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Abstracts of the titles of Sir Mark Wood

  • NLW MS 24188B.
  • File
  • [c. 1816]

A manuscript volume containing abstracts of title, [c. 1816] (watermark 1814), relating to the estates of Sir Mark Wood of Gatton, Surrey (formerly of Piercefield, Monmouthshire), in the counties of Monmouthshire and Glamorgan.
The volume is in three sections (labelled A, B and F), abstracting Wood's title to the castle and manor of Pencoed, [Llanmartin], the manor of St Brides [Netherwent] and other properties in Monmouthshire, purchased from Thomas Mathews (pp. 1-106); Mathews' title to leasehold estates in Monmouthshire, including Gillylaes [Gelli-las, Llanfihangel Llantarnam] (pp. 107-145); and a supplemental abstract of Wood's title to estates in Monmouthshire and Glamorgan purchased from Mathews and others (pp. 146-346). In all some thirty-eight deeds are abstracted, the majority in abstract A. Abstracts A and B also include legal opinions of J[ohn] Holliday, Lincoln's Inn, dated 1794 and 1795 respectively (pp. 105-106, 143-145). The abstracts contain no reference to Wood's ownership of Piercefield, which had been sold in 1800.

Holliday, John, 1730?-1801

Alun Lewis (Jeff Towns) manuscripts

  • NLW MS 24178E.
  • File
  • [1941]-1944, 1974

Papers of, or relating to, the poet and short story writer Alun Lewis, collected together by Jeff Towns, Swansea, comprising typescript copies, [?March 1941], of three lectures by Lewis (ff. 1-17); correspondence and papers of Charles Hamblett, Derek Sandford and Alun Lewis relating to the pamphlet Call Wind to Witness (London, [1942]) (ff. 18-34); and correspondence of W. G. Archer with Alun Lewis and others, [1943]-1944, 1974 (ff. 35-48).
Also included with the Charles Hamblett papers is a copy of Call Wind to Witness (now NLW MS 24178E(a)).

Lewis, Alun, 1915-1944

Antiquitates Parochiales

  • NLW MS 24170B.
  • File
  • 1729

A manuscript copy, 1729, of Henry Rowlands's 'Antiquitates Parochiales', transcribed by 'G.M.' [William Morgan] (pp. 1-146). The synchronism of free tenants for 1300-1700, 'Synchronismi quinque lustrales liberorum tenentium comot Maenei', is included (pp. 127-146) but the manuscript also includes an addendum not recorded elsewhere, in the hand of William Morgan and possibly a later addition, updating it to 1725 (pp. 147-148). The tract entitled 'Bellum Mariscum', absent from some copies, is also present (pp. 151-160).
Items found loose in the volume have been placed in an archival envelope (ff. 163-168).

Rowlands, Henry, 1655-1723

Autograph album belonging to M. Evans of Pontyberem

  • NLW ex 3049
  • File
  • 1909-1924

Autograph album, 1909-1924 (mainly 1909-1910), also containing verses and illustrations. The name inscribed inside the front cover is M. Evans, Penlan, Pontyberem, who may have been a student at Carmarthen Presbyterian College and Aberystwyth University. Most of the entries are written in English but there are some in Welsh, including verses by Eifion Wyn, Ben Bowen, and Ben Davies.

Barddoniaeth Elis Wyn o Wyrfai,

  • NLW ex 2936
  • File
  • [1866]-1895 a 1960

Cyfrol o gerddi yn llaw Ellis Roberts (Elis Wyn o Wyrfai), [1866]-[1882], yn y mesurau caeth yn bennaf, gan gynnwys beddargraffiadau a chyfieithiad o emynau; cerdd brintiedig i W. R. M. Wynne, a Mrs Wynne, yn dilyn eu priodas, Mai 20, 1891, a cherdd goffa i’w wraig, 1892; copi o’i bregeth a draddodwyd ganddo yn ei wasanaeth ordeinio yn Eglwys Gadeiriol Llanelwy yn 1893; ynghyd â dau lythyr a ysgrifennodd at ei ferch Esther Margaret (‘Essie’), 1894 a 1895 a ‘Marwnad ar ol y diweddar Barch. Ellis Roberts (Elis Wyn o Wyrfai), Llangwm’ gan awdur dienw. = A volume of poems in the hand of Elis Wyn o Wyrfai, [1866]-[1882], mainly in strict metre, including epitaphs and translations of hymns; two of his printed poems: Welcome home. To W. R. M. Wynne, Esq, and Mrs Wynne, after their marriage, May 20, 1891, and In memoriam. My wife, 1892 and a copy of his ordination sermon preached at St Asaph Cathedral, 1893; together with two letters from him to his daughter Esther Margaret (‘Essie’), 1894 and 1895 and an elegy to the poet by an unknown author.

