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' Y Gell Gymysg',

A miscellany of prose and verse lettered 'Pigion' but known as 'Y Gell Gymysg', most of it in the hand of Thomas Evans ('Tomos Glyn Cothi'), minister, poet and author, but with 'Trioedd yr Offeiriad', on pp. 209-14, by and in the autograph of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). Also included are poems by Edward Richard, Ystrad Meurig, William Moses ('neu Gwilim Tew, o Glyn Tâf'), Howel Prichard, Edward Evans, Ton Coch, Lewis Hopkin, William Harr[i], Llwyn-onn, William Davies (alias 'Wm. Dafydd Abercwmyfuwch, Gerllaw Pen y bont ar ogwr'), David Davis, Castell Hywel, Lewis Williams ('y Bardd Bach'), Jonathan Hughes, Huw Mor[y]s, Huw Gruffydd ('Gynt o Lwyn y brain Meirionydd'), John Jenkins ('Sion y Bardd bach Aberteifi'), Rees John, 'Weaver', John Howels, J. Morgans, James Davies ('Iago ap Dewi'), F[fowc] Prys, etc. Daniel Lleufer Thomas has inserted a comprehensive note relating to 'Tomos Glyn Cothi' and to the contents at the beginning of the volume. 'Tomos Glyn Cothi' has included in the volume several transcripts from contemporary journals.

Tomos Glyn Cothi, Iolo Morganwg and Daniel Lleufer Thomas.

A commonplace book,

Copies of Welsh and English poetry and miscellaneous extracts, including poems by William Philip, Robert Hughes, Goronwy Owen, 1741, Rice Jones, Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir'), Thomas Jones, and anonymous poems ('Pan oedd Bess yn teyrnasu' and 'Cerdd Bett o Lansanffraid'); English poems- 'Arise and see the Building', 'Guardian Angels', and 'The Young Man's Wish'; a copy of a letter from Snoden Hill to Lord Penn, and forms of letters on various occasions; 'Select sentences, collected at diffrent times by I.E.'; triads; and 'Cyfarwyddyd i wneuthur Methodist'.

A Display of Herauldry; Dosparth Edeyrn Dafawd Aur; etc.

A manuscript in the hand of David Richards ('Dewi Silin') containing transcripts of John Davies: A Display of Herauldry (Salop, 1716); 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys; 'Edeyrn Dafawd aur' (see Cwrtmawr MS 233); 'cywyddau' by Ieuan ab Hywel Swrdwal and Gruffudd ab Ieuan ab Llywelyn, and 'Chwedl Rhitta Gawr' from a transcript by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') of a manuscript of James Davies ('Iaco ap Dewi'); a 'Letter from Mr Owen [William Owen-Pughe], Author of the Welsh and English Dictionary, containing Remarks on the Structure of the Welsh Language, and on the Characteristic of the Gwentian Dialect ...', printed in William Coxe: An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, part II (London, 1801), pp. 405-7; and 'cywyddau', an 'awdl' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys, Jno. Davies ('o'r Rhiwlas'), William Miltwn, Doctor Sion Kent, Simwnt Fychan, Richart Phylip, Sion Philip and Sion Cain, and incomplete poems. Pasted on the inside lower cover is an imperfect printed prospectus of Seren Gomer, 1813.

Accounts, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing 'penillion'; accounts, 1687-1693 and undated ( the purchase of trees, 'vnpaid for hay', 'ffor Corn', 'Note of all the money that I Laid out towards the Malisia', 'for Oats', 'for Rye', 'Shepe Bought', etc.); memoranda and accounts between the scribe and his mother, 1718-1720 (the purchase of cattle, harness, fairings, iron, etc., the payment of church rate at Talybont [Caerhun, co. Caernarvon], the sale of sheep and hay, etc.); and proverbs.


An imperfect, ? early seventeenth century manuscript with, bound in at the end, a ? previous, brown-paper cover inscribed in a later hand 'Llyfr Achau Llangannau 1740'. The contents consist largely of miscellaneous genealogical data much of which relates to Glamorgan and South Wales. Ff. 51-2 contain a transcript, in a later seventeenth century hand, of a Welsh strict-metre poem not attributed to any poet. There are some marginal annotations possibly in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg').

Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

A volume of Crogen Iddon (Pontfadog, Denbighshire) provenance, written mainly during the second half of the seventeenth century. It contains pedigrees of North Wales families (including Owen of Crogen Iddon); 'cywyddau', etc., by Guto['r] Glyn, William Llyn, Davydd Llwyd ab Ll'n ab Gr., Euan Llafar, Lewis Mon, Thomas Price (Plas Iolyn), Gryffydd Phylib, Watkin Klywedog, Rees Kain, Ivan Clowedog, Sion Tvdyr, Ifan brydydd da, Sion Philip, Lewis Morganwc, David ap Rees, Edmund Prys, Sion Glyn ap Digan, Doctor Sion Cent, Morgan ap Hugh Lewis, Robt. Lewis, Richard Gele, John Clywedog, Ivan Gethin ap Ivan, Robyn Dyfi, William Phillip ('o ddyffrun y dudwu'), William Cynwal, Gryffydd Hiraethog, Mredydd ap Rys, Howel ap D'd ap Ie'nn ap Rys, Iolo Goch, Hugh Lloyd Cunwal, ?Jon. Hughes (Crogen Ithon), Hugh Moris, Rob. Cylidro, Sion Tudur, Ro[bert] Mydd[elton], Lewis Glyn Cothi, Mathew Owen, John Moris, Moris Becwn, Roger Kyffin, Wiliam Puw Llafar, Ffowlke Prys, and Tudur Aled; 'A sacred Mystery of ye Jesuits delivered in french to a Louer of ye reformed Religon, shortly After ye Murder of Henry ye 4th King of France'; 'Arfav twysogion Kymry ag arglwyddi'; and a list of contents of the pedigrees and poetry. Some of the later additions are in the hand of John Davies, Rhiwlas, Llansilin. The copious arithmetical calculations recorded in the margins are probably by John Edwards of Crogen Iddon, etc. (1755). Bound in at the end are six pages of notes on the volume in the hand of John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'), 1880, together with an undated holograph letter from 'Ceiriog', Van Railway, Caersws to Nicholas Bennett [at Glanrafon, Trefeglwys].

Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

An early seventeenth century manuscript, fragile, written c. 1611-1621 and possibly earlier by Roger Williams, clerk, rector of the parish of St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan [the scribe of parts of Llanstephan MS 41] and containing pedigrees, Welsh poetry, medical and veterinary recipes, etc. Roger Williams [TLLM, 41n, 213-4] was the son of Roger William of Prisk [in the parish of Llanddunwyd (Welsh St. Donats)] and he married Elinor Rees [daughter of Rhys Amheurug (Rees Merrick)]: his pedigree is on p. 27 of this manuscript (cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 173). A folio or folios are wanting at the beginning and someone has written the words 'The Isue [sic] of Gruffydd fawr [De Radyr]' opposite the first page (p. 4). The contents, except where otherwise stated, consist of genealogical data relating to the persons or places specified as follows: p. 8, part of an account mentioning Pwllymyn, etc.; 9, the issue of Lle'n ap Kynwrige; 10, a 'cywydd' by Rys Brychan; 12, a 'cywydd' by Howel ap Davyd ap Ievan ap Rees; 14, mention of William Thomas, son of Thomas Gwilim Jenkin of Gwern ddy in the parish of St. Brids near Abergenvenye [sic]; 16, a copy of a general release, 1613, from Elizabeth Howell of Welshe St. Donettes, co. Glamorgan, spinster, to William Rosser of the same, yeoman, executor of the will of Thomas Rosser late of Welshe St. Donettes aforesaid, deceased; 17, recipes; 18, a 'cywydd' by Llewelyn ap Howell ap Ievan Gronow; 21, recipes, extracts, etc.; 24, pedigree of the Mansells; 26, a copy of a note from John Robertes, rector of Langan; 27, descendants of Howell Vawr apris ap Cradocke . . .; 28, Mansells, etc.; 29, descendants of Roger de Londres of Ogmor and Kydwelye; 29-30, 'englynion' by Thomas Lle'n and Sion Tomos Hwel, in another hand, followed by a note concerning the jointure of Agnes Rosser, wife of Thomas Edwardes late deceased of St. Hilarye, co. Glamorgan, gent.; 31, Rychard Thomas of Tree r groes within the parish of Coychurch (cf. 45), copy of a writ, 1598, medical recipes; 34, Bassetts [cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 62]; 35, lines of Welsh poetry and a note of a bond [1614], with an 'englyn' by Watkin apowell in the margin; 36, a copy of the will of John Bassett of Bewper in the parish of St. Hilary, 1512[/13] (Latin); 38, weather lore, husbandry, etc.; 45, an 'englyn' by Thomas William Howell, instructions for conducting prayers ('Chwi estyngwch y lawr ar dal ych glynie . . .'); 46, Thomas ap Rychard, register of the consistory court of Landaph, Rys Brydyth o Lanharan and his descendants including Lewis Morganwg (cf. p. 144); 47, Tho: ap Morgan, clerk, vicar of Pentrych [sic], Tho: ap ho'll ap ph'e; 48, veterinary recipes; 49, Sr Mathew Cradock, kt.; 116, Justyn, lo: of Glamorgan, Sr John Carn ('owt of Thomas Johns Collections'); 117, 'ach Godwyn Iarll Kernyw y dynnwyd o lyvyr Iollo goch'; 50, a 'cywydd' by Griffith llwyd davyd ap Inon Liglyw; 52, Collene [sic]; 53, descendants of Davyd Mathew including John Mathew Myles 'late gayler [sic] indicted for willfull escape of John Jenkin one of the murderers' [?1592-1593], Mayndy, Sr. Jo: Gams; 54, Bolston, George Gibon of Trecastell, Howell Johns 'yt dwellyth now in London', etc.; 55, Trym Bennoc ap Maynyrch; 56, 'englynion' by Thomas Lewis 'o Lleche'; 57, Lansannor gwin (Gwyn); 58, Coedbychan. . ., Miskin wrth gornel y park, Lanharan; (continued)

