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Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 1741-1821
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Correspondence and papers of Margaret Owen, Penrhos,

Letters and papers of Margaret Owen of Penrhos, parish of Llandrinio, Montgomeryshire, granddaughter of Sir Robert Owen of Clenennau and Brogyntyn (ff. 1-17), together with an autograph draft, 1836, by John Ralph Ormsby-Gore, of his poem 'The Knights of St John of Jerusalem' (published in 1838) (ff. 22-42).
The correspondence includes letters from Mrs Hester Lynch Thrale (later Piozzi), [1778]-1805 (ff. 2-3, 8-13), Dr Samuel Johnson, 8 March 1781 (ff. 4-5), and Fanny Burney, 11 November 1785 (ff. 6-7). A few items have been boxed seperately on account of their format (see Brogyntyn MS II.38ii).

Excise accounts, etc.

An excise book containing four pages of excise accounts, [c. 1799]; texts of sermons; anonymous stanzas; free-metre poetry by D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] ('Aelod o Gymdeithas y Dderwen freiniol'), 1788 and undated, and T[?homas] Edwards [?'Twm o'r Nant']; verses left at the White Lion, Calais, and at the Ship Inn Dover, 'suppos'd to be written by Mrs. Piozzi'; a list (numbered 1-32) of curious flowers and plants at Trefeilir, Anglesey; an anonymous 'cywydd'; and a recipe.

Katheryn of Berain

A volume containing an offprint of Sir John Ballinger, 'Katheryn of Berain, a study in North Wales family history', Y Cymmrodor, 40 (1929), 1-42, which was given to R. D. Roberts by the author in 1929 in recognition of the help he received while correcting the proofs (see inside front cover, ff. i verso-iv). Genealogical and biographical notes on the Salesbury and related families, [c. 1934], in the hand of R. D. Roberts, occur on ff. ii verso-iv, pp. 2, 45-54 and genealogical tables I-III, together with press cuttings, 1930-1933, relating to Katheryn of Berain and Mrs Hester Piozzi tipped in on pp. 55-56, photographs of Plas Berain, Llanefydd, Denbighshire (3), 1906-1923, pasted on f. iv verso and inside back cover, and cuttings from William R. Owen, Catalogue of the loan collection of Welsh antiquities ... (Liverpool, 1902) tipped in on f. viii (see MS 13910B). Letters to R. D. Roberts from Sir John Ballinger (6), 1928-1929, and A. Foulkes-Roberts (1), 1931, are tipped in on the front coverand on ff. i verso-iii, iv and v verso.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933

Letters and miscellanea,

A group of holograph letters and miscellaneous papers which includes a letter to [John Salusbury of Bach-y-graig, father of Hester Lynch Piozzi], 1756, concerning a survey of Bachygraig estate; a proof copy of a circular from Henry Thrale to the electors of Southwark, 1765, with manuscript corrections by Dr. Samuel Johnson; a draft letter of thanks from Henry Thrale to the electors of Southwark [December, 1765], in the hand of Samuel Johnson; a letter (unsigned) from [Hester Lynch Thrale], 1784; a letter, 1789, containing an epitaph on Samuel Johnson; a letter from [Hester Lynch Piozzi] to Messrs. T[homas] Cadell, Junior, and [William] Davies, booksellers, Strand, London, 1796; 'A Christmas Carol for Brynbella 1797', in the hand of Hester Lynch Piozzi?; a letter from [Hester Lynch Piozzi] from Bath to [her coachman] Jacob [Weston], 1798; a letter from Wm. Henry Chambers, Holywell, to Mrs. Piozzi at Bath, 1803; a letter from T[homas] Shephard, Enborne [near Newbury], to Mrs. Piozzi at London, 1810 (John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury's tutoring account, etc.); a transcript of a letter from [Sir John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury] to Dr. [Robert] Gray, 1823; and two letters from Robt. Gray to Sir John [Salusbury Piozzi] Salisbury [sic] at Bronwylfa, 1823. The following documents have been extracted from other items in the 'Brynbella Piozziana' and added to the present group:- a holograph letter from Edwd. Mangin at Bath to Mrs. Piozzi, also at Bath, [1816]; a list of the names and subscriptions of the well-wishers of Sir John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury at Brynbella, 6 January, 1818; and copies of correspondence of Sir John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury, 1844-1845, relating to claims upon, and the title to, the Bachygraig estate.

