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Rhys Davies Papers
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1973 Group

Manuscripts of Rhys Davies, including autograph and typescript drafts of his novels and stories.

1992 Group (Louis F. Quinain)

Papers, 1940-1956, of Louis F. Quinain, comprising letters, 1940-1956, to him from his friend Rhys Davies, together with drafts of Davies's novel Tomorrow to Fresh Woods (London, 1941).

2000 Group

Papers of Rhys Davies, 1930-1978, comprising correspondence and notes for his novel The Black Venus (1944).

Accumulated papers

The group comprises the accumulated papers of Rhys Davies, [1938]-1975. These comprise the papers of his four close friends Anna Kavan, Herman Schrijver and Redvers and Louise Taylor which he acquired after their deaths.


Anna Kavan

The series comprises papers, 1956-1978, relating to the publication of Anna Kavan, Julia and the bazooka published posthumously in 1970, press cuttings of book reviews of her works and letters from her literary agent David Higham and others, including some from the Arts Council of Great Britain regarding awarding a bursary to her.

Anna Kavan

The series comprises a rough draft of a work of fiction, [1938]-[1968] by Anna Kavan entitled 'Some living or dreaming or s[i]tt[i]ng'.

Kavan, Anna, 1901-1968

Anna Kavan book reviews and studies

The file comprises press cuttings of book reviews of works, 1970-1975, by Anna Kavan, mainly Julia and the bazooka (London, 1970), and 'Edge of panic', a short story by Anna Kavan, Vogue, October 1971, together with articles about her including one about the conversion work on her London mews house, Ideal Home, July 1956. Also included are articles by Rhys Davies, 'A note on Anna Kavan', London Magazine, February 1970, 'A lady and a leopard: Anna Kavan', Queen, March 1970, 'Anna Kavan, Julia and the bazooka', Harper's Bazaar, January 1971, and 'Anna Kavan', Books and Bookmen, March 1971, together with a profile of her entitled 'Amongst lost things' by Clive Jordan, The Daily Telegraph Magazine, February 1972.

Autobiographical papers and reminiscences

The series, [c. 1948]-[1978], includes writings on D. H. Lawrence, drafts of Rhys Davies's autobiography, Print of a hare's foot (New York, 1969) and papers relating to his article 'God on the oven door'.

BBC radio plays

The file comprises the following plays, mainly adapted, 1944-1970, from works by Rhys Davies: 'Jenny Jones', adapted from stories by Rhys Davies, 1944, together with a programme of the production staged at the London Hippodrome directed by George Black; 'The old house', a dramatic feature by Rhys Davies, 1945; an adaptation, 1948, by Ross Cockrill of Rhys Davies, The dark daughters [London, 1947]; 'A bed of roses', adapted in 1949 from the novel Under the rose [London, 1940]; 'Honey and bread', 1970, based on the novel published in 1935 and adapted by Julia Jones; its sequel 'A time to laugh', adapted by Julia Jones, 1970, based on the novel published in 1937, and a manuscript note by Rhys Davies on the background of the two novels; together with an adaptation, 1953, of his novel Marianne [London, 1951] by P. H. Burton and typescript remarks by [?the author] on the script.

Burton, Philip, 1904-1995

Business and financial papers

The series comprises papers, 1930-1978, mainly letters from publishers relating to matters such as contracts, television rights, royalties for broadcasts and plays.

Business and financial papers

The file comprises papers, 1930-1978, concerning the publishing of works by Rhys Davies, including letters relating to the translation of his works into Norwegian, Swedish and German, and letters from Bertram Rota Ltd, Booksellers, Curtis Brown Ltd, literary agents, and the editorial offices of The New Yorker; together with publishing and broadcasting agreements, 1930-1970.

Bertram Rota Ltd.

Business and financial papers

The file comprises letters, 1943-1978, mainly from Curtis Brown Ltd, London, relating to matters such as contracts, television rights, royalties payments for broadcasts and plays performed, in particular fees for 'No escape', 1955, and letters from other publishers and accountants.

Curtis Brown Ltd.

D. H. Lawrence reminiscences

The file comprises a synopsis of Rhys Davies's article on D. H. Lawrence and the script 'D. H. Lawrence' [used in a radio broadcast by him in 1948], together with quotations from letters sent to D. H. Lawrence and reminiscences of Count Potocki of Montalk, [c. 1948]-[1978].

David Higham letters

The file comprises letters, 1958-1978, mainly from David Higham Associates, Authors' Agents, London, relating to the financial accounts, royalties and publishing contracts by foreign publishers of works by Anna Kavan; together with a typescript article 'Among the lost things. The Private Ice-Age of Anna Kavan', 1970, by Clive Jordan.

Higham, David.


The series comprises diaries, 1958, 1966-1969, 1975, 1978, containing few entries, mainly about his appointments and the price of theatre tickets.

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