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J. M. Howell Manuscripts,
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Bwlchyffridd collecting book,

The collecting-book, 1802-1803, of the Reverend John Roberts, Llanbryn-mair, in connection with Bwlch-y-ffridd Independent chapel, Aberhafesb, co. Montgomery, containing a statement of the case, 1 January 1802, of the religious society at Aberhavesp soliciting assistance towards the expense incurred in building a chapel; recommendations of the case, etc., signed by (a) George Lewis, Llanuwchllyn, Wm. Thomas, Bala, Jenkin Lewis, Llanfyllin, Wm. Hughes, Dinas Mouthy [sic] and Edward Francis, Machy[n]lleth, (b) J[enkin] Lewis, Wrexham, (c) dated Shrewsbury, 7 January 1802, John Whitridge, Oswestry, Richd. (?) Everall, Salop, and David Francis, Ludlow, (d) Peter Edwards, Wem, Thomas Weaver, Shrewsbury, and William Lewis, Whitchurch, and (e) 7 June 1803, Thos. Towle, chairman, John Kello, secretary, and fifteen other members of the Congregational Board of Ministers in and about London, followed by a list of subscribers' names (signatures) and the sums given, amounting in all to £100-18-6, the balance when expenses had been paid being £84-11-3; and a covering letter, 1885, from Samuel Roberts, ['S.R.'], Conway, to his cousin, D[avid] Howell, concerning the manuscript, which he was sending to D. Howell because of the autographs. There are also one or two annotations by 'S.R.'.

John Roberts, senior and others.


Certificate, 7 March 1825, by George Arthur Evors, one of H. M. Justices of the Peace for co. Montgomery, of the taking by Samuel Roberts of the oaths [for preachers] specified in an Act of 52 George III; and, on the reverse side, a note of the ordination, 15 August 1827, of the Reverend Samuel Roberts as co-pastor with his father, the Reverend John Roberts, at Llanbrynmair, in the presence and by the assistance of twenty-six ministers whose signatures are appended. Beneath the signatures 'S.R.' has written 'Dyma Autographs 26 o Hen Bregethwyr 1827' and D[avid] H[owell] testifies to having received the document from him on Christmas Day, 1881 ('Derbyniais hwn oddiwrth S.R. Dydd Nadolig 1881. D.H.').

George Arthur Evors, Samuel Roberts, David Howell and others.

Correspondence of John Roberts (senior),

Letters and copies of letters from the Reverend John Roberts, Llanbryn-mair, and letters to him from various correspondents, together with one letter addressed to his son, the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R.'). The letters from John Roberts are to Revd. Joseph Gilbert, Hull, 1825 (sending a copy of an extract from a letter received from Mr. Jenkin Lewis of Newport [cf. The Evangelical Magazine, 1825, pp. 459-60, 'Dr. Williams' Theology']), Mrs. [David] Morgans, [Forge, Henllan Amgoed], 1831- 1832 (condolence on the death of Mr. Morgans), and John Davies, Dolgoch, 1831 (advice on leaving Llanbryn-mair for Carmarthen), the letters to Mrs. Morgans and John Davies being copies made by [the Reverend] John Breese, Carmarthen, 1835, for his cousin, Revd. Samuel Roberts, Mary [B - ], 1833 (religious sentiments) (?copy), the Reverend David Rees, Llanelly, 1833 (sympathy at a time of great anxiety), the writer's son, John Roberts, Student, Newtown, 1831 (advice on leaving Llanbryn-mair to enter the Academy), and Miss Brees (copy, undated and incomplete) (pleasure at the religious feeling in her papers). The letters addressed to John Roberts are from [the Reverend] Peter Edwards, Wem, [18]25 (he is in want of an assistant and had thought of the addressee's son as a likely person) (with copy reply), [the Reverend] Jas. Griffiths [St. Davids] Treliwyd, 1833 (mention of various meetings, outline of a sermon, a report concerning Mr. J. Elias), Willm. Robinson, Chesterfield, 1825 (the addressee's son and their pastorate) (with draft reply), George (and Jane) Roberts, Ebensburg, Cambria County, 1800, 1809 and 1821 (a religious revival in the greater part of New England, family and other news, etc.), and Sarah Yallowley, Bryn y Gyn, 1826 (concerning books). Most of the letters are in English and some of those from John Roberts have been translated into Welsh and published at least in part [by 'S.R.'] in Cofiant y Parch. John Roberts o Lanbrynmair (Llanelli: David Rees a John Thomas, 1837).

John Roberts, senior and others.

D[avid] Howell's press cuttings,

Press-cuttings, 1850-1886, relating to such matters as the presentation of a testimonial to the Rev. Samuel Roberts, 'S.R.', in Liverpool in March, 1868, the death and/or funeral of various persons (Mrs. [Maria] Griffiths, Llangollen, sister of 'S.R.' and 'J.R.' and mother of John Griffith, 'Y Gohebydd', 1868, the Rev. David Williams, Troed-rhiwdalar, 1874, Charles Robert Darwin, 1882, the Rev. Samuel Roberts, 'S.R.', 1885, and Mrs. [Anne] Roberts, Conwy, 1886), the Ashantee War of 1824-1826, the Maldwyn chair Eisteddfod at Llanbrynmair, 6 Sept. 1878, and Paddy's Run (Welsh settlement), Ohio, 1881, with reviews of Horace Waller, The Last Journals of Dr. Livingstone in Central Africa from 1865 to his death (1874) and David Williams, ed., Y Gof-adail Fethodistaidd, Ail-gyfrol (1884). Bound in with the cuttings is a copy of National Religion and the Church of Wales, an address delivered by [Henry Thomas Edwards], the dean of Bangor, at the Guild Hall, Carnarvon [sic] [20 Dec. [1883]] (Bangor: North Wales Chronicle, n.d.).