Letters to John Lloyd of Wigfair,

Seventy holograph and autograph letters, notes, etc., addressed to John Lloyd at Garden Court, London, at Hafodunos near St. Asaph, at Wigfair near St. Asaph and elsewhere, 1770-1812.
They comprise letters, etc., from Cath[erine] Parry, Soughton, Llwynegrin, etc. [17]76-[?1778] (14) (detailed news of herself, the family and acquaintances, and of happenings in the neighbourhood); D[avid] Pennant, Downing, [Flintshire], 1796-1811 and undated (4) (a request for support with regard to [?the parliamentary election in the county of Flint caused by the death of Sir Roger Mostyn, bart., in July 1796], damage to some of Lloyd's scientific instruments, a quotation from one of [William] Bowles's works relating to various types of jars or vases made in parts of Spain with references to the same from other writers, viz. [Sir John Talbot] Dillon and [Henry] Swinburne); [Richard Pennant, Baron] Penrhyn, Penrhyn near Conway [Carnarvonshire], [? 1795] (a request for support at the next parliamentary election for the county of [Carnarvon]); Tho[mas] Pennant, Downing, [Flintshire], Chester, Lichfield and Gothurst, 1770-1795 and undated (11) (personal, a contract with Moses [Griffith] who was to be instructed 'that he may do justice to our Welch antiquities', a request to Lloyd to ask White, the bookseller [of Fleet Street, London], to advertise the writer's work entitled Synopsis of Quadrupeds [Chester, 1771], a collection of drawings of Welsh monuments in the possession of Mr. Astle probably living in Lambeth, enquiries concerning monuments in the church at Luton, Bedfordshire, a list of buildings, monuments, etc., noted on a journey through Bedfordshire, Buck[inghamshire], Northamptonshire, Warwicksh[ire], Staffordshire and Cheshire (1773), a request that the writer's drawings be left at Mr. White's 'for they must be soon engraven' (1773), comments on relations with America (1775), an earthquake which had shaken the writer's house [at Downing, 1775], congratulations to Lloyd on his work [?as a justice of the peace], a request for a loan of a copy of Mrs. Piozzi's Synonyms [British Synonymy or an Attempt at regulating the choice of Words in Familiar Conversation, by Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi, née Salusbury, formerly Mrs. Thrale, London, 1794], in order to check 'some pedigree remarks on the Mostyn family'); Roger Phillips, London, 1794 (the development of a cutting machine, the making of a turning lathe for Sir Joseph Banks, personal), [Constantine John Phipps, 2nd baron] Mulgrave [of New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland, later 1st baron Mulgrave of Mulgrave, Yorkshire], Portsmouth, Bath, and [on board HMS] Courageux, 1776-1780 (5) (enquiries concerning scientific instruments, personal); W. [ ] Phipps, Mulgrave Hall near Whitby, [Yorkshire], undated (personal); Gabriel Piozzi, Brynbella [near Tremeirchion, Flintshire], and Denbigh, 1795-1796 (3) (personal, recommending Mr. Mead as architect in connection with the proposed improvements at Wygfaur and offering timber); Mr. and Mrs. [Gabriel] Piozzi, Brynbella [near Tremeirchion, Flintshire], and Denbigh, 1800-1804 and undated (5) (personal, invitations to dinner, etc.); Mr. and Mrs. [Gabriel] Piozzi and Miss Cecilia Thrale, undated (personal); [Mrs.] H[ester] L[ynch] Piozzi, Brynbella [near Tremeirchion, Flintshire], and Denbigh, [1790]-1809 and undated (18) (personal, legal and business affairs, comment on the war against the French (1799) the position in France (1804) and Bonaparte in Egypt (1809), an offer of a corrected copy of the writer's work entitled Retrospection [or a review of the most striking and important events, characters . . . which the last eighteen hundred years have presented ..., London, 1801], invitations to Brynbella to meet Lady Orkney's family, the bishop of St. Asaph and others, a loan of two volumes of the works of [l’] Abbi [?Guillaume Thomas Frangois] Raynal, local news ); John Planta, Fulnec, near Leeds, 1807 (an order for two spinning wheels, descriptions of two different kinds of Reels and of a music desk); Joseph Pocklington, Carlton House near Newark upon Trent, Nottinghamshire, 1778 (instructions as to 'House covering with Brown Paper'); Rob[er]t Preston, Liverpool, 1793 (financial matters); R. Parry Price, Bryn y pys, [1781x1782] (his inability to attend a meeting of the Order of Druids and his fear of being expelled from the order); and R[ ] Puleston, Camp near Morpeth, Northumberland, and Glan y Môr, Bangor, Carnarvonshire, 1796-1812 (2) (the vacancy in the [parliamentary representation] of the county of Flint caused by the death of Sir Roger Mostyn and the writer's hopes of Lloyd's support in connection therewith (1796), a request for assistance in tracing the pedigree of the Puleston family from 1622 onwards on the occasion of the grant of a baronetcy to the writer (1812)).

