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Cwrtmawr Music Manuscripts,
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Ancient National Airs of Gwent and Morganwg

Mid-nineteenth century manuscript, containing popular Welsh tunes and songs, mostly copied, ff. 1-13, from M. Jane Williams, Ancient National Airs of Gwent and Morganwg (Llandovery, 1844). Tunes copied from other sources (ff. 1, 1 verso, 2, 12 verso, 13 verso-18), include 'Marged fwyn ferch Evan', 'Bird', 'Llam dros bwll', and 'Clychau Prydnhawn'.

Williams, Maria Jane, 1795-1873

Cwrtmawr Music Manuscripts,

  • Fonds
  • [18 cent., first ½]-1925.

Music manuscripts in the Cwrtmawr collection, comprising 18th-20th century tune-books containing both sacred and secular music.

Cwrt Mawr estate (Wales)

Music book,

The music book of Mary Clara Lucena, dated August 1812 (inside front cover), containing popular waltzes and duets of the early nineteenth century, together with a few Welsh traditional tunes.

Mary Clara Lucena.

Music books,

Three music books, 1870s, comprising Hamilton's Modern Instructions for the Pianoforte (London, n.d. [c. 1870]) (MS 51i); a blank manuscript book (MS 51ii); and a manuscript book containing musical exercises (MS 51iii).

Musical papers,

Six bifolia, one watermarked 1799 (ff. 7-8), containing school exercises and traditional tunes written during the first half of the nineteenth century and bearing the names of Thomas Richards (f.1), Lewis Richards (f. 2), the Reverend David Richards (f. 4), John Lloyd (f. 7), and Mair Richards (f. 8). Two further loose folios, also first half of the nineteenth century, contain the tunes 'Sims March' (f. 13) and 'Agatha' (f. 14), the latter with accompanying words in English. Eleven cyclostyled folios of Welsh folk-tunes, 1919-1925, found with the above, are now kept separately as Cwrtmawr Music MS 50 ii.

Tune book,

Tune book, compiled mainly during the second half of the eighteenth century, containing psalm-tunes and anthems, with some accompanying words in English and Welsh. Annotations identify David Richards ('Dewi Silin', 1783-1826) as the copyist of two of the tunes (ff. 29 verso, 35 verso).

David Richards ('Dewi Silin') and others.

Tune book,

Tune book, late eighteenth century, containing psalm-tunes and some hymn-tunes, with some accompanying words in Welsh. Accounts and memoranda added, late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (ff. 51-62), including 'prophwydoliaeth Myrddin wedi ei chyfansoddi ar fesur cerdd yn y flwyddyn 1668' (f. 51), and 'the account of the stems that I have made in the work of Careg y mwyn December 1790' (ff. 60 verso-1).

Tune book,

A volume, first compiled in the late eighteenth century, containing psalm-tunes, hymn-tunes, Christmas hymn-tunes, with some accompanying English words, together with marches, and popular eighteenth-century dance tunes. The tunes include 'The Merionethshire March' (p. 67), 'Hob o'r Nob' (p. 117), 'The Oswestry March by J. M.' (p. 143), and 'Sweet Richard, Llafar glust lais' (p. 151). The tunes are indexed on pp. 195-9.

Tune book,

Tune book, first compiled by 1796, containing psalm-tunes, hymn-tunes and anthems, including items attributed to John Williams, Dolgellau (ff. 6 verso-7, 11 verso-12, 17 verso-18), William Wilson (ff. 1 verso-3, 4 verso-5, 7 verso-9 verso, 10 verso-11, 12 verso-13, 16 verso-17, 19 verso), David Harris, Carno (ff. 5 verso-6), Robert Griffith, Caernarfon (ff. 13 verso-14), and Lewis Morris (f. 21 (defective) and inside back cover); accompanying words in Welsh where given.

Tune book,

Tune book apparently first compiled 1793, by John Thomas (f. 1), containing psalm-tunes, to which were added, 1810s, various accounts and memoranda by E. Jones (note inside back cover), and, later during the first half of the nineteenth century, a collection of traditional and popular tunes (ff. 18-24); with annotations in the hand of Mair Richards, Darowen. Accompanying words are mainly in Welsh.