J. M. Howell Manuscripts,

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Papers, [1730x1893], of the Roberts family of Llanbrynmair and of the Howell family of Bontdolgadfan, Llanbrynmair and comprising mainly correspondence, together with sermons, broadsides and miscellanea. The material was preserved by David Howell, Machynlleth and Aberdyfi, cousin of the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R.') and father of the donor, Joseph Matthew Howell.

Roberts family, Llanbrynmair

Letter: Livingstone to 'S.R.',

A holograph letter, 29 April 1845, from David Livingston [sic], Mabotsa, to the Reverend Samuel Roberts ['S.R.'] containing an address 'to our young Welsh friends' in which he gives an account of an experience had by a missionary then residing in an African valley (cf. Y Cronicl, Chwefror, 1846, pp. 18-21).

David Livingstone.

Letters to D[avid] Howell,

Thirteen letters and one enclosure, 1841-1885 and undated, to David Howell, Machynlleth and [Aberdyfi], from the following correspondents:- Wm. Bebb, Hamilton [Ohio], 1848 (expressing thanks for a gift to Mrs. Bebb and himself from their cousins, the Reverend Samuel Roberts, Evan B. Jones, Edward Bebb and D.H., the end of the war with Mexico, 'Republics have in all ages been aggressive'), Marmaduke Cockin, Dunton Bassett Vicarage, Lutterworth, 1861 (congratulations on the birth of a son, sending deeds in connection with Dr. Marsh's property), [Sir] J[ohn] Edwards, Bath, 1841 ( he would accept the chair at the dinner (to be) given in celebration of Sir Watkin's attaining his majority), Griff. Jones, Aberystwyth, 1874 (3 and enclosure) (re articles for a loan exhibition of curiosities and fine arts at the University College of Wales), A[braham] Howell, Castlecroft nr. Wolverhampton, 1884 (observations headed 'Cof Adail, &c.' [i.e. Y Gofadail Fethodistaidd] and 'Barry Docks, &c.'), E[linor] H[owell], n.d. (2, the second containing a note also from G[eorge?] H[owell]) (acknowledging his kindness, Elin's health, the death of William Peat [sic], the (?) tailor, preparations for Abraham [Howell] and his wife), [John Roberts], 'J.R.', Conway, [18]84 (acknowledging a letter, where to send the manuscript if it was not returned that week), E. G. Salisbury, Chester, 1885 and undated (2 ) (the death of 'S.R.', queries concerning the true names of certain rivers and valleys and the connection between Catherine Jones of Ynysgerygog, co. Cardigan, and the writer's late father-in-law, [the Reverend] Arthur Jones of Bangor), and Herbert W. Williams Wynn, Llangedwyn, n.d. (asking him to convey to the Machynlleth committee the best thanks of Mrs. Williams Wynn and himself for the address).

Letters to Evan Roberts,

Three letters to Evan Roberts, father of John Roberts (Senior) and George Roberts, one of them, 1808, from A. B. Crosse, Streatham, signing herself 'your sincere friend & Landlady', to Mr. Evan Roberts, Miller, Llanbrynmair (instructions concerning trees, etc.), the other two, 1804 and 1811, from G[eorge] Roberts [Ebensburg] to his parents (addressed 'Mr Evan Roberts, Dolgadvan Mills, Llanbrynmair . . . ') (in the earlier of the two how the revival continues to gain ground and has recently come within 25-30 miles of them, criticism of the Presbyterians before the revival came, some account of Rees Morgan and Grace, and the prosperous state of the nation, and in 1811 sending a copy of a letter from Grace Morgan [née Roberts] to her parents).

George Roberts and A. B. Crosse.

Letters to George Roberts,

Three letters, 1822, 1824, and undated [1820], from John and Mary Roberts, Diosg [Llanbryn-mair], i.e. the Reverend John Roberts and his wife, Mary, to his brother, the Reverend George Roberts, Ebensburg, and his wife, Jane, with a note also to Rees Morgan. The subjects mentioned (in chronological order rather than order of binding) include [1820], the death of Richard Williams, Weeg, [Llanbryn-mair], and of [Thomas Edwards, Llanerfyl], John Roberts's answer to a book by Thomas Jones of Denbigh, and two bequests by [Thomas Edwards], one for the purpose of building a chapel in Nant-yr-eira; 1822, their feelings on seeing John Evans, together with the articles and letters he brought from the addressees, Tommy's future, an assembly at Blaenycoed near Carmarthen, where the writer preached to a vast audience, and the friendly behaviour towards him of the minister there, Mr. Jones of Trelech; and 1824, payment to Griffith Rowland of money for William Tibbot and George Roberts, affairs at Llan-uwchllyn (Michael Jones), appointments made at the [Newtown] Academy, the cause at Nantyreira, Samuel [Roberts]'s progress, and stanzas of verse by him transcribed from Y Dysgedydd, September 1823.

John and Mary Roberts.