Letters to Susanna Lloyd,

Fifty-eight holograph letters addressed to Susan(na) Lloyd at Hafodunos, Mold, at Soughton House (upper Soughton), Northop, etc. The writers include Ann Jemima Clough, Thakeham Place, 1797 (a proposed visit by the writer's children, news of family and friends), D[orothea] Clough [the recipient's sister], Denbigh, [1805] and undated (2) (legacies bequeathed by the wills of aunt E. Conway and aunt Wickham) (with one draft reply), Richd. Garnons [Colomendy], undated (2) (pleasantries), Eliza Griffith, Carreg-lwyd, etc., [1801]-1803 and undated (4) (news of relatives and friends, a meeting at Llangefni in connection with a proposed testimonial to Mr. Sparrow for his services in the Customs, disturbances in the Paris mines, the arrival of troopers in Caernarvonshire for fear of a rising by the poor, the discovery of copper at Ynysygwyddal, the birth of an heir at Leweney and a reference to Mrs. Piozzi, the progress of the harvest, comments on a visit to Bath), Holland Griffith, Carreglwyd, 1838 (amusement afforded the recipient by the writer's Welsh paper, hopes that electioneering differences are fast dying away in Flintshire, a visit to the writer by a multitude of Teetotalists, the letting of the writer's colliery at Berw), Richd. Howard, Denbigh and Beaumaris, c. 1817-1843 and undated (4) (news of relatives and friends, a visit to Bangor Deanery, serious proceedings arising from old Panton's will, a change in the agency of the Marquis of Anglesey, satisfaction with the writer's curate, the probable departure of Thomas Davies from Jesus College, Oxford, a new statute in the University, the rejection of three Anglesey young men for scholarships, observations on the projected division of Soughton Common, a legal action touching a mortgage of the Hafodunos estate (together with a receipt, 1815, from Richd. Howard to Susan Lloyd for a sum of £6/10/0 paid by the former on the latter's behalf to Bevan, the timber merchant, on account of Coedycra Mill), the writer's departure from Beaumaris and subsequent movements, income from minerals received for the recipient, dissension in the National Church) (one incomplete), Catha[rine] Lloyd, from Carreglwyd, from Bath, etc., [17]94-1820 and undated (26) (copious news of relatives and friends, references to threats of French invasion and to the defenceless state of the Kingdom (1795-1804), accounts of visits to the theatre and to parties and to Ireland and Bath, etc., Colonel William Shipley's success in the Flintshire parliamentary election of 1807, references to the mine at Ynnisygwyddle), J[ohn] Ll[oyd], Dublin Bay, 1801 (an account of the voyage from Holyhead and the arrival at Dublin), M. Lloyd, Bagillt, etc., [17]81-1790 and undated (9) (personal, the writer's health, news of relatives and friends, the death of the recipient's brother Ben), M. Lloyd, London, etc., 1803-1809 and undated (5) (news of relatives and friends, the health of the writer's husband, a reference to the most excellent shore at Llandidno Bay, the progress of the harvest, the writer's removal to London, visits to the 'Ladies of Llangollen' and to Cheltenham, the recipient's trouble about the writer's chaise), Phoe[be] Lloyd, from Plascoch, undated (the health of the writer's aunt), M. E. Potter, Soughton, [17]91 (personal, business matters on behalf of the writer's mother, news of the writer's mother) (with additions by M. E. Potter to Mr. Potter, touching 'home matters', with references to stock, and from C[atharine] Lloyd to Susanna Lloyd, touching armorial colours for a piece of plate), and Sarah Potter, undated (thanks for the loan of Aunt Lloyd's letter, requires a supply of ale).