John Thomas and others.

Tune book,

Tune book, watermarks 1807, entitled 'A Book of psalms, anthems &c &c as sung in the parish church of Darowen' (f. 1), containing psalm-tunes, some with Welsh words.

Tune book,

Tune book, watermarks 1812, of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd', 1795-1855), containing psalm-tunes, hymn-tunes and anthems. The volume includes 'Ton y Meudwy wedi ei hysgrifenu a phwyntel gan E. Evans ai hadysgrifo mor gywir ac y gellio ac inc gan G Cowlyd' (ff. 23 verso-24 recto).

'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'.

Tune book,

Tune book, watermarks 1821-1822 (ff. 2, 3, 36, 47 etc.) and written mainly during the 1840s (ff. 3, 79), containing anthems, psalm-tunes and hymn-tunes, many of English origin. The collection includes 'Hymn Nadolig gan y diweddar Parche[di]g Mr Williams Llangynyw' (ff. 76 verso-7 recto).

Tune book,

Two nineteenth-century tune books now joined together as one volume, the first bearing the dates 1816 and 1866 (inside covers) in the hand of Mair Richards of Darowen, and the second 1850 (inside front cover); the first part contains popular and traditional Welsh song and dance tunes, the second, English waltzes, marches and quicksteps with a few traditional Welsh tunes and hymn-tunes. Also included are an englyn attributed to M[air] R[ichards], but signed below in red by David Richards ('Dewi Silin'; 1783-1826), who may have been the first owner (part one, f. 1).

Mair Richards and others.

Tune book,

Two nineteenth-century tune books now joined together as one volume, with further quires and single leaves added to the first part, which contains mainly popular and traditional Welsh and English tunes together with a few hymn-tunes, and is dated 1827 in the hand of Mair Richards, Darowen (on front cover). The second part, containing mainly popular and traditional tunes, together with a few hymns in Welsh, may have been first compiled by Thomas Davies, shoemaker, Esgaironen Fach, Llanarth, Cardiganshire, 1847-1857 (notes on covers and ff. 2, 20 verso), who added a list of customer accounts on ff. 16 verso-18.

Mair Richards, Thomas Davies and others.

Tune book,

A tune book, 1810s-1820s, containing psalm-tunes, anthems and hymn-tunes attributed to various Welsh composers including John Williams, Dolgellau (passim), David Harries, Carno (passim), Hugh Jones, Maesglasau (passim) and others, probably compiled by Thomas Richards (?the younger; his calligraphic signature, 1817, inside front cover). Some items are in the hand of his brother, Lewis Richards (1799-1860) and many annotations in that of his sister, Mair Richards, Darowen. Accompanying words, where present, are in Welsh.

Thomas Richards (?the younger), Lewis Richards and Mair Richards.

Tune book,

A miscellaneous collection of hymn-tunes, anthems and a few traditional and popular tunes from Wales and elsewhere, perhaps compiled in the mid-nineteenth century and comprising various quires, bifolia and single sheets in a number of hands of the first half of the century, and bearing watermarks between 1817 (ff. 10, 24) and 1845 (f. 93). It includes works attributed to John Williams (f. 13), David Harries, Carno (ff. 14-16, 25 recto-verso, 28 verso-30, 55 verso-8, 62-6 verso) and David Richards ('Dewi Silin') (ff. 17-19 verso, inverted text). Accompanying words, where present, are mainly in Welsh. Also included are memoranda and verse in Welsh (ff. 26 verso-8) and a few annotations by Mair Richards, Darowen (f. 16a).

Tune book,

Tune book, second half of the nineteenth century, containing anthems and hymn-tunes, with some accompanying words in Welsh.

Tune book,

Tune book, dated 1855 (f. 3 verso and front cover), containing three popular tunes, 'Ar hyd y Nos' (f. 3 verso), 'Duw gadwo yr Brenhnin' (f. 3 verso) and 'Blacksmiths of Cologne' (f. 3), without accompanying words.

Tune book,

Tune book, mid-nineteenth century, containing hymn-tunes, psalm-tunes and anthems, with accompanying words in Welsh and English.

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