Letters to Governor Bebb,

Twenty-eight letters, 1846-1849, addressed with one exception to William Bebb, Governor of Ohio, 1846-1848, and apparently sent by him with a covering letter, 1849, to his cousin, the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R .') because of their autograph interest. The one letter not addressed to William Bebb is to (?) He. Lathrop, Columbus, Ohio. The letters bear endorsements, some if not all by William Bebb, identifying the various correspondents, and these are included in inverted commas in the description. The correspondents, in alphabetical order rather than order of binding, are:- John W. Allen ('Member of Congress from Cleveland'), Cleveland, 1846 (2) (suggesting the name of Moses C. Younglove as an Aid if William Bebb would like to have one resident in Cleveland, proposed legislative action as to the canal lands), M[ordecai] Bartley ('Gov. Bartley, my predecessor'), Mansfield, 1847 (redeeming a promise by calling attention to the case of James Doyle, a convict, reference to the (physical) injury received by William Bebb, wishing him a pleasant term in office), Wm. Bebb, Hamilton, 1849 (to the Reverend Samuel Roberts) (sending the accompanying autographs per Mr. C. Jones, family news), James A. Briggs ('Editor of True Democrat an abolition paper at Cleveland'), Cleveland, 1846 (thanking William Bebb for his bold advocacy of certain great principles, etc., recommending Moses C. Younglove of Cleveland as an Aid in that quarter of the state), Joseph H. Crane ('Hon. J. Crane. The oldest Lawyer in Ohio a very learned man'), Dayton, 1848 (legal matters relating to the estate of John Robertson late of Montgomery County, deceased), D. T. Disney ('Member of Congress from Cincinnati'), Cincinnati, 1847 (advising him that the Ordnance Department had at last concluded not to accept Governor Henderson [ of Texas]'s order for muskets, his own annoyance with the affair, a reminder concerning George L. Nightingale of Dubuque, Iowa), N. Evans ('Member of Congress from Central Ohio'), Cambridge, O[hio], 1848 ( addressing him in favour of Jacob G. Metcalf who desired to receive the appointment of Marshal for the district of Ohio), T[homas] Ewing ('The present Secretary of the Interior'), Lancaster, 1846 (regretting that he could not be with William Bebb on the morrow, his (Bebb's) speech at Lancaster), Seabury Ford ('Gen. Ford. Present Gov. of Ohio'), Burton, 1846 ( his intention to meet Bebb at Akron), J[oshua] R[eed] Giddings ('The Anti Slavery Representative from Ohio'), Jefferson, 1847 (the probability that a call would soon be made on the state of Ohio for more volunteers for the war with Mexico, suggesting the propriety of disregarding such a call if made), (continued)

Horace Greeley ('M. Congress. Editor of N[ew] York Tribune'), Washington, 1849 (replying to a letter, the Governor matter, etc., mention of the new administration), S. Mason ('Long a member of Congress & now District Attorney for Ohio'), Springfield, [18]48 (a Board meeting which they were unable to attend, the probable early completion of the road [? rail-road] to Dayton), John M. Millikin ('A good lawyer & my law partner at Hamilton') [Hamilton postmark], 1848 (urging his presence at a meeting, a speech by Bob Schenck), O. M. Mitchel ('Astronomer of the Cincinnati Observatory, Adj[utan]t Gen[era]l of Ohio'), Cincinnati and New York, 1847 (3) (re commissions for the Mansfield Company, tendering his resignation, sending reports from Mons. Vatemare [sic]), J. W. Scott ('Editor of Toledo Blade & a distinguish [sic] Statician [sic]'), Toledo, 1847 (the General Government Railroad System, favourable impressions of the 'Miami tribe' of politicians), Caleb B. Smith ('Leading Representative in Congress from Indiana, Commissioner for the settlement of Mexican claims, &c.'), Connersville, 1848 (to He. Lathrop, Columbus) (the presidential election campaign), Win. Smith, Executive Department, Richmond, Virginia, 1848 (a reply to a communication concerning a day of general thanksgiving, endorsed by William Bebb 'No power of thanksgiving! A fine specimen of Virginia hair splitting!'), B. Storer ('Distinguished lawyer & Member of Congress from Cincinnati'), Cin[cinnati], 1847 (a request for two commissions to take acknowledgements, etc., for Ohio, one for Stephen Henry Phillips of Boston, son of Hon. S. C. Phillips, formerly (?) Member of Congress of Massachusetts, and one for the writer's brother, Woodbury Storer of Portland, Maine, a capital lecture from Mr. Boynton), Chas. L. Telford ('A distinguished Lawyer & late my law partner at Cincinnati'), Cincinnati, 1846 (2) (mention of the Hayden case and of Brough, congratulating the addressee on his campaign, reference to Bebb's views in regard to the black laws, a vacancy in the judgeship of their Supreme Court), Philip F. Thomas ('Gov. Thomas'), Annapolis, 1848 (replying to a communication concerning a day of general thanksgiving), Sam'. F. Vinton ('Chairman of Ways & means'), House of Representatives and Gallipolis, 1846- 1847 (2) (the decision of the General Court of Virginia in the Parkersburgh case, testifying to the suitability of James Gibson to fill the vacancy created by the death of one of the associate judges of Hocking County), T. Walker ('A distinguished member of the Cin[cinna]ti Bar'), Cin[cinnati], [18]49 (Bebb's last message (i.e. at the end of his term of office)), and J[ ohn] Woods ('Auditor of the State of Ohio & a great man'), Hamilton, [18]47 and undated (2, one mutilated) (legal matters and a short note endorsed by William Bebb 'He & I were canvassing the State together. I got sick & was detained two days . . ..').

