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Books from the library of Evan Roberts, Llandderfel,

  • NLW ex 2406.
  • File
  • 1925-1966.

A copy of John Ceiriog Hughes, Caneuon Ceiriog ([Newtown], 1925), a selection of Ceiriog’s poems presented to John Cowper Powys on his birthday, 8 October 1954, by Redwood and Gwyneth [Anderson], including a letter from Phyllis Playter, 1966, to Evan Roberts, giving the book to him. There is also a copy of Llewelyn Powys, The cradle of God (London, 1949), presented by John Cowper Powys to his 'friend of many years' Evan Roberts, in 1949.

Playter, Phyllis

John Cowper Powys and Llewelyn Powys letters to Margaret Moon

  • NLW MS 23862E
  • File
  • 1937-1990

Fifty letters, 1937-1961, from John Cowper Powys (ff. 6-49, 51-60 verso), one letter, 1959, from his companion, Phyllis Playter (f. 50), and six letters and two postcards, 1937-1939 (ff. 62-72), together with an inscribed photograph, 1937 (f. 61), from Llewelyn Powys, to Margaret Moon (afterwards Margaret Newton). Many of the letters contain reminiscences of Montacute, Somerset, childhood home of the Powys brothers, and birthplace of Margaret Moon. Two of the letters from John Cowper Powys (ff. 30-32 verso) are in the hand of Phyllis Playter, writing as his amanuensis. Also included are three letters, 1990, from Margaret Newton to Paul Roberts, editor of the Powys Society Newsletter (ff. 1-5).
The letters contain references to Thomas Hardy (ff. 13 verso, 40 recto-verso, 48), Theodore Dreiser (f. 44), W. B. Yeats (f. 29 verso) and Theodore Francis Powys (ff. 38 verso, 39 verso).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys and Phyllis Playter letters to Dorothy Meech

  • NLW MS 23926E
  • File
  • 1944-1962

Sixty autograph letters, 1944-1945, 1953-1962, from John Cowper Powys to his typist Mrs Dorothy May Meech, Dorchester (ff. 1-24, 34-37, 40, 43-68, 71-72, 74-77), together with ten letters, 1955-1956, 1960-1961, from Powys's partner Phyllis Playter to Meech (ff. 25-33, 38-39, 41-42, 69-70, 73). The letters mainly concern Powys's works in progress, manuscripts sent to Meech for typing, Mrs Meech's health and that of Powys's relatives, as well as childhood recollections of Weymouth and references to house-hunting in Blaenau Ffestiniog prior to Powys and Playter's move there from Corwen in 1955. Playter's letters are evidently written at times when Powys was too ill or tired to correspond himself. A self-caricature in ink by Powys is on f. 53 verso. Also included is a photograph of John Cowper Powys inscribed to Mrs Meech and dated 20 December 1950 (f. 7).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys and Phyllis Playter letters to Miss M. L. Gay

  • NLW MS 21683C
  • File
  • 1957-1964

Eight letters, 1957-1961, from John Cowper Powys, Blaenau Ffestiniog, to Miss Marjorie L. Gay, Edinburgh, together with two letters, 1960, 1964, from Phyllis Playter, Blaenau Ffestiniog, to Miss Gay.

Playter, Phyllis

John Cowper Powys letters to C. Benson Roberts

  • NLW MS 21994C
  • File
  • 1938-1960

Ninety-two letters and cards, 1938-1960, from John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts and his wife Jane, most of which have been published as Letters from John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts, edited by the recipient (London, 1975); together with a letter and card, 1940, from Phyllis Playter, John Cowper Powys's companion, and two letters, 1954, from Littleton C. Powys.

