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Dr Joseph Parry Manuscripts,
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A chorus for male voices, entitled 'Dwynwen', by Dr Joseph Parry, with words by Benjamin Williams (Gwynionydd), 1886.

Gwynionydd, 1821-1891.

'Yr Ystorm',

'Yr Ystorm', a song arranged for tenor and bass by Dr Joseph Parry with words by Rowland Williams (Hwfa Môn).

Hwfa Môn, 1823-1905

A quartette,

A quartette for string instruments - first and second violins, viola, and 'cello - by Dr.Joseph Parry.

Joseph Parry.

An Arthurian orchestral ballad,

An orchestral ballad on the Arthurian legend of Peredur by Dr Joseph Parry, with separate scores for violins, violas, 'cello, cornets, flutes, oboes, trumpet, trombones, clarinet, drums, cymbals, and bassoons, 1891.

Joseph Parry.

An orchestral suite,

The separate scores of the orchestral suite of three tone statuettes for violins, violas, cello, cornets, flutes, trombones, oboes, clarinet, drums, triangle, and cymbals.

Joseph Parry.

An orchestral symphony,

The first movement of symphony No. 1 in D Minor by Dr Joseph Parry; the separate scores for violins, violas, 'cello, clarinets, trombones, oboes, cornets, and flutes.

Joseph Parry.

Anthems and songs,

A collection of anthems and songs by, and partly in the autograph of Dr Joseph Parry; a short anthem ('Holy! Holy! Santaidd! Santaidd!'), 1890; a chorale ('Inspirer and hearer of Prayer'); a fragment of an anthem ('Teilwng...

Joseph Parry.

Compositions for the piano,

A group of compositions for the piano by Dr Joseph Parry: Sonata No. 1 in C Minor; Sonata No. 2 in G; Sonata No. 3 in E Minor; 'Recollections of the Fireside'; and a fragment of a sonata.

Joseph Parry.

Dr Joseph Parry Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [early 1860s]-1903 /

Music manuscripts, [early 1860s]-[late 1890s], of Dr Joseph Parry, including orchestral suites, overtures and symphonies, piano sonatas and preludes and fugues for the organ (accumulated by his publishers, Snell & Sons); together with a draft ...

Parry, Joseph, 1841-1903

Dr. Joseph Parry autobiography,

A draft autobiography by Dr. Joseph Parry, 1902-1903. It was published, side by side with a Welsh translation, in The Little Hero / Yr Arwr Bach, ed. by Dulais Rhys (Aberystwyth, 2004).A note, dated 6 January 1880, records his reaction to the comp...

Joseph Parry.

Llyfr emynau a thonau,

A large scrap-book containing a collection of tunes and hymns assembled by Dr. Joseph Parry, most of the hymns being in the form of cuttings from hymnals with a number of holograph contributions, the tunes composed or arranged by the compiler.

Joseph Parry.

Organ music and miscellanea,

Organ preludes and fugues composed by Joseph Parry in 1862; preludium and fugue, 1863; six melodies for the organ dedicated to J. A. Jones, 1864; 'A seaside reverie'; parts of 'Arianwen', 'Yr hen Gerddor', etc.; a gal...

Joseph Parry.

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