59, Talygarn; 60, Castell Scurla . . ., Hendre vorgan; 61, Byrthyn, parish of Llanblethian; 62, Llanwensan, parish of Peterston super Eley [sic], Abergorky ('Morgan davyd Cadwgans petygree accordinge to Tho: Johns Collections'); 64, John ap Davyd ap Hopkyn ['Ynys Dawe']; 65, Bettus (Llwarch ap Aren); 66, Lantryssent, Kelly gronn nere Collenne . . ., Lanwinno; 67, Colleney (cf. p. 52), Turbills [sic]; 68, Morgan Cradock ap Ph'e . . ., Carries (Wenny); 69, Nash [Carne]; 71, Turbervills; 72, 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: ap gr' gochs Card of William llyn his drawing', Chadles; 74, Davyd ap hopkin ap tho: ap hopkin, Harrye John ap Richard; 75, Goed tree (cf. p. 144), Brigan; 76, Glynogwr; Ryw gwrach y blawd, Rywperrey; 77, Lanbradach and also a reference (twice) to the marriage of 'younge Mr Kemis of monmouth shire dwellynge verye nere to Catch asse', 1613[/14]; 78, Blaen Baglan, Aberavan, and Tir Iarll; 79, Langowyd [?Llangonydd], Neth (Mr Lyson Ievans); 80, Mr (Wm) Price, Cradock ap Iestyn - Blaen Baglan, Gwyrvill verch Hopkin ap d'd ap Hopkin; 81, Wm ap John ap Res ap Jenkin and Lantwyt vaer dree in miskin; 82, Bettus, Bridgend, William ffilib william; 83, Marlas (Rychard ap thomas ap gr' goch) 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: his Card'; 84, Caerwige (parish of Pendoylown), Jenkin ap wm ap gebb'n; 85, Rydlavar, Ystradvellte, Lantrissent; 86, Bach ap Gwayt, Lanylyd; 87, Landow; 88, Marcrosse [Vann], Splott. Bawdripps; 89, (?) Monnton ['Fflemings'], Lantrythed; 90, Groeswen, Sweldon, Margam; 91, Braych y kymor, Langynwyr; 92, Kelligaer i n Seynhenydd, Lewis ap Res, Pendoylon; 93, Broviskin; 94, St Nycholas, Lanharan, Saint fagans. Gibons; 95, Michelston, Bedwes, Broviskin; 96, Pendoylon; 97, 'from Ievan Jenkins of Langowyd' and [from] Thomas Jones; 98, Justyn lo: of Glamorgan; 99, Bleddyn ap Convyn, prince of powis, Griffith ap. Conan k of Gwynedd; 100, Rys ap Tewdwr k of Deheybarth, Elystan Glodrydd, prince betwyn wye and Severn; 101, Bleddyn ap Meynyrch lo: of Brecon, Trym bennog lo: of Cantre selyff, Guillyn lo: of ydstradyw, Einon ap gollwyn, and Argwydd [sic] lle'n; 102, Griffith ap yr argwydd [sic] Rys; 103, descendants of Ph'e fleming; 104, Baydan, parish of Langowyd - Gwayr ap Aren, Ystradyvodwg; 105, Cayre, Sergeant (d'd) Williams; 106, Brigan; 107, Ystrad ffin, Rys Gryg; 111, Aleth k of dyved; 112, Mathravan, followed by miscellaneous pedigrees; 118, (?) Abercrag; 119, Llanvrynach, Maesmawr; 120, Llandy bie, Kydweli, Aber Afan; 121, Brecon [Awbrey]; 122, Llandybie, Tir Rawlff, Arth brengi, Arwystly, Kaer Sws yn Arwystly; 123, Shere drevaldwyn. Kyviliog, Yskethrog Brecon, Sheree [sic] Gaervyrthin [Sr Rys ap tho:]; 126, Gada, Gwinionydd ywch kerdyn, Gwinionydd iskerdyn, Caer wedros; 127, Gwinionydd ywch aeron, Mab ffynion [sic] yn isaeron, Hirvryn, Eifel yn Swydd gaer, Penryn dyfed yn Swydd gaer, Mallaen yn Swydd gaer, Cayo yn Swydd gaer; 128, Carnwllon, Kydweli, Gener glyn yng Credigion, Cwmwd perfedd, Cryddyn ywch arfon ['aeron']; 128(a), Glyn aeron, Llangibi, with a note of the names of the sons of Rice Kemis of Llanvayr, co. Monmouth, 1617 and 1621; 128(b), descendants of Lle'n lia; 129, Ystradyvodwg, Brigan; 130, Langonoyd, Veddifnych yn Sheere gaer; 131, Y Slough, Aber yskyr; 132, Tyr Raulff (cf. p. 122), Pymtheg llwyth Gwynedd; 133, Mibon [sic] kynvarch oer, Shir Gaer [Griffith dwn]; 135, Owein glyndyfrdwy; 136, Langattwg dyffryn vsk; 137, Plant Ievan ap Jenkyn Kemys or began, Plant Sr Tho: Morgan hen o pencoyd, Mibon kenedda wledig ay tiveddiaeth; 139, Meibion kynwyd kynhwydion, Plant llwarch hen, Yal; 140, Pyctown in Pembroke Shire, Whit Church in monmoth Shire; 141, Penros, Troe, Tremsaran in Caerm'then Shire; 142, Aber Gwili Elystan glodrydd; 143, Wm Bleddyn Bishop of landaph, etc., and [(?) an extract from] Davydd Benwyn ' in an ould Rowl of Marlas'; 144, Goed tree (cf. p. 75), and Rys brydydd and his descendants (cf. p. 46); 145, a religious poem in Welsh consisting of thirty-three stanzas in free metre ('tribanau'); 150, recipes; 151, Caerwige, parish of Pendoylown, co. Glamorgan; 152 (insert, in another hand) 'of Troy'; and 155, 'Pymb Brenhinllwyth kymru'. The manuscript contains annotations by both Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and Taliesin Williams, 'Taliesin ab Iolo'.