Roberts, C. Benson

John Cowper Powys letters to Harlan Cozad McIntosh

  • NLW MS 23913D
  • File
  • 1938-1942, 1966

Eleven letters, 1938-1940, from John Cowper Powys to the writer Harlan Cozad McIntosh (1908-1940), containing detailed comments on a draft of the recipient's novel, This Finer Shadow (New York, 1941) (ff. 8-34 verso); and twelve letters, 1938-1942, from the same to McIntosh's wife, Jane Hardy, a New York literary agent (ff. 3, 35-58 verso). Also included are a manuscript copy of Powys's foreword to the novel, and carbon copies of three letters from Jane Hardy: two, 1938, to Powys (ff. 1, 5), and one, 1966, to Powys's literary agent, Gerald Pollinger (f. 59).
The letters contain references to Edwin Muir (f. 8 verso), James Hanley (ff. 10 recto-verso, 12 verso, 13-14 verso, 15 recto-verso, 47, 48 verso, 57) and John Redwood Anderson (f. 58 verso), and to the death of Llewelyn Powys (ff. 33 verso-34).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters to Iorwerth C. Peate

  • NLW MS 15576C
  • File
  • 1937-1955

Fifty-one letters, 1937-1955, from John Cowper Powys to Iorwerth Peate.
Most of the letters were published in John Cowper Powys, Letters 1937-54, ed. by Iorwerth C. Peate (Cardiff, 1974).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters to Laurence Pollinger

  • NLW MSS 23088D, 23089-90E
  • File
  • 1944-1964

Letters from the files of Laurence Pollinger, literary agent for John Cowper Powys, including one hundred and twenty letters, 1944-1962, from John Cowper Powys, and forty-eight letters, 1945-1964, from his companion Phyllis Playter, many of which were written after Powys's death; together with carbon copies of Pollinger's replies and letters from other members of the Powys family.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters to Marjorie Tilden

  • NLW MS 21684C
  • File
  • 1945-1961

Some fifty-six letters, 1945-1961, from John Cowper Powys to the poet Marjorie Tilden encouraging her to persevere with her writing; together with two letters from Littleton Powys to Miss Tilden, and about sixteen from Lord Dunsany and Lady ? Dunsany discussing and praising her work.
There are also copies of extracts from some of the letters presumably in the poet's own hand and two volumes of her poetry Songs and Sonnets (1942), and Star Crossed (1947 and 1966) for which J. C. Powys contributed the foreword.

Tilden, Marjorie.

John Cowper Powys letters to Ronald Hall

  • NLW MS 24004D
  • File
  • 1951-1960, [?2000s]

Some thirty letters, 1951-1960, from John Cowper Powys to Ron[ald] Hall, [?Coventry and Exeter] (ff. 1-61), three of which are incomplete (ff. 5, 11-13) and seventeen of which are in the hand of Powys's companion Phyllis Playter, as his amanuensis (ff. 14-57). The letters, some of which include line drawings by Powys, refer mainly to literary topics, including Powys's own works in progress, and to health and family matters. There are references throughout to Henry Miller. Also included are typescript transcripts of the letters, [?2000s] (ff. 62-93).
Extracts from the first two letters (ff. 1-4) were published in John Cowper Powys, Letters to Henry Miller, introduction by Ronald Hall (London: Village Press, 1975), pp. 13-14.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters to Susanne Lane

  • NLW MS 22501C
  • File
  • 1958-1961

Thirty-three letters and a card, 1958-1961, from John Cowper Powys to Susanne Lane, together with one letter, 1959, to her husband, Cyril J. Lane.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters to W. Disspain

  • NLW MS 23708B
  • File
  • 1935-1962

Two letters, 1955, from John Cowper Powys and one, 1962, written on his behalf by Frederick Davies, to W. Disspain of Kingston-on-Thames, tipped in a copy of the writer's The Art of Happiness (London, 1935), inscribed by him for Mr Disspain.
The inscription, dated 9 February 1955, on the fly leaf, consists of a seven line quotation, in Greek with English translation, from the Iliad. A notice of Powys' death from The Times, 18 [recte 19] June 1963, is pasted onto the same leaf.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys letters,

  • NLW ex 2128.
  • File
  • 1958-1960.