Letters to 'S.R.',

Forty-four letters, 1820-1883, nearly all addressed to the Reverend Samuel Roberts ['S.R.']. The correspondents are Evan R. Bebb (cousin), New York, 1833 (his employment, family news), William Bebb (cousin), Hamilton [Ohio], 1840 (the result of the presidential election, family and other news), B. W. Chidlaw, Paddy's Run, Ohio, and New York, 1841 (2) and 1848 (the death of his wife, Hannah, religious affairs, the cause of Anti-Slavery, his work on behalf of the Am[erican] S[unday] S[chool] U[nion], with a note, 1848, from Samuel Roberts, Llanbrynmair, to J. F. Parker, Birmingham (reference to the approaching departure of thirty(-five) or more members from Llanbryn-mair for America)), J[ames] Evans, Hon. Sec., Cymmrodorion, London, 1823 (re sending the medal awarded to Samuel Roberts for the best essay from the schools in North Wales on the subject 'O Dduw y mae pob peth'), E. L. (?) Gardenhire, Sparta, Tenn[essee], 1859 (mention of his charges to the grand juries, his hope that the addressee will be able to have a speedy adjudication of his claims), Jas. Griffiths, Treliwyd, 1833 (unaddressed and possibly to the Reverend John Roberts, Senior ?) (news of Henry, etc.), H[enry] Griffiths, Stroud, 1842 (requesting help in translating into Welsh some words to be written on the cover of a book for presentation to a Mrs. Mailing), David Howell, writing from Machynlleth, London and [Paris], 1874-1876, (4, copies, the first to Griff[ith] Jones, Solicitor, Aberystwyth) (sending some autographs for exhibition, with a list, thanking 'S.R.' for the copy of his Helyntion Bywyd, doubting whether Mr. D. Davies would want to be involved in any new venture, mention of the diverse nature of talents, etc.), Ezekiel Hughes, Ebensburgh, 1835 (news of America, the inpouring by Papal Europe of Jesuits and money into the Western part of the country, and the exertions of the Protestants), J. A. James, Edgbaston, [postmark 1834] (the case of the Welsh chapels has been admitted by the Board), John Jenkins, Kerry, 1828 (satisfaction in hearing that he purposes to publish his essay on the excellence of the Welsh language), Griffith Jones, Hon. Sec. (Cymmrodorion) [London], 1826 (2) ('S. R.'s essay on 'Calondid' has been adjudged one of the best on that subject, reasons for the delay in forwarding the medal), J[ames] Rhys Jones ['Kilsby'], Bolton, 1852 (thanking 'S.R.' for the admirable letters he put into his hand at Liverpool and asking him not to write any more against a trunk line to Milford Haven via Llanidloes, with a plan and particulars of distances and also a reply) (copy), Josiah Jones, Braichodnant [Llanbrynmair], 1835, to 'S.R.' in Birmingham (sending greetings to their pastor, with various items of news, and hoping they will soon hear that he is coming home) (with notes also from R[ichard] Roberts [Llanbryn-mair] and John Roberts, Newtown, to their brother (items of news)), David Lewis (cousin), Erdington, 1829 (acknowledging a letter, mention of religious meetings, etc.), Edwd. Miall, Leicester, 1835 (the application by the Welsh Congregational churches for assistance) (with a draft of a letter from 'S.R.'), (Rees and) Grace Morgan [America], 1820 (to the Reverend John Roberts and his wife and in part to a sister) (family news, sympathizing with the sister on the death of her husband), Caleb Morris, [at] Bedwell Park, Herts., 1840 (thanking him for his reply to Edwards, wishing to know about the great Revivals in North Wales, mention of Brecon College, his stay at Bedwell Park with Sir Culling E. Smith, etc.) (continued)

Wm. Stern Palmer, London, [18]43 (acknowledging receipt of a donation to the [Congregational] Union, mention of the meeting of the Union at Leeds), Thomas Picton, New York, 1840 (acknowledging receipt of the memoir of 'S.R.'s father and the note, other Welsh reading, family news, the great schism in their church, etc.), Mary Prodgers (?Rodgers) (cousin), Ebensburg, 1854 (the death of her father [the Reverend George Roberts], reference to having received the letter containing an account of Cousin Ann Williams's death), Tho[mas] Raffles, writing from Donegal, 1842 (replying to a letter), Geo. Redford, Worcester, 1835 (a reminder concerning a pulpit engagement), George Roberts (or George and Jane Roberts), Ebensburg, 1835-1844 (4) (reference to hearing of the death of the writer's only brother [the Reverend John Roberts], and to sending a bundle of his letters for 'S.R.' to make selections from them, mention of D[avid] Lewis and his new wife, religious affairs, his resignation from office (1839) and the appointment of Richard Lewis as his successor, serious difficulties in the church and the resignation of Mr. Jones and himself in June 1838, family news, the death of the President [W. H. Harrison], critical mention of (theological) disputes between John [Roberts] and his cousin Richard Williams and between Samuel [Roberts] and a certain person, [Alexander] Campbell, the death of their dear relative, the Reverend David Lewis (1844), etc.), John Roberts [Senior], Llanbrynmair, [18]29 (they much wish to know when to expect him home from London, Lewis Pugh, the conduct of Mr. Morison in not publishing the memoir of Mrs. Lewis) (with a (?) draft reply in shorthand), J. Pye Smith, Homerton [London], 1840 (his inability to take on another applicant for help, what Mr. Methuselah Davies should do, requesting information concerning affairs at Machynlleth) (with a copy of 'S.R.'s reply concerning the church at Machynnlleth [sic] (end wanting)), A[rthur] Tidman, Sec[retar]y (Board of Congregational Ministers for London and its vicinity), London, 1834 (to the Revd. D. Morgan, Machynlleth, and 'S.R.') ( the appeal of the Welsh Congregational churches) (with draft letters from 'S.R.' to other persons), (?) W. C. Vaughan (nephew), Paddy's Run, O[hio], 1883 (acknowledging receipt of a paper containing a notice of the death and funeral of Richard [Roberts], the state of health of the writer's mother) (with a draft reply), Robert Vaughan, Kensington, 1842 (how to dispose of and send the books which he and brother Blackburn have collected for distribution among their more needy brethren in North Wales) (with draft reply), Algernon Wells, London, 1841 (arrangements for a delegation from the English to the Welsh Branch of the Congregational Union) (with a copy of a reply), J[ohn] B[ickerton] Williams, Shrewsbury, 1834 (sympathy on hearing of the death of the addressee's father), W[illiam] Williams, Wern, 1834 and undated (2) (re writing to London and some other places in England about the Union in Wales, a copy of an announcement to be printed on the wrapper of the Dysgedydd for March, George Lewis's accident, some of the features in the late the Reverend John Roberts that deserved to be emulated [cf. Cofiant y Parch. John Roberts . . . (1837), pp. 28-30]), Joshua Wilson, [London], 1842 (Mr. Blackburn had handed to him 'S.R.'s letter as he (J.W.) was the writer of the article (specified) in the late Supplement to the Congregational Magazine, a query concerning the meaning of an expression in Dr. Dan[ie]l Williams's will (dated 1711)) (with draft reply), and W. Wilson, Nottingham, 1835, under cover to the Revd. J. A. James, Birmingham (acknowledging a letter, individuals in St. James' Street and Friar Lane in Nottingham may help 'S.R.' a little, but the only congregation open to him is, he fears, Mr. Alliott's, suggesting that 'S.R.' should write to Mr. Alliott).

