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Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904
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Autograph letters,

Autograph letters, mainly to 'Gwilym Cowlyd', from [?Avaon] Eryri (1872); 'Cynwal' (1879); 'Clwydfardd' (1875); 'Cyfanwy' (1882); 'Cadvan' (1862); 'Caerwyson' (1886); C. W. Jones (Secreta...

Gwaith 'Gwilym Cowlyd'

Drafts of an ode on 'Mynyddoedd Eryri' by W. J. Roberts, and a transcript of 'Cerdd i ofyn bwyall' (Ellis Roberts y cowper).

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

Gwaith 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'

A collection by W. J. Roberts of the poetical works of Evan Evans (Ieuan Glan Geirionydd) entitled 'Gemau Glan Geirionydd' (changed to 'Y Geirionydd'; c.f. the printed edition Geirionydd as edited by W. J. Roberts). A table of ...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904


Miscellaneous papers from the manuscripts of W. J. Roberts (Gwilym Cowlyd), including a bardic letter from a person accused of sleeping during divine service addressed to Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'); correspondence - from John R...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

Llythyrau llenorion,

Holograph letters addressed to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'). The writers include David Williams, Dinorwic, [18]42 (a request by 'Tegidon' to publish a review of the recipient's Caniadau, a request for verses on Temperanc...

Gwaith Talhaiarn, cyf. 3 ...,

[John Jones ('Talhaiarn'),] Gwaith Talhaiarn, cyf 3. The work of Talhaiarn, in Welsh and English, vol. III (Llanrwst, 1869). Pasted on the inside lower cover is a holograph letter from J[ohn] Jones ('Talhaiarn'), Hafod y Gân, L...

Gwaith 'Gwilym Cowlyd'

'Rhiangerdd "Anne Thomas o'r Creuddyn"', written by W. J. Roberts for competition at the Llanrwst eisteddfod, August 1878; 'englynion': 'Bore Niwlog - yr 16eg o Ebrill, 1896'; and 'englynion' ...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

Gwaith 'Gwilym Cowlyd'

'Awdl ar "Mynyddoedd Eryri" ar "Y Pedwar mesur arhugain cerdd dafod" dosbarth Gwynedd' by W. J. Roberts, and a booklet of 'englynion' and poems on local events circa 1859.

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904


Miscellaneous papers and fragments from the collections of W. J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'), and W[illiam] Hobley, including lists of contents of a manuscript containing Welsh poetry compiled by Lewis Morris; 'Cyfrinach y Beirdd'...

Gwilym Cowlyd, William Hobley and others.

Gwaith 'Talhaiarn',

Holograph poetry and prose by John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), being press copies of portions of Gwaith Talhaiarn, vol. III (Llanrwst, 1869). Several of the items are inscribed 'Composed R. P(rice)'. Also included in the volume are &#...

'Talhaiarn' and others.

Llawysgrif 'Gwilym Cowlyd',

A volume of transcripts and drafts of W. J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd', including poetry by Absalom Roberts, 'Gwilym Cowlyd', and [Edward Roberts] ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'); lists of publications of sacred music and of the...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

'Gwaith Gwilym Cowlyd'

A volume of poems and notes by W. J. Roberts (Gwilym Cowlyd), entitled 'Lloches Cymhlithigion neu gyfansoddiadau llenyddol a barddonol, y rhai a ysgrifenwyd gan mwyaf ar ol Dydd Calan, 1856 (a rhai pethau blaenorol) gan Gwilym Cowlyd neu Will...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

Sermons by 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd',

English sermons, 1861, by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd') translated by his nephew, W. J. Roberts; a poem - 'Beth yw'n hoes, nid yw ond cysgod' - by and in the autograph of Evan Evans; an English poem - 'An addre...

Ieuan Glan Geirionydd, Gwilym Cowlyd and others.

Llythyrau, etc.,

One hundred and ninety-nine holograph letters and imperfect letters and miscellanea addressed to members of the family of Jones, printers and booksellers, of Llanrwst and Portmadoc, and more especially to John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), ...

Llyfr 'Gwilym Cowlyd',

A notebook of W. J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'), containing an incomplete adjudication on 'pryddestau' on 'Ofergoeledd', transcripts and drafts of poetry including 'Clogyrnau ir Daran' submitted for competitio...

Commonplace book of Ieuan Glan Geirionydd,

A commonplace book of Evan Evan ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), with additions by William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'). The volume contains extracts on the constitutional conflict between King Charles I and Parliament; a list of r...

Barddoniaeth, etc.

Miscellaneous poetry in strict and free metres by Jonathan Hughes (Dolwen, near Llanrwst), Owen Jones (Dolwen), [W. J. Roberts] 'G[wilym]' Cowlyd', 'Owain Fardd' (1891) and E. Williams, and scraps of anonymous and incomple...

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