Roger Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' and Taliesin Williams.


  • NLW MS 23272C
  • File
  • 1835, 1866, 1929 /

A copy of Evan Griffiths, Esponiad ar y Bibl Sanctaidd ... Cyfrol IV (Abertawy, 1835) with leaves pasted to the stubs of leaves excised at the beginning of the volume, on which Wiliam Siôn (1874-1947), Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, later of Cymer, Glyncorrwg, co. Glamorgan, has transcribed, 1929, Welsh poetry in strict metre from Cardiff MS 5.44, 'Llyfr Hir Llanharan' (written c. 1613, by Llywelyn Siôn), ff. 1-14 and compiled lists of the contents of the original manuscript (ff. iv, xix-xxxi verso), of the poets whose works it contains (ff. xi-xvi verso, xxxii-iv) and of the patrons to whom they sang (ff. v-x). Also included are a biographical note on Llywelyn Siôn (f. iii verso), and a brief account of 'Y Wentaeg', the Welsh dialect of Gwent, Morgannwg and part of Brycheiniog (f. lxxxi recto-verso).

Siôn, Wiliam, 1874-1947

Adysgrifau 'Manoethwy',

A composite volume of transcripts in the hand of Owen Jones ('Manoethwy'). The contents include 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', 'englynion', 'carolau' and 'cerddi' by Ifan Tew Brydydd, Hari ap Howel alias Harri Hir, Wiliam Cynwal, Sion Tudur, Morus Dwyfech, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Sr. Dafydd Llwyd Ysgolhaig, Llywelyn ap Gytyn, Guto'r Glyn, Hywel D'd Bevan ap Rhys ('o Sir Fon'), Rhydderch ap Sion, Dafydd Nanmor, Rhys Goch o Eryri, Huw Arwystl, Morys ap Ifan ap Einion ('Morus Dwyfach Medd MS arall') Sr. Dafydd Trefor ('Dr. John Kent ... Medd MSS M.P.', 'Sion Dafydd Trefor ... Medd MSS L.O.'), Howel ap Reinalld, Mredydd ap Rhys, Gruffudd D'd ap Howel, Rhisiart ap Howel Da 'Beinion, Bedo Phylip Bach ('Rhai a ddywaid mae Deio ap I'n Du ai Cant... '), Huw Pennant, Sion y Kent, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Edward Maelor '('Mae'n debig mae Edward ap Rhys Maelor ydyw Hwn... '), Dafydd ap Gwilim, Iolo Goch, Simwnt Vychan, Sr. Huw Jones ('Vicar Llanfair ynyffryn Clwyd'), Tudur Aled, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llew ap Gruff., Sion Brwynog, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Taliesyn Aneurin G[wawdrydd], Maer Glas ('medd rhai'), Robin Ddu, Owain Twna, Dafydd Gorllech, Ifan Brydydd Hir, Edward [ap Rhys], Ie : Dyfi, Llywelyn ap Owain, Thomas Prys ('o Blasiolyn Esquire'), Edmund Prys, G[ruffydd] Philip, W. Elias (1730), Owain Gruffydd, Gruffydd Nannau (1654), Owain Gwynedd, Thomas Owen (1730), William Llyn, Tudur Penllyn, Huw Kae Llwyd, Llywelyn Goch Amheurig Hen, Edward Davies (Rhiwlas), Rich. Abram, Moris ab Evan ab David, Cadwaladr Roberts (ab Robert), Dafydd ab Sienkin, Richard [Davies] ('Esgob Dewi'), Ragiar [sic] Kyffin, Huw Morys, Arthur Jones (1734), Mathew Owain, Ellis Cadwaladr, Moris Rhobert ('o Sir Feirionydd'), Thomas Davies ('o Sir Drefaldwyn'), Robert Cadwalad[r] ('o Blwy Pennant'), Richd. Thomas D'd ('o Sir Fon'), Richard Ffoulkes, John Edwards, John Hughes, Moris ab Evan ap Dafydd ('o Lanoge'), Sion Ffoulke, Sion ab William Griffith ('o Lanfihangel ... '), Sion Phylip, G[ruffudd] Leiaf, D. Sion, W[iliam] Phylip, Rhisiart Philyp, H. ab Evan, [John Davies] 'Sion Davydd Las', Lewis Owain, Morgan Dafydd, Edwart Morris and Robert Klidro, and anonymous poems; 'englynion', etc. by contemporary poets, largely of the Richards (Darowen) circle of friends e.g. John Evans ('Ioan Maelor'), W[alte]r Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'),' R[ober]t Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'], 'G. Brwynog', R[owland] P[arry] (Carndochan), H. K. (1851), Phoebe neu Eunice Jones (Llynlleifiad), [Peter Jones] 