Letters to 'S.R.',

Fifty-nine letters, 1825-1884, to the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R.') from the following correspondents:- [H. A. Bruce, 1st baron] Aberdare, London, 1875 ('S.R.'s scheme for preventing the pollution of rivers, etc.), A. Albright, Birmingham, n.d. (sending a donation) (with outline of reply), Marcus Beresford, M.P. [London], 1872 (promising a contribution towards the [Boro'] church) ('Col. B[eresford] handed in Five guineas'), J. Jenkyn Brown, Birmingham, 1883 (thanking 'S.R.' for the books, the truth in 'S.R.'s case as in many others of the saying 'One soweth and another reapeth') (with copy of reply), H. S. Bryant, Privy Council Office, 1884 (a reply from Mr. Mundella to the letter sent by 'S.R.' and Mr. John Roberts to Mr. Gladstone on the subject of Conway College) (with a letter from 'S.R.' to the Mayor of Conway advising that the Conway Corporation should secure at once the Fawcett College as it would prove a fine spot for an Intermediate School), James Carlile, Hackney, [18]43 (apologising for inserting 'S.R.'s name in a circular without his permission formally obtained) (with draft reply) (incomplete), Pat[rick] Chalmers, Wimbledon, 1883 (thanking 'S.R.' for his enclosure, re justice to his father's memory [i.e. James Chalmers], mention of Pearson Hill), James Colley, Shrewsbury, 1826 and 1875 (2) (a query on behalf of Mr. Wynne concerning the Welsh language, acknowledging a packet and a note, an invitation), R. H. Collins, Claremont, Esher, for H.R.H. The Duchess of Albany, 1884 (thanking him for his letter of sympathy and enclosure), John Crossley, Halifax, 1873 (sending a donation towards Bala College), D. Charles Davies, London, 1872 (promising a guinea to the Boro' Welsh church) (with draft reply), W. W. Dawson, Officer of Health's Department, Town Hall, Manchester, 1875 (acknowledging 'S.R.'s circular, the Manchester Corporation sewage system) (with a draft of a letter from 'S.R.' to J. F. Roberts, Manchester, on the same subject), Victor Drummond, H.B.M. Charge d'Affaires, British Legation, Washington, 1881 (replying to a letter addressed to the Hon. L. S. Sackville West), Henry T. Edwards, The Deanery, Bangor, 1883 (thanking him for sending his ('S.R's) temperance addresses), Will: Fowler, Birches Green near Birmingham, 1867 ('Hen gyfaill i Deulu Wynnstay, a Bodelwyddan') (acknowledging a letter, their wish to have seen 'S.R.' when they passed through Llan-brynmair, readiness to contribute to the testimonial), G[riffith] Francis , [?London], [18]72 ('Yr Hen Griffith Francis ddaeth i gyfoeth drwy Lafur a gofal . . .') (he is very poorly, will expect 'S.R.' on Sunday evening), Herbert J. Gladstone, [London], [18]81 (returning 'Diosg Farm', he cannot undertake to advise 'S.R.' in the matter of reprinting it, subscribing to the Testimonial Fund) (with copy of reply), G. Leveson Gower, Whitehall, 1883-1884 (2) (acknowledging letters to Mr. Gladstone), [John Griffith] 'Gohebydd' (nephew), Llangollen, 1872 (? the Boro' Chapel appeal, whether to come up for Thanks-giving day), H[enry] Griffiths, Brecon, 1842, and Bowdon, 1872 (an appeal for help towards the Library, mention of Mr. Hughes and Kerry, his inability to help with 'S.R.'s case [? the Boro' Chapel appeal] in Bowdon), D[avid] Howell (cousin), [18]81 (3, copies) (letters to be read in conjunction with some of those in NLW MS 13195D), Evan Howell (cousin), London, 1872 (the American claim, the Boro' Chapel appeal, an invitation) (with draft reply), John Jenkins, Kerry, 1825 (he has sent 'S.R.'s essay to Mr. Walter Davies), J. Morlais Jones, [London], 1872 (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with draft reply), (Sir) Wilfrid Lawson, Carlisle, [18]83 (thanking 'S.R.' for sending him a copy of his temperance addresses), Morgan Lloyd, [London], 1872 (enclosing his subscription to the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with draft reply), [Sir] John Lubbock, House of Commons, [18]83 (acknowledging a letter and pamphlet), (continued)