  • NLW MS 11060D
  • File
  • 1649, 1787 /

A holograph letter from H. L. Piozzi, from Brussells, to William Pearson [the poet] in London, 1787 (references to arrangements for the writer's return, to her Continental tour, to Mr. [Willey] Revely's 'Acc[oun]ts of Egypt', etc.); 'Ode from Horace', signed 'H.T.'; and an order, 30 March 1649, from the Council of State for the Admiralty and Navy to the Commissioners of the Navy for the consideration of an enclosed letter. The latter document is signed by Rowland Wilson, junior, Valentine Wauton [regicide], and Jo[hn] Jones [regicide, of Maesygarnedd, Merioneth], and is endorsed: 'Crs. Adm. wth. ye Generalls lre. to them for ye frigotts yt carrie 130 & 150 men to haue Chirurgeons mates'.

Council of State for the Admiralty and Navy, and Hester Piozzi.

Miscellaneous correspondence, etc.,

  • NLW MS 12900D.
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  • [1604x1834].

Miscellaneous correspondence including holograph and autograph (1) letters from L[ewis Bagot, bishop of] St. Asaph, from St. Asaph, to Mrs. [Hester Lynch] Piozzi, Bryn bella, near Denbigh, 1799 (Mrs. Bagot's illness); R[ichard Bagot, bishop of] Oxford, from Blithfield, to [ ], 1834 (an appointment with recipient for a sitting); T[homas Burgess, bishop successively of] St. David's and Salisbury, from Abergwilly, Durham, and London, to the Reverend H[enry] H[ervey] Baber, post-1824 (objections to the title of the Royal Society of Literature and to its members being designated Fellows), the Reverend G[eorge] H[enry] Glasse, Hanwell Rectory and London, 1804 (4) (the writer's willingness to act as steward for the 'Sons of the Clergy', a gift of a sermon from recipient, matters relating to a charity), Mr. Payne, 1815 (an invitation to dine at Abergwilly Palace ) (in third person), [George John Spencer, 2nd] earl Spencer, 1830 (informing recipient of a meeting of the chapter of the Order of the Garter), Sir William [ ], 1825 (charitable aid for Miss Wilson), and [ ], 1804-1805 and undated (4) (a petition from Richard Williams for charity, thanks for two copies of 'your Vindication', etc.); [the Reverend] Sam[ue]l Davies, Hanover, Virginia [America], to [the Reverend George] Whitefield, 1756 (personal, acknowledging receipt of a copy of recipient's 'printed Letters from Lisbon' [A Brief Account of some Lent and other . . . Processions . . . seen last year at Lisbon; in four Letters . . . (London, 1755)], the publication of the said letters in the Virginia Gazette, hopes that they would influence the Virginians against Popery, comments on the earthquake and floods [of November 1755 in Lisbon], the writer's Negro communicants, references to acquaintances); and W[illia]m Sotheby, London, to Miss Berry, Petersham, 1828 (a gift of recipient's work dealing with French and English society [? Mary Berry: A Comparative View of the Social Life of England and France from the Restoration of Charles the Second . . . (1828)]), and [ ], undated (the writer's inability to accept an invitation). Also an acknowledgement, 19 October 1604, by Sir Thomas Mansell, kt., of the receipt from Edward Kemmys of Keven Mable, co. Glamorgan, esq., of a sum of fifty pounds which the said Edward Kemmys had been directed to lend to the Crown, and a certificate, signed 2 May 1821 by [the Reverend] Tho[mas] S[eth] J[ones] Thomas, rector of Begelly, and [the Reverend] Thomas Dalton, rector of Crunwear, and countersigned by T[homas Burgess, bishop of] St. David's, relating to the non-residence of the Reverend John Evans, perpetual curate of Reynoldston.

Plays by Arthur Foulkes-Roberts

Annotated and corrected typescripts of three short plays by A[rthur] Foulkes-Roberts, performed at the Denbigh Historical Pageant, 1907, together with related correspondence, 1909-1915.

Foulkes-Roberts, Arthur, 1864-1941