'Pedr Fardd', [William Edwards] 'Gwilym Padarn', [Morris Jones] 'Meurig Idris' and J. Blackwell ('Alun'), and anonymous poems; 'Sidanen Or a Song in Praise of the Glorious Queen Elizabeth' by Edward ap Rhys Wynne ap William Prys of Clygyrog, 'The meritorious gratulation of Esqr. Strangways to Llangedwyn ...' by John Davies, and anonymous English poems; prose texts, in some cases two copies, of 'Tri thlws ar ddeg o Frenindlysau Ynys Brydain ... ', 'Drygioni Medd'dod', 'Dewis bethau Howel lygad Cwsg', 'Trws'neiddrwydd Gruffydd ap Adda ap D'd', 'Achau Llewelyn ap Gruffydd y Tywysog diwaethaf o'r Cymru', 'Ymddiddanion ffraethion Cynhengras a fu rhwng y Pawn bach o Wickwair yn y Rhôs Is Conwy a Gwgon o Gaer Einion y Mhowys. A elwir yn gyffredin Araith Wgon', 'Cronigl Cymru a Lloy(e)gr yn amgyffred fal y treuthir isod' (with an additional 'narration' by Rice Jones), 'Taliesin a'i traethodd', 'Rhwng Merddin a Gwenddydd ei chwaer' and 'Merddin a Gwenddydd', 'The Most noted Poems in Mr Bulkeley of Brynddu's Collection' (now NLW MS832); 'An account of the wages paid the workemen for raissing a fence upon Ceiriog under Pentre gwyn a Tenem[en]t of the Hond. John Myddelton Esqr.', with a covering letter from Richd. Ffoulkes (transcribed from Cwrtmawr MS 222, p. 57v.); a power of attorney from Oliv[er] Thomas, Shrewsbury, yeoman to John Thomas Rees, Llanymowthwey, Merioneth, yeoman, 1674 (original in Cwrtmawr MS 222, p. 61) and a letter relating thereto from Robert Vaughan, Salop to John Thomas Rees (original in Cwrtmawr MS74, No. 3); records of the births and baptisms, 1712-33 [at Llansilin], of the children of Richard Ffoulkes (original in Cwrtmawr MS 222, p. 60v); transcripts of fifty-nine letters of Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), 1793-1831 and undated, largely addressed to Thomas Richards at Berriew and Llangynyw; a prospectus, 1793, of 'Celtic Remains' in two volumes, the first by 'the Late Lewis Morris Esq.' and the second by Walter Davies, All-Souls College, Oxford; letters largely to Thomas Richards, Berriew and Llangynyw or David Richards ('Dewi Silin') from Peter Bayley Williams, Llanrug, 1828, John Jones ('Tegyd'), Christ Church, Oxford, 1819-22 and undated, W[illiam van Mildert] bishop of Llandaff, 1822, D. Davies, Chester, 1825, Wm. Owen Pughe, London, 1812-19, Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Llangybi, 1824, Robt. Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), 1824 and undated, Tho. Jones, Long Acre, London, 1825, W. Owen ('Eos Glan Hafren'), Newtown, 1824, John Roberts, Tremeirchion, 1822, Robt. Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'], 1825 and undated, and A[neurin] Owen, [Nantglyn], 1821; a list of titles and first couplets of the poems of Dafydd ap Gwilym; 'Llyma henwe y 24 brenin or brutanied... ' (originally from a manuscript of William Thomas, Llanallgo). Inset at the end of the volume are transcripts of Montgomeryshire pedigrees, etc. Much of the material in the volume has been transcribed from other volumes now in the Cwrtmawr Collection (e.g. MSS 200, 222, 242 and 243) and there are references to such sources as 'un o lyfrau Maesglas Mallwyd' (transcribed in 1857) (p. 269), a manuscript in the hand of Robert Arthur (p. 342), 'Llyfr ym meddiant Lowri Jones' (p. 380), etc. A note pasted on the inside of the upper cover states 'This Vol. was copied by Owen Jones (brother of Myrddin Fardd) from a MS Vol. ... in the handwriting of Lewis Morris [Cwrtmawr MS 200] now at Bryntanad, Llanerfyl Montgomerys[hire] (Richards) E. Breese'. Owen Jones was for a short time a private tutor at BrynTanad (see The Dictionary of Welsh Biography). The spine is lettered 'Mannoethwy MSS'.