G. O[sborne] Morgan, [London], 1872 and 1877 (2) (enclosing a contribution [ towards the Boro' Chapel], acknowledging a letter with enclosures), S[amuel] Morley, London, 1851 and n.d. (2) (replying to a letter, wishing to see 'S.R.'), Hugh Owen, London, 1872 (2) (the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with a copy of 'S.R.'s reply to the earlier of the two letters (reference to the warm reception given at the Albion Hall Eisteddfod to Hwfa [Môn]'s advocacy of Hugh Owen's election to the London School Board)), General Sir Henry F. Ponsonby, Buckingham Palace, 1884, on behalf of the Queen (acknowledging a letter [of sympathy] and a book), Wm. Rathbone, London and Llanbedrog, 1883 (2) (acknowledging a note, thanking him for sending the Temperance Addresses), (Dr.) Thomas Rees, Swansea, 1882 (a request for further help to make the denominational statistics perfect) (with copy of reply), Henry Richard, London, 1867 and 1871 (2) (reference to 'S.R.'s return from America, liberty for Mr Hughes of New York to republish his (Henry Richard's) letters in America, mention of a deputation from Merthyr and Aberdare inviting him to become a candidate for the representation of the new seat, and the Committee and 'S.R.'s suggestion about giving lectures or holding meetings for the Peace Society) (with a note (crossed out), 1884, from 'S.R.' to Henry Richard on the back of the 1867 letter and a draft reply on the back of the second), George H. Roberts, Ebensburg, 1881 (the death of his father, [cousin] Edward Roberts) (with a covering letter, 1881, from 'S.R.' to D[avid] Howell, Dolguog, in which the 'Hen Bregethau' and 'J.R.'s health are also mentioned), Lionel de Rothschild, London, 1872 (the Boro' Chapel appeal), E. G. Salisbury, Chester, 1884 (sympathy on the death of [John Roberts] 'J.R.'), John Sibree, Coventry, 1834 (sending a volume he had published on Nonconformity) (written on a sheet containing a printed announcement of the impending publication of Ecclesiastical lectures; or, a series of discourses, on subjects connected with Nonconformity by John Sibree), Wm. Sommerville, Bitton Hill, near Bristol (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal), [John Poyntz (Spencer), 5th earl] Spencer, Irish Office, 1884 (he had received the petition and would present it to the House of Lords), David Thomas, Cotham, Bristol (contributions to the Boro' Chapel appeal, mention of having seen and heard 'S.R.' and of once passing a couple of hours with his father), Mary Vaughan (cousin), Paddy's Run, 1883 (the death of 'S.R.'s friend, David Howell, blacksmith, inquiring about Richard Roberts, various items of news) (with copy of reply), Hugh Williams, writing from New York, 1859 (sending a small publication (unspecified), his headquarters during his brief visit would be at Chicago, before returning to New York on his way to Europe he would be glad of an opportunity to meet 'S.R.'), Joshua Wilson ('mab hael yr hen Foneddwr Hael Thomas Wilson'), Tunbridge Wells, 1872 (2) (the Boro' Chapel appeal) (with a copy of a reply to the first letter), C. W. Williams Wynn, London, 1837 (acknowledging receipt of a letter re the want of postal communication between Llanbrynmair and other places), C. W. Williams Wynn, London, 1872 (contributing to the Boro' Chapel appeal and himself appealing for interest in the Welsh Charity School, Ashford, of which he is treasurer) (with copy of reply), and Owen S. Wynne, Rhuabon [sic] 1883-1884 (2) (writing on behalf of Sir Watkin to acknowledge a letter of sympathy [on the death of his daughter] and on behalf of Miss Williams Wynn to acknowledge congratulations). Also an envelope addressed to 'S.R'. in the handwriting of Lady Hall [Llanover], 1848.

Letters to W. Howell, etc.,

Nine letters, 1817-1834, written to members of the Howell family mainly by other members of the same family, the details being as follows: three letters, 1825-1826, from Evan Howels [sic], Minsterley [co. Salop], one to his brother, William Howels, at Mr. Hughes, Stationer &c., Church Street, Wrexham (his situation, mention of his uncle Abraham and family, W. Williams, and Evan Thomas), and two to his parents (Mr. William Howells, Bont Dolgadfan, Llanbrynmair) (his situation, mention of Mr. [?Thomas] James, the preacher, acknowledging a letter informing him of the death [of his brother, William]); four letters, 1825-1826, one with part torn away, from William Howell, Gwrecsham [sic], two to his parents (Mr. William Howells, Pont Dolgadfan, Llanbrynmair) and two to his brother, Abraham Howell, at Mr. John Jones, Grocer (Shopkeeper), Machynlleth (his plans, illness and deaths in and around Wrexham, a visit to a menagerie, reference to going to Crab tree green on Sunday afternoons with two others and to commencing to hold singing meetings there); (Rees and) Grace Morgan (endorsed 'Ebensburg . . . 1817'), to William Howel, Pont Dolgadfan, Llanbrynmair, and other relations including Richard and Mary Williams (family affairs); and Wm. Powell, 1834, to Mr. A[braham] Howell (endorsed by A[braham] H[owell] '. . . A Letter found by me in Powell's Drawer after he ran away from his employment [destination - America] and my remarks thereon').

Howell family.