Roberts, Ellis, 1827-1895

Boxing contract of Jimmy Wilde

  • NLW ex 3080
  • File
  • 1923

An agreement with American manager and promoter, Tom O'Rourke, the contract dated 1923 and relating to Jimmy Wilde's defeated challenge against Pancho Villa (or Frankie Genaro. The bout was Jimmy Wilde's unsuccessful return from retirement, held in New York. Former ownership of contemporaneous Welsh boxer Stan Roberts, by descent, private collection Caerphilly.

O'Rourke, Tom, 1856-1936

Clement family history

  • NLW ex 2917
  • File
  • 2015

Two volumes, [2015], comprising ‘A millennium of Clement ancestry’ by Dillwyn Clement bearing the Clement coat of arms with the motto ‘I's gorau ein gorau’. The first file contains the ancestry of the Clement family especially in Wales and the second file is an appendix to the study.

Clement, David Dillwyn

Clifford Dyment printed material and personalia

  • NLW ex 2927
  • File
  • 1929-1978

Five printed volumes and a proof copy, 1935-1956, of poetry by Clifford Dyment, all containing annotations, emendations or inscriptions in his hand; together with a small bundle of miscellaneous personal items, 1929-1978.

Dyment, Clifford, 1914-1971

David Blamires papers

  • NLW ex 3081
  • File
  • 1981-1996

Miscellaneous papers, 1981-96, belonging to Professor David Blamires, author of David Jones: Artist and Writer (1971), who established the David Jones Society in 1975. The collection includes exhibition notes, research papers, conference programmes, postcards, and correspondence. A separate file within the box contains a set of David Jones Society Newsletters, nos.1-38 (1976-84).

Blamires, David, 1936-

David Lloyd George notebook

  • NLW MS 24179A.
  • File
  • [1910]

A notebook, [1910], belonging to David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer, containing rough notes in pencil for speeches given by him in late November and early December, on the campaign trail for the December 1910 General Election (ff. 1-41).
The volume contains material which can be found in Lloyd George's speeches in Edinburgh, 26 November (ff. 1 verso, 3-4 verso, 6-7, 8 recto-verso), Cardiff, 29 November (ff. 9 verso, 11 verso-13, 14, 15 verso-16), Ipswich, 2 December (ff. 18, 22, 23 verso), Glasgow, 5 December (f. 31 recto-verso), North Wales, 7-9 December (f. 36 recto-verso), and East Ham, 15 December (f. 39, 40 verso). Lloyd George also critiques at length Lord Rosebery's speeches of 30 November and 3 December 1910 (ff. 16 verso-33 passim). The notes relate mainly to the Parliament Bill to reform the House of Lords (passed as the Parliament Act 1911), the issue on which the election was called, but also tariff reform, Home Rule, land tax, etc. The volume is entirely in English except for two sentences in Welsh (ff. 30 verso, 35 verso).

Lloyd George, David, 1863-1945

Dissertation relating to the Ukrainian Famine, 1932-33

  • NLW ex 3048
  • File
  • 2021

A dissertation, by the donor, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA History degree at the University of Southampton (13/5/2021), entitled 'You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: an investigation into the role of Western correspondents and governments in the cover-up of the Ukrainian Famine, 1932-33'. The contribution of the journalist Gareth Jones in uncovering the Holodomor is covered in this study.

Evans, James

Dyddiaduron Richie Thomas

  • NLW ex 3079
  • File
  • 1943-1982

Dyddiaduron apwyntiadau, 1943-1982, y tenor Richie Thomas (Richard Edgar Thomas, 1906-1988), Penmachno, ynghyd â chyfrol yn rhestru'r mannau ble cynhaliwyd cyngherddau ganddo yn ystod y cyfnod hwn.

Thomas, Richie, 1906-1988.

'Election Bites' scripts

  • NLW ex 2943
  • File
  • 2016

Six scripts, 2016, of the television programme 'Adrian's Election Bites', being interviews between Adrian Masters, political editor at ITV Wales, and leaders of the political parties in Wales, broadcast on ITV Cymru Wales prior to the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections. The leaders interviewed were Alice Hooker-Stroud (Wales Green Party), Nathan Gill (UKIP), Kirsty Williams (Liberal Democrats), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru), Andrew R. T. Davies (Conservatives) and Carwyn Jones (Labour).

Frongoch Camp medical list

  • NLW MS 24185B.
  • File
  • 1916

A notebook containing a medical list for the South Camp at Frongoch internment camp, Merioneth, 17 July-18 August and 22 October 1916, compiled by Tomás O Donncadha (Tomás O Donohoe).
The lists, compiled daily, 17-23 July, 25 July, 29 July-2 August (ff. 4-10, rectos only, 11-13, 14) and 3-18 August (ff. 3 verso-7 verso, versos only, 8 verso-10 verso, 13 verso, 14 verso-20), are variously headed 'Hospital List', 'Medicine' or 'Medical List' and include the names of patients and their prisoner numbers. Three further lists, 22 October 1916 and [n.d.], are included on loose sheets (ff. 21-23). The volume also includes lists of Irish words and phrases (ff. 1 verso-2 verso, 18 verso-19). The volume is written mostly in pencil. Frongoch housed over 1800 Irish republicans between June and December 1916; the South Camp was located in an old whisky distillery, the nearby North Camp consisted of wooden huts. O Donohoe writes 'Farewell' on f. 19 verso and the end of the volume coincides closely with the release of the majority of the prisoners in mid-August.