Adysgrifau 'Manoethwy',

A composite volume of transcripts in the hand of Owen Jones ('Manoethwy'). The contents include 'cywyddau', 'englynion', 'carolau', etc. by John Cent, Meredydd ab Rhys, Guto o'r Glyn, Gruffydd Hiraethog, [Gruffyth ap Ievan ap Lle'n Vychan], Ieuan ap Gruffydd Leia, Dafydd ab Edmwnt, Sr. Rys ap Hary, Tudur Aled, Ieuan Lla[far], Huw Llwyd Cynfal, [ ] Llwyd, Morys ap Ieuan ap D'd, Hugh ap Morys, Sion Phylip, R[obert] Leiaf, G[ruffydd] P[hilip], Gronwy Owain, Jonathan Hughes, Edward Urien, Rowland Fychan, Ifan Llwyd, Sion Tudur, Dafydd Llwyd Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Llywelyn ap Gutyn, Syr Rhys Carno, Edward Morys, Wmffre Dafydd ap Ifan, Lewis Owen, Rowland Owen, John Vaughan (Caer-gai), William Phylip, Dafydd Nanmor, Robin Ddu o Fôn, John Owen (1668), Bedo Brwynllysg, Jon. Phylip, Dafydd ab Ifan ab Owen, John Brwynog, Rowland Prys, John Davies ['Siôn Dafydd Las'], Sion Dafydd, Huw Morys, Oliver Roger, Ellis Wynne, Rees Evan, William Hwffra [recte Humphreys], Robert Owen, [Dafydd?] Cadwaladr and Dafydd Dafis, and anonymous poems; 'englynion', etc., mainly by poets of the Richards (Darowen) cycle of friends e.g. [Evan Evans] '[Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd', [William Jones] 'Gwilym Cawrdaf', [Rowland Parry] 'Ieuan Carn Dochan', Evan Jones (Darowen), Sion Powel, [Henry Griffith] 'Harri Goch o Wynedd', E. Lewis ('Ab Dewi'), Robert Parry (Eglwys-bach), [Morris Jones] 'Meurig Idris', Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), 'I. ab Iorwerth', David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), W. H., John Prys (Pennant Mawddwy), Robert Davies (Nantglyn), [John Jones] 'Myllin', Dafydd Ellis (Llan y Mawddwy), William Owen, John Roberts (Hersedd), [Hugh Jones] 'H[uw] Erfyl', John Morgan [Glanfread, Ceredigion], Evan Evans (Arwydd yr Arth, Trallwm), [John Jones] 'Ioan Tegyd', [Benjamin Jones] 'P. A. Mon', Lewis Williams (Cefn Bachedydd), John Blackwell ('Alun'), etc., and anonymous poems; letters from W[alter] D[avies] ('Gwallter Mechain') to the Reverend T[homas] Richards, Berriew School, 1824, and John Blackwell ('Alun') to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, undated, a pedigree of Dr John Davies, 'person Mallwyd'; 'Achau y Brenin' [a pedigree of King Edward VI]; essays on 'Cywyddau Serch', 'Araith Gwgan' and 'Cyfeillach' (1862); etc. Much of the material has been transcribed from Cwrtmawr MSS 207, 238, and 243. The volume is lettered 'Mannoethwy MSS'.

'Ail Biser Sioned',

  • NLW MS 9047A.
  • File
  • [1724x1800] /

A collection of poems, medical and veterinary recipes, and miscellanea entitled 'Ail Biser Sioned sef Casgliad Cadwalader Davies [Gwyddelwern] wrth ei bleser . . .', with some additions. The poems include 'carolau', 'cerddi', 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys, Dafydd Nanmor, Maredudd ap Rhys, William Wynne, John [Siôn] Cadwaladr, Jonathan Hughes, Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu'), Ellis Roberts, Rees Ellis, Roger Thomley, Ellis Cadwaladr, Matthew Owen, Edmwnd Prys, Dafydd Manuel and others. A valentine from Cadwaladr Davies to Jane Jones is dated 14 February 1749.

Davies, Cadwaladr, b. 1704


A copy of Hugo Grotius, Gwirionedd y grefydd Grist'nogol ... a gyfieithwyd gan Edward Samuel ... (Y Mwythig: John Rhydderch, 1716), with eight folios stitched in at the beginning of the volume containing verse and prose in the hand of Thomas Williams, 'Merchant Taylor', 1753-1756, including a Welsh version of the legend of the Wandering Jew (ff. i-v) and 'Englynion i bont llanrwst', 1635, attributed to 'John Roger, wever of llwyn Bleuddun in llan-llechid Parish' (f. viir-v). Transcripts of poetry by Rhys Prichard, vicar of Llandovery, and other verse also appear on pp. 2, 13-16 of the printed work.

Edward Samuel, Thomas Williams and others.