Miscellaneous papers (6) consisting of an elegy to William Wynn of Maesyneuadd (d. 1 August 1730) ('Cywydd Marwnad i Wm. Wyn o Faesyneuadd Esqr . . .') by Elis Cadwalader, written in an eighteenth century hand (cf. Pen. MS 239, p. 349); 'Map of a house & garden at the Bont in the Parish of Llanbrynmair, 1850'; autobiographical details put together by the Reverend Samuel Roberts, 'S.R.', c. 1852, for John Crockford, Esq., Critic office, 29 Essex St., Strand, including a list of his published works in Welsh and in English (holograph copy); extracts by W. W. E. W[ynne] from two deeds, 1556 and 1565, concerning lands in the township of Isygarreg, described as being bound up in [? Anc.] Pen. MS 5, p. 142; will, 1810, of Evan Roberts of Dolgadfan Mill in the parish of Llanbrynmair, co. Montgomery, with a letter, undated and incomplete, on the reverse side beginning 'Garedig Berthynassau . . .'; and extracts from two deeds, 1627 and 1653, concerning lands in the township of Isygarreg within the parish of Machynlleth, co. Montgomery [i.e. Peniarth deeds 2036, 2037].

Samuel Roberts, William Watkin Edward Wynne and others.


Miscellanea including a printed card containing 'Lines Composed on the occasion of Laying one of the Memorial Stones of the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Conway, August 19th, 1884', followed by the words 'With Dr. Pierce's compliments', an extract transcribed by [David Howell], 1882, from a catalogue of James Wilson, 35 Bull Street, Birmingham, concerning a set of [Abraham] Rees's Cyclopedia (1819), and a list of 'Letters borrowed by M.L. T., 2nd. Oct. 1893', etc.

David Howell [and others].

Miscellaneous letters,

Twenty-four letters, etc., 1805-1885 and undated, to and from various persons. The details in alphabetical order are as follows: Evan R. Bebb, New York, 1835, to the Reverend Gardiner Spring, D. D., (in) England ( introducing the writer's kinsman, the Reverend Samuel Roberts), (?) John [ i.e. Sir John] Conroy, Arbor field Hall, 1851, to an unnamed correspondent (thanking him for the perusal of certain papers, education, dissenters and the church school), Francis Darwin, Down, Beckenham, [1882], to Mrs. Howell (an accident to the addressee's letter), Col. and Mrs. Edwards, Greenfields, undated (2) (invitations, one to Miss Davis and Miss Matthews, the other to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lewis), Sir James Graham, Whitehall, 1844, to Mr. Arber (fearing inability to accept the offer to see the establishment in Upper Ogle Street, an order for Mr. Arber and friends to see the Pentonville prison (enclosure wanting)), Geo[rge] Hadfield, Manch[ ester], 1835, to an unnamed correspondent [? in Birmingham] (the board, the secretary of which was Thomas Bury, Esq., would give due consideration to the chapel case recommended by the addressee and the other gentlemen, the example set by lovers of religious liberty at (?) Birmingham, Lady Hewley's Charity suit), Abraham] Howell, Welshpool, to D[avid] Howell, M[achyn]lleth, 1885 (telegram arranging to be with Howell), D[aniel ?] Howell, Toledo, Ohio, 1890, to his niece [ ] (sympathy on the death of her father), D[avid] Howell, Machynlleth, 1877, to Sir Watkin W. Wynn (copy) (the name 'Caefen'), Eleanor [? Howell], Dolguog, Machynlleth, n.d., to her uncle [ ] (pleasure at hearing of his coming visit), Wm. Howell, n.d., to Elin Howell (family and other matters), Wm. Wms. Jones, Machynlleth, 1852 (circular) (inviting contributions towards the erection of an infant school in the town of Machynlleth to commemorate the birth of a son and heir to the house of Plas Machynlleth, with a list of subscriptions), W[illiam] L[eader] Maberly, General Post Office [London], 1837, to the Right Hon. C. W. Wynn, M.P. (consent again on the part of the Postmaster General to the setting up of a three day foot post from Newtown through Carno to Llanbrynmair), Edward Morgan, Dyffryn, [18]68, to the Reverend John Roberts (the committee of the (Dyffryn) British School have asked him to write to the addressee's brother, the Reverend Samuel Roberts, to request him to give a lecture on America in aid of the school) (with a copy of 'S.R.'s reply, in shorthand), Evan R. Morgan, Ebensburg, 1857, to his aunt and relations in Llambrinmair [sic] (Cousin Samuel Roberts's brief visit, family news), the Countess of Powis, Powis Castle, n.d. ( formal invitation to Captain and Mrs. Lewis to a ball) (with a visiting card bearing the name 'Mr. M. E. Lewis'), George (and Jane) Roberts, [Ebensburg], 1805 and 1835 (2), the earlier letter [to Jane Roberts's parents] addressed 'Mr. Thos. Edward, Cwmderwen [Llanerfyl] . . .' (their circumstances, his work as constable and assessor, various items of news) and the other letter addressed to Edward Thomas, Canon, Parish of Lanerfil [? Jane Roberts's brother] (their wish to receive letters, the writer's health, family news, religious affairs, the death of Wm. Brees formerly of Sychnant, expenditure by Pennsylvania on canals and rail-roads), and George Roberts alone, Ebensburg, 1853, to his sister, Mrs. Elinor Howells ( thanking her for asking Daniel [? Howell] to send him a copy of her letter (giving an account of the death of Anne Williams), sympathy for Isaac Williams and his little orphan children, mention of Lewis Thomas and his wife, his own state of health) (with a note by Elinor Howell concerning the letter - her brother died the following November [1853]), M. Roberts, Conway, 1885, to Mr. Howell (re mourning-cards), (?) James Stratten, Hamilton Terrace [London], 1847, to Mrs. Arber (information concerning Mr. Newell, 'one of the most excellent of men'), W. Keinion Thomas, [Conway], 1885, to D[avid] Howells, Aberdyfi (a printed intimation of the death of [ the Reverend Samuel Roberts] 'S.R.' and the funeral arrangements), and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Wynnstay, n.d., to Mrs. Lewis, Brynn Glas, Llanvair ( formal invitation to Captain and Mrs. Lewis to a ball).

