Davis, Alice B. Gomme, R. A. Stewart Macalister (5), Frederick G. Wynn (5), Horace Hart (4), Donald A. Mackenzie (3), P. M. C. Kermode (2), Robert Cochrane, Watkin H. Williams, Paul Vinogradoff (2), J. Herbert Lewis (2), Bertram C. A. Windle (4), Edward Owen, W. J. Watson (2), F. Haverfield (2), Christopher Williams, George G. T. Treherne, R. S. Conway, A. H. Sayce (4), E. C. Quiggin, Henri Gaidoz, Earnest A. Hooton, E. S. Dodgson (6), E. Lorimer Thomas, E. Sidney Hartland, Camille Jullian, O. A. Danielsson, W. Boyd Dawkins, M. R. James, Henry Owen, Gwenllian E. F. Morgan (4), Sophia Morrison, Thomas Powel, W. M. Flinders Petrie, J. P. Mahaffy (2), J. Mortimer Angus, Goddard H. Orpen, W. R. Lethaby, Patrick Lyons, Owen Edwards (3), H. J. Fleure, Alfred G. Edwards, George Curzon, George Eyre Evans, Kuno Meyer, Alexander Bugge, and T. E. Lawrence.

Gwaith Siôn Dafydd Las,

Transcripts, by Edward Edwards, of the poetry of John Davies ('Siôn Dafydd Las'), with a letter (pasted onto inside front cover) to Sir Owen M. Edwards, 1918.

Edward Edwards.

Huw T. Edwards Papers

  • GB 0210 HUWRDS
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1974 (accumulated [c. 1923]-1974)

Letters addressed to Huw T. Edwards, 1929-1970, and carbon copies of letters sent by him, 1945-1969, concerning politics, literature, and the Council for Wales and Monmouthshire, including letters to and from political figures in the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru, and Welsh literary figures; pocket diaries, 1929-1968; minute books of the North Wales Labour Federation, 1923-1930; reports and memoranda concerning the activities of the Council for Wales and Monmouthshire, political life in North Wales, and the activities of TWW, 1935-1966; press cuttings relating to Edwards' political career and the activities of the Council for Wales and Monmouthshire, 1930-1968; illuminated addresses and distinctions presented to him, 1933-1969; miscellaneous printed items, 1912-1967; poems by him, 1950-1958; and other personal papers, 1926-1967; and acquired papers, notably letters from Sir Owen M. Edwards to Hughes and Son, Wrexham, printers, 1894-1895.

Edwards, Huw T. (Huw Thomas), 1892-1970

J. Seymour Rees Collection

  • GB 0210 JSEYREES
  • Fonds
  • 1817-1965

A collection of over 200 books and pamphlets from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters, most of these being typescript volumes (NLW MSS 18628-707). The collection consists of some original work by J. Seymour Rees and his father, John Rees, such as poetry, short stories, essays, biographies, and guide books, much of which was submitted for competition at various national and local eisteddfodau, and volumes of collected material on various topics, including essays, articles and other material on such eminent Welshmen as W. Llewelyn Williams, Daniel Silvan Evans, Sir John Morris Jones, and Rev William Edwards, Groeswen, and on Welsh hymnology, and collections of poetry by D. Emrys James ('Dewi Emrys'), I. D. Hooson, R. Williams Parry, and T. J. Thomas ('Sarnicol'), of prose by 'Sarnicol', W. Llewelyn Williams, O. M. Edwards, and W. J. Gruffydd, and of hymns by H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'), J. D. Vernon Lewis, J. R. Davies, Pentyrch, and others, and selections of prose and verse compiled for competition at various national eisteddfodau. In addition to the collection of Elfed's Welsh and English hymns, there are twelve volumes containing some of his prose and verse and material on his life and work. There are also indexes to Y Beirniad, Y Geninen, and Y Geiriadur Bywgraphyddol; typescript copies and cuttings, from periodicals and newspapers, of articles and essays by various persons, and by 'Sarnicol' and J. Seymour Rees in particular; typescript transcripts of several printed books, in particular of collections of hymns published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings relating to D. Lloyd George, Dylan Thomas, 'Dewi Emrys', W. Llewelyn Williams, Sir John Morris Jones, 'Elfed', Rev John Evans, Brecon, Rev Jubilee Young, and others. The collection also contains letters to J. Seymour Rees and Mrs. Seymour Rees and a small group of other correspondence. The largest donation of printed books received during the current year was that which the Library was invited to select from the very extensive library of Rev J. Seymour Rees (Dept of Printed Books). It numbered several hundreds of volumes primarily of literary, historical, and theological interest, all in very good condition, and many having been bound by Mr. Rees himself. Additional material from the library of the donor's husband, the late Rev J. Seymour Rees, Seven Sisters. It includes typescript collections of 'Cyfansoddiadau sydd yn fy modloni i' and 'A short anthology of the world's greatest Christian prayers' (NLW MS 19384B); three scrapbooks of typescripts and newspaper cuttings (NLW MSS 19385A, 19386B, 19387C); a typescript copy of 'Casgliad o gyfarwyddiadau i wneuthur hen fwydydd nodweddiadol Gymraeg' by Miss Mati Thomas ('Mati'r Ddôl'), Nanternis, New Quay (awarded the prize at the Treorchy National Eisteddfod, 1928) (NLW MS 19383B); Evan Thomas: Galareb S. Griffiths o Horeb (Castellnewydd-Emlyn, 1960), and J. Lloyd Williams: Byd Natur (Caerdydd, 1924) (Dept of Printed Books). A holograph letter of David Jones (1856-1937), Aberdare, afterwards Independent minister at New Quay, co. Cardigan, and at Scranton, Pa., U.S.A. (NLW MS 18866E, No 246C); and a printed postcard to the donor from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, [March 1965], acknowledging a message of sympathy and good wishes (NLW MS 16726A).

Rees, J. Seymour (John Seymour), 1887-1963.

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