A manuscript volume with the title 'AMRYW' in gold lettering on the spine. Written throughout by William Owen [-Pughe], the manuscript contains transcripts of parts of two older manuscripts, the one in the hand of Lewis Morris [B.M. Add. MS 14908, ff. 36-58], and the other in the hand of Owen Jones, 'Owain Myfyr' [B.M. Add. MS 15020, pp. 1-5, 7-12, 27-8, 33- 5, 44-5, 52-8, 67-70, 93-107, 109-15, 117-23]. The first item in the present manuscript, pp. 1-39, is a transcript of the Statute of Rhuddlan, 'Ystatus Rhuddlan yw hon. A.D. 1283', copied from Lewis Morris's manuscript, which is in turn a copy of a vellum manuscript in the Hengwrt library, which he transcribed in 1738 [i.e. Peniarth MS 41]. The remainder of the present manuscript is copied from B.M. Add. MS 15020, pp. 49-50, 'Rhif Carennydd'; pp. 50-52, 'Llyma y 24 gore, y rhai sy'n ddysg ac yn siampl dda'; p. 53, 'Tri anrhaith Marx Ynys Prydain Mr. Morris o'r Ll. Dû o Gaerfyrddin, Tri Thrin Eddystir Ynys Prydain, Tri Gohoew Eddystir Ynys Prydain, Tri hoew Eddystir Ynys Prydain'; p. 54, 'Cis ddynion Selyf ddoeth'; p. 55, 'Câs Bethau Owen Cyfeiliog'; pp. 56-9, 'Arthur a'i Farchogion (o Lyfr Lewis Dwnn), 3 Aur dafodiawg Farxawg, 3 Marxog Gwyryf, oedd yn Llys Arthur, 3 Chad Farxog, 3 Lledrithiog Farxog, 3 Brenhinawl Farxog, 3 Chyfion Farxog, 3 Gwrthyniad Farchog, 3 Chynghoriad Farxog'; p. 60, 'Pum maib Cenau ap Coel hen ap Riodawr [sic] o'r Gogledd'; pp. 61-3, 'Plant Llowarx hen o fwy nag un wraig, Plant Owain hael ap Urien, Plant Llew ap Cynfarx, Meibion Cynwyd Cynwydion, Plant Urien Reged, Plant Cynfarx'; pp. 64-6, 'Tri thlws ar ddêg ynys Brydain a roed i Daliesin hen Beirdd'; p. 67, 'Saith Gyneddf Gwr dewisol - Taliesin a'i Dywawd'; p. 67, 'Nattur Meddwdod (allan o Dlysau'r hen Oesoedd gan Lewis Morris Yswain)'; pp. 68- 75, 'Llyma Trioedd Arbennig, Trioedd Serch, Trioedd Taliesin, Trioedd Mab y Crinwas'; p. 76, 'Llymma Leoedd ynghorph Dyn y bydd swrn gyneddfau ynddynt'; p. 76, 'Geiriau Gwir Cattw ddoeth'; p. 77, 'Saith ymofynion saith o wyr doethion, ac atteb pob un i'w gilydd'; p. 78, 'Geiriau Gwir'; pp. 79-88, 'Hanes yr Ymrysongerdd rhwng Edmwnt Prys Arxdiagon Meirionydd a Wiliam Cynwal prydydd ac Arwyddfardd - (Ll. Gwyrdd R. Morris Esq.)' [cf. Y Greal (Llundain, 1805), tt. 9-13]; pp. 89-119, 'Damhegion a 'sgrifenwyd ar Femrwn ynghylch y Flwyddyn 1300 - adgrifenwyd [sic] 1769. O. Jones - a minnau 'sgrifenais o Lyfr O. Jones, 1783 - Gwilym Owain', [cf. Y Greal ( Llundain, 1806-1807), tt. 322-9, 366, 279-80, 366-70, and also in Ifor Williams, Chwedlau Odo (Caerdydd, 1957), tt. 1-8, 11-23]; pp. 120-5, 'Copïau o Gwynion fal y maent yn Ysgrifenedig o law Guttyn Owain, gyd â Mr. Trefor, Tref Alun, Cwyn Camgroes, Cwyn torr Croes, Cwyn Anghyfarx, Cwyn Amobr, Cwyn sarhaed', [cf. Y Greal (Llundain, 1806), tt. 321-2, 281, 322]; pp. 126-8, 'Goleufynag o rai Henwau gan y Parchedig Mr. Dav. Jones 1572 - allan o Lythyrau y Parx. Sion Morgan at Moses Williams - Mai 3. 1714'; p. 128, 'Englynion [3] yn rhagymadrodd Llyfr L. Dwnn', beginning 'Fe ddenfyn Duw gwyn da i gyd - a fo raid . . .', with the ascription 'Lewis Dwnn 1606'; p. 129, five 'englynion' entitled 'I'r Pedwar Gwynt' by 'Simwnt Fyxan. Pencerdd', beginning 'Dwyrain dwymyn syx lle'r ymdeurydd, - llu . . .'; p. 130, an 'englyn' entitled 'I Delyn' ('Dd. Ellis a'i cant Jes. Coll. Oxon from Meirion but qu. Revd. Gro. Owen's hand writing. R.M.') beginning 'Difyrrwx di drwx di drais - tawelaidd . . .'; and pp. 130-33, 'Cywydd o waith y Parxedig Sion Morgan i Moses Williams', beginning 'Moes yn awr, wr mawr, i mi, . . .', followed by the note: 'Danfonodd y Cywydd hwn fal y mae heb ei orphen mewn Llythyr i M. Williams yn Nhy Mr. Thomas, Crane Court Fleet Street London - Dyddiedig Odd. Ionawr 1717'. Tipped in on p. 135 is a note, 17 July 1823, referring to Mrs. Townley and Captain Tuck.

William Owen-Pughe.


Miscellaneous poetry- 'Hiraeth am fy hen Wlad'; 'Cywydd i'w Fawrhydi Sior IV ar ei daith i ymweled a Chymru . . . 1821', by David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'); 'Carol Nadolig' by W. Parry, Panthwfa; and two sheets (pp. 57-60) from an eighteenth century manuscript containing 'cywyddau' by Wiliam Llŷn.