Sermons and addresses,

A number of sermons and addresses mainly in English and in the hand of the Reverend John Roberts, Llanbrynmair, with a children's address, n.d., by the Reverend Samuel Roberts ('S.R.'), and two items in Welsh, one unidentified (part torn away), the other an outline of a sermon in the hand of [the Reverend David Williams, Troedrhiwdalar] marked (probably by 'S.R.') 'Hen Williams Llanwrtyd fu farw yn 95 oed'. There are two addresses, undated, by the Reverend John Roberts in connection with the British and Foreign Bible Society, one on the occasion of the formation of the Montgomery[shire] Bible Society, and with these are observations in Welsh beginning 'Mae Mr. Jones yn gosod (?) bau nid bychain [sic] yn fy erbyn i am brodyr am ein bod medd ef wedi ymadael ag egwyddorion ein Tadau'. One of the sermons by John Roberts is headed 'Missionary Sermon May 5th 1799' (marked by 'S.R.' 'copied for Cronicl'), another is headed 'Christmas Day 1798', and a third 'Elizabeth Jones Bellan funeral sermon May 27th 1798'.

John Roberts, senior, Samuel Roberts and David Williams.

'S.R.' broadsides,

Thirty-eight broadsides, etc., 1854-1884 and undated, most of them written by, or relating to, the Reverend Samuel Roberts ['S.R.'], Conway, and dealing with such matters as his claim against the United States Treasury, testimonials to him, sewerage, women's rights, etc. Written on the back of some of the printed sheets are over twenty letters and notes, 1868-1885 and undated, from 'S.R.' to his cousin, David Howell, supplementing the series contained in NLW MS 13195D. The main subject of the letters is 'S.R.'s work transcribing old sermons for Y Gofadail Fethodistaidd, Ail gyfrol (1884); also mentioned are visits from Mr. [? James] Griffiths, Cincinnati, son of the Reverend [Samuel] Griffiths, Horeb, co. Cardigan, with his wife and eldest daughter, 1883, and Professor Edward Arber of Mason College nr. Birmingham, 'a grandson of old G. Newell of Berriew', 1884. Neither the broadsides nor the letters are in chronological order but lists have been compiled for inclusion in the volume.

Samuel Roberts.

'S.R.' letters to David Howell,

Seventy-six items of correspondence and other papers (letters, postcards, etc.), 1848-1885, almost all from Samuel Roberts, 'S.R.', Conway, to his cousin, David Howell, Machynlleth (Dolguog, Penegoes), and Aberdovey, with one letter to Mrs. Howell and one to the Dolguog family, and one letter, 1884, from [John Roberts] 'J.R.', Conwy, to D[avid] Howell. The subjects touched upon include the Tennessee lands, the death of their Johnstown cousin, Evan Roberts, 1871, autographs, [Crynodeb o] Helyntion Bywyd S.R. (1875) and other works by 'S.R.', his brothers J[ohn] R[oberts] and R[ ichard] R[oberts], Y Cronicl, a claim against the U.S. Government in respect of supplies furnished to the army during the war, the library of their late friend the Reverend Edward Hughes, incumbent of Meliden, the assassination of President Garfield, 1881, a visit from the Rt. Hon. John Bright, 1881, Cousin David Lewis, Dr. Abraham Rees, the funeral of [John Roberts, 'J.R.'], 1884, and in particular 'S.R.'s work copying, with David Howell's permission, for publication by the Reverend David Williams ['Apeles'] in Y Gofadail Fethodistaidd, Ail argraffiad (1882) and Ail gyfrol (1884), old sermons taken down in shorthand by David Howell's brother, W[illiam] Howell, Junr., Bont, Llanbrynmair. A few of the letters have been written on broadsides, etc., some in the form of appeals and other items by 'S.R.' (e.g. 'Cymydogaeth Gymreig yn Tennessee', n.d., 'S.R. a J. W. Jones. "Allan o'r 'Herald Cymraeg', Awst 20fed, 1879"', "The Old Story", July 4, 1881, 'Railway Management', July, 1877, 'Postal Reforms', December 5th, 1883, 'Railway Fares', June 16th, 1882, and 'Disgyblu drwy ryfel', n. d.). Other items include proof-sheets of the preface to, and list of contents of, Y Gofadail Fethodistaidd, Ail gyfrol (1884). The order in which the letters have been bound is not always strictly chronological.

Samuel Roberts.

'S.R.' letters to parents, etc.,

Nine letters, 1827-1832, from the Reverend Samuel Roberts ['S.R.'], seven to his parents (addressed 'Rev. John Roberts, Llanbrynmair') and two to the Reverend Edward Davies, Newtown, the places from which they were written (in chronological order rather than order of binding) being Fountain-Hall, Cwm Tawy, St. Julian's Friars [Shrewsbury], Birmingham, Daventry, Attercliffe (with a note also from the Reverend J. W. H. Pritchard), [Wern and Oswestry], London (2), and Kilvey House near Swansea. In 1828 Samuel Roberts was collecting money [towards discharging a debt on Carno chapel, co. Montgomery (see NLW MS 14062B)] and in the early part of 1829 he was in London collecting money, probably for a different cause; there are letters belonging to the same period in NLW MS 590C. Other subjects mentioned include Drych [y dadleuwr] by [Richard Jones, Wern, Llanfrothen], and various meetings in London and elsewhere.

Samuel Roberts.