O Donohoe, Tomás, 1894-1957

Gibbet or Cross?

  • NLW ex 2938
  • File
  • [1896x1908]

Manuscript story, [1896x1908], entitled 'Gibbet or Cross?', by Allen Raine; together with a copy of Carmarthenshire Life (Autumn 2008), including an article 'Allen Raine, a voice from the past' by Carol Byrne Jones.

Raine, Allen, 1836-1908

In parenthesis: BBC introduction

  • NLW MS 24194E.
  • File
  • [1946]

A manuscript draft, [1946], of David Jones's introduction to the BBC radio production of his war poem 'In Parenthesis', first transmitted on the Third Programme, 19 November 1946. The draft contains deletions and revisions in ink and pencil in the hand of the author.
This draft is much closer to the script in its final typescript form (see NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers LP5/3, ff. vii-x) than are the other extant drafts (ibid, LP5/4, ff. 1-9). The only significant changes that remained to be incorporated are: a new sentence to replace the line at the beginning of f. 2, the loss of a reference to Brittany (f. 2), the truncation of a section on Maximus the Great (f. 2) and a much expanded ending, with a list of four quotes to be taken directly from the book's introduction substituted with the full quotations (f. 3). The introduction was pre-recorded by Jones; the remainder of the programme was performed live by the cast on 19 November, with a live repeat the following evening.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

In parenthesis: proof copy

  • NLW MS 24193B.
  • File
  • 1937

An uncorrected, bound, proof copy, [?April 1937] of David Jones, In Parenthesis: Seinnyessit e gledyf ym penn mameu (London: Faber & Faber Ltd, 1937).
The proof is effectively identical to the three sets used to produce the corrected proofs now NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers LP4/4-6, dated 7-17 April 1937; parts of the subsequent revise (ibid, LP4/8-9) were passed for press. In Parenthesis was published in June 1937, corresponding to the date inscribed on the front cover.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Joan Rimmer research papers, 1970-80

  • NLW ex 3072
  • File
  • 1895, 1970-1980

A collection of research papers, mostly of the period 1970-80, accumulated by musicologist Joan Rimmer, largely relating to Nansi Richards (Telynores Maldwyn), with some relating to John Parry (John Parry Ddall) and Edward Jones (Bardd y Brenin). The papers include letters, offprints, and manuscript music scores, including one copied in 1895 by W. Ll. Roberts of Penyceunant.

Rimmer, Joan, 1918-2014

John Betjeman letters to J. D. K. Lloyd

  • NLW MS 24177E.
  • File
  • 1947-1982 (mainly 1970-1978)

Correspondence and other papers, 1947-1982, of the antiquarian J. D. K. Lloyd, Garthmyl, relating to his friend the poet Sir John Betjeman, including four letters, seven postcards and a compliments slip, some typed, 1970-1978 and undated, from Betjeman to Lloyd (ff. 1-4, 7-14). The letters are mostly personal, routine or frivolous; there are references to a print interview conducted by Wilfred De'Ath (f. 7) and to architectural conservation, with several mentions of Lloyd's brother, Wyndham E. B. Lloyd.
Also included are a postcard, 23 March 1970, from A. L. Rowse, Oxford, to Betjeman, later forwarded by him to Lloyd (f. 5), a postcard, 1 June 1973, from an unknown sender, enclosing a pasted-on press cutting of part of Betjeman's 'Lenten Thoughts…' (f. 6) and a carbon copy typescript letter, 23 July 1975, to Peter Topley, likely from Betjeman (f. 15); Betjeman's notes for a talk on poetry at Newtown High School, [18 December 1963] (f. 16); transcripts by Lloyd of '"9 AM" Unpublished poem by John Betjeman; of which Wyndham has his MS copy' (f. 17) and of the [12] March 1974 letter (f. 18; see f. 7); a list by Lloyd of poems omitted from [an unspecified edition of Betjeman's Collected Poems] (ff. 19-20); printed ephemera and invitations for Betjeman's Honorary Degree ceremony at Trinity College Dublin on 10 July 1975, attended by Lloyd (ff. 22-32); and press cuttings relating to Betjeman, 1947-1982 (ff. 33-40), including the 1974 Wilfred De'Ath interview 'The lonely Laureate' (f. 38; see ff. 7, 18). Betjeman signs several letters 'Evan ap etje' (ff. 3-4, 8-9, 10, 14) and addresses Lloyd as 'Widow' or 'Gwyddo' [i.e. 'Gweddw'?].

Betjeman, John, 1906-1984

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