Wyn, Dewi, 1784-1841

Antiquae Linguae Britannicae ...,

John Davies, Antiquae Linguae Britannicae .... et Linguae Latinae Dictionarium Duplex (London, 1632), with marginal insertions and with additional texts at the beginning and the end partly in the hand of Robert Vaughan (1592?-1666), Hengwrt, Merionethshire. The additions include '15 qual[i]ties of a good horse', 'Pymth[eg] cynneddf march da', 'Am yr Attaliadau. A'u Gwir Ddeunydd' ('Y mae chwe mâth o attaliadau mewn Llyfrau printiedig ac mewn Yscrifen ... '), two 'englynion' by John Davies in a copy of his dictionary presented to Rolant Vychan of Caergai, 'An admonition for the reading of the British words', 'Geiriau or Un Swn ac nid o'r un Feddwl', and 'The Numbers, Names, qualities, Royalties, Footings, Degrees of Age etc. of Beasts of the Forests according as they are termed of skillfull Forresters and Woodmen' (the latter from John Guillim, A Display of Heraldrie). On the inside lower cover is a paste-down of the certificate of subscription, 20 March 1767, by Thomas Owen of Jesus College, Oxford [rector of Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, from 1779 until his death in 1812.].

Davies, John, 1567-1644

Astrology, etc.

A volume (98 pp.) containing astrological material, etc., including the following: 'Dechreu am y Llysie', 'Am Groun Neidar', horoscopes beginning 'Tesni'r Mâb a aner or 12 dydd o fowrth ir 12 dydd o Ebrill', 'Am ba achosion y Dechreued henwi'r arwyddion ...', 'Llyfr o waith Ellis Totlis I Alexander fawr I adnabod Corph Pob Dyn pan I gwelir ef ...', 'Am chwech Grâdd y sydd ir Haul yn y ffurfafen ag ir lleuad iw gerdded bob Mis yn y flwyddyn ...', 'y saith gelefyddyd [sic] wladaidd', 'Cerdd I siri sir feirionydd am y flwyddyn 1743' beginning 'Y meistar Morrus Jones or Ddôl' by an unnamed poet, with two 'englynion' 'I Aer Mr Jones or Ddôl, '(?) both by Thomas Edwd., followed by two verses headed 'Iechyd y siri', horoscopes in English, verses by Edward Morris 'or perthi llwidion', beginning 'Os wit yn fy ngofyn ath wllus ar ddallt ..., a verse in English and Welsh ('Iw gosod ar y Cloc y mae'r Rhain'), 'Llyma ddrych y llaw ne balmystyr o waith y 7 wyr Doethion', a copy of an inscription on a gravestone in Conway church and of 'englynion' by Robert Wynne, vicar of Gwyddelwern, on the gravestone of Huw Morys (d. 31 August 1709) at Llansilin, 'Rhod yn Dangos pwy a ddowed wir a phwy a ddowed gelwydd', and 'Dychymyg yw ddyfalu I Janne Lloyd' (A wnewch chwi A : Ddyfalu ...'), etc. The volume appears to have been written by Evan Thomas [?Cwmhwylfod, Sarnau, nr Bala], c. 1760-3 or possibly earlier.


A sixteenth century transcript of 'cywyddau' by Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd Nanmor, Iolo Goch, Morys ap Hywel, Maredudd ap Rhys, Robert Leiaf, Ieuan Brydydd Hir [Hynaf], Gwerful Mechain, Sion Cent, Wiliam Llŷn, Hywel ap Dafydd ab Ieuan ap Rhys, Wiliam Cynwal, Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ap Gwilym, 'Prydydd da', Sion Tudur, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Bedo Aeddren, Lewis Menai, Simwnt Fychan, Edwart ap Raff, Roger Cyffin and Catrin ferch Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan; and prose extracts, including a translation of the first part of the Gospel of St John.


A volume containing transcripts, 17 cent., of cywyddau and other poetry by Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Rhys ap Hywel, Dafydd Nanmor, Guto'r Glyn, Iolo Goch, Sion Cent, Huw Arwystli, Lewis Morganwg, Maredudd ap Rhys, Edmwnd Prys, Dafydd ap Rhys, Taliesin, Sion Gwyn ap Digan, Morgan ap Huw Lew[y]s, Ieuan Brydydd Hir [Evan Evans or Ieuan Fardd], Catrin ferch Gruffudd ap Hywel ('o Landdeiniolen'), Lewis Glyn Cothi, Syr Phylip o Emlyn, Robert Lewis, Sion Phylip, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Wiliam Cynwal, Dafydd Nanconwy, Wiliam ap Robert, Robin Clidro, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Sion Tudur, Syr Huw Roberts and Hywel Swrdwal.


'Cerddi', 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Huw Mor[y]s, Owen Gruffydd, Thomas Prys, Mathew Owen, Robert Dafydd Llwyd, Caleb Gruffydd, William Prichiart [or Pritchard], El[l]is Cadwaladr, Ritiart [?i.e. Richard] Barru, Thomas Buttry, Wi[l]liam Phylip, Elis Roberts, John Richiart [i.e. Richard], John Edwards ('O glun Ceiriog'), Thomas Edwards ('o'r tai yn rhos'), Richiart [i.e. Richard] Llwyd ('or Plas Meini'), Edward Parry, Rhys Wynn, Thomas Morus, Edward Mor[y]s, Siôn Tudur, R. Jones, Edmund Prys, Richard Hughes, Huw Machno, Morus Wynne, Thomas Lewis, Tudur Aled, John Parry, Lewis Cynllwyd, etc. in the autograph of Hugh Jones ('cowper').


Autograph poetry by Owen Gruffydd, John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn') and Thomas Williams ('Twm Pedrog').

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