Five letters and a post card from John Cowper Powys, Blaenau Ffestiniog, to Mrs. Olwen Caradog Evans, Conwy.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys Manuscripts and Papers

  • Fonds
  • [?1778]-[2007]

Papers of and relating to the novelist John Cowper Powys (1872-1963) and other members of his family, including his correspondence with family, friends and associates, as well as published and unpublished literary works, diaries, lectures, essays, and material relating to his estate and literary executorship. Also included are correspondence and literary and personal papers of Powys's companion Phyllis Playter (1893-1982), as well as personal and estate papers of members of the Powys family including his father, Charles Francis Powys, his paternal grandfather, Littleton Charles Powys, his uncle, Littleton Alfred Powys, his aunts, the Johnson sisters, and his nephew, Francis Llewellyn Powys.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

John Cowper Powys's A Glastonbury Romance: Draft final pages

  • NLW MS 23948E
  • File
  • 1931-1957

The revised and heavily corrected final three pages, 1931, in John Cowper Powys's hand, of his novel A Glastonbury Romance (London, 1932) (ff. 1-3); Powys apparently rewrote the ending at the instigation of Phyllis Playter, who suggested the changes subsequently made to the original text.
Also included is correspondence, 1955-1957, of a Mr Baston, then owner of the novel's manuscript, comprising letters from Powys, 27 July 1955 (f. 4), and the US publishing house Simon & Schuster, 2 September 1955 (f. 6), with a carbon copy letter from Baston to Simon & Schuster, 15 August 1955 (f. 5), concerning Baston’s efforts to find the manuscript's missing chapters, and a letter from the bookseller George Sims, 28 January 1957, offering the present three folios to Baston (f. 7).

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963


  • NLW MS 2340C
  • File
  • [19 cent.]-[20 cent.]

Miscellaneous autograph letters, the correspondents including John Barrow (Prince Edward Island), Francis Buckland, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Philip Burne-Jones, John 3rd Marquis of Bute, William Benjamin Carpenter, David Charles (the younger, Carmarthen), Frances Power Cobbe, Griffith Davies, F.R.S., John Cadvan Davies (Cadvan), W. Cadwaladr Davies, G. A. Denison (archdeacon of Taunton), J. P. Earwaker, Edward Edwards (Llanuwchllyn), Sir Owen M. Edwards, John Gwenogvryn Evans, Lewis Edwards, Thomas Charles Edwards, Robert Ellis (Cynddelw), Thomas Edward Ellis, Max Förster (Munich), Thomas Frewen, W. E. Gladstone, Laurence Housman, Father Ignatius (Llanthony), John Banks Jenkinson (bishop of St. Davids), L. D. Jones (Llew Tegid), W. Basil Jones (bishop of St. Davids), Joseph Loth (Rennes), H. E. Manning, Sir Lewis Morris, J. H. Newman, Kate Norgate, James Gordon Oswald, C. T. Owen (Hampstead), Sir Richard Owen, Alfred Neobard Palmer, Joseph Parry, John Cowper Powys, J. Roland Phillips, Evan Rees (Dyfed), William Rees (Llandovery), Henry Richard, Brinley Richards, Sir John Rhys, Jeremy Taylor (a modern transcript), Connop Thirlwall (bishop of St. Davids), Brandon Thomas, William Thomas (Islwyn), Sir John Williams (first President of the National Library of Wales), Samuel Wilberforce (bishop of Oxford), and E. Llywelyn Williams (New York).

Buckland, Francis T. (Francis Trevelyan), 1826-1880

Letters of Anglo-Welsh writers

  • NLW MS 22003E.
  • File
  • 1901-1991

Over a hundred letters, 1901-1991, of miscellaneous provenance from twentieth-century Anglo-Welsh writers to various recipients; the correspondents include Gillian Clarke (10, and three poems) 1986-1988, Rhys Davies (10) 1928-1929, 1975-1978, W. H. Davies (13, together with press cuttings, 1905-1950s, and four printed poems) [1909x1913]-1925, David Jones (8) 1960-1973, John Cowper Powys (7) 1927-1953, Dylan Thomas (10) 1938-1952, Edward Thomas (7) 1901-1912, Gwyn Thomas (2) 1952-1953, R. S. Thomas (6) 1956-1960 and Vernon Watkins (5) 1962-1966.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Transcripts of John Cowper Powys diaries

  • NLW ex 1550-1553
  • File
  • [1930-1934]

Typescript transcripts by Frederick H. Davies of the diaries of John Cowper Powys, 1930-1932, 1934. For the original diaries, see NLW MSS 22206-8, 22210. See also The Diary of John Cowper Powys 1930, ed. by Frederick Davies (London, 1987). [Papers relating to John Cowper Powys in NLW MSS 23193-23197].

Davies, Frederick, 1916-1990