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Panton Manuscripts
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A book of extracts

A manuscript containing 'extracts from the Anecdotes of Mr Bowyer', referring to Dr Wotton's edition of the Welsh Laws, etc. (pp. 1-42); and an extract 'from a Pedigree book of Mr. Panton of Plas Gwynn of the gentlemen of Anglesey', with references to the account of Einion ap Gwalchmai (pp. 43-49).

A book of extracts

A manuscript containing various extracts, with copious information concerning their souces. The extracts include material from Henry Salesbury's Grammar as printed by T. Salesbury in 1593 (pp. 55-70) and extracts from Greek, Latin and English writers (pp. 71-110); the manuscript also contains a copy of a letter from Sir William Boswell to Archbishop William Laud taken from the Cotton MSS (p. 34); an account of Edmwnd Prys (p. 133); and an account of Edward Richard of Ystrad Meurig (pp. 134-136).

Salesbury, Henry, 1561-1637?

A catalogue of the Hengwrt library

A catalogue, in the autograph of Robert Vaughan, of the books and manuscripts in the Hengwrt library, [c. 1659].

Vaughan, Robert, 1592-1667

A dictionary of navigation

'A breife abstract, exposicon, and true demonstration of all parts and thinges belonginge to a Ship and the practique of Navigation' by H.M. (pp. 15-174), with a list of contents (pp. 3-10) and preface (pp. 11-14).
Also in the volume (pp. 1-2) is a leaf in the hand of Evan Evans (ieuan Fardd) from a history of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, which appears to belong between pp. 156 and 157 of NLW MS 2038D.

Evans, Evan, 1731-1788

A record of books lent, &c.

A composite volume containing (a) a record of manuscripts and books lent by John Jones (dean of Bangor), 1683-1724 (ff. [1]-[25]), together with (b) 'Rules for ye study of Theology by Dr [Thomas] Barlow of Oxford', [c. 1650] (pp. 1-54) and, in the same hand, lists of books compiled for 'a Friend who desired ye Names of some Bookes, wich might bee fit to furnish a library for young (yet Academicall studies)', [c. 1650] (pp. 57-92).

Jones, John, 1650-1727

A Welsh grammar

A manuscript in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a Welsh Grammar, consisting of 'Pymp Llyfr Cerddwriaeth' (pp. 1-101) and 'Trioedd Cerdd' (pp. 102-115).
At the end of the volume is a note by Evan Evans stating 'Y Gramadeg uchod a fenthygiwyd gennyfi Evan Evans offeiriad y gan y Parchedig Mr. Robert Nannau Periglor Llan Fwrog, a yscrifenwyd gan Robert Fychan or Hengwrt ag a ddatscrifennwyd ... yn 1784'.

Account of Welsh manuscripts

A short account written by Evan Evans, 1785, of his labours in 'in retrieving and rescuing from oblivion some of the most antient and valuable pieces in poetry and history that are yet preserved in the libraries of North Wales ...'.

An address to Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt

A volume in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a transcript of an address to Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt by William Maurice, 1661 (ff. 1-46); and a Catalogicus Chronologicus Scriptorum Britannicorum (ff. 46 verso-52); etc.

Maurice, William, -approximately 1680

An itinerary in South Wales

An itinerary written by Richard Fenton for Paul Panton [junior] on a visit to South Wales, 1812. The manuscript, which is incomplete, covers the area from Machynlleth through Aberystwyth to the Teifi valley, with an excursion to Pumpsaint, and over into Pembrokeshire from Cardigan (pp. 1-12); a route through the Vale of Towy (pp. 19-20); and an area around Cowbridge (pp. 23-24).

Fenton, Mr. (Richard), 1746-1821

Ancient law

'De Diversis Regulis Juris Antiqui' (p. 1), a treatise on the various rules of ancient law.

Anglesey crown pleas

A book of precedents and indictments mainly taken from Anglesey court records, (temp. Eliz. I-Chas I).

Anglesey extent and pedigrees

A transcript, [?1699] (p. 1), of the extent of Anglesey made before John de Delves, locumtenens of Richard Earl of Arundel, justiciar of North Wales, 26 Edward III (1352) (pp. 1-88); a list of freeholders of Anglesey, 1606 (pp. 1-30); an account of the gentry of Anglesey, arranged by commotes, and a list of sheriffs to 1676, both in the hand of William Williams, Beaumaris, but with earlier pedigrees incorporated (pp. 1-94); 'a note taken of the demeanes nowe heald and belonginge to the Heanllis' (pp. 95-96); and a note of a survey of the lands of Arthur Bagnall in Tyndaethwy and Menai (pp. 99-102).

Williams, William, approximately 1625-1684

Antiquitates Parochialis

A manuscript, 1777, mostly in the hand of Ieuan Fardd, containing 'Antiquitatum Parochialium Libellus at calcem perductus circa annum 1710. transcriptus a G[uilelmo] M[orris] 1726. Authore Hen: Rowlands, qui et author fuit libri jam permultis manibus triti, cui Titulus Mona Antiqua Restaurata'. The volume includes a chapter on Bellum Mariscum [Beaumaris] (ff. 173 verso-183 verso), which was omitted when Antiquitates Parochialis was printed in Archaeologia Cambrensis, vols I-IV (1846-1849) (NLW MS 2004iB).
Filed separately are some 10 ff. of loose papers, containing 'Few Notes on Mona Antiqua Restaurata by Rev: John Lloyd A.M. 1734'; copies of the inscription on the Cadfan stone in Anglesey; and a catalogue of the bishops of Bangor from St Daniel to Herring, 1737 (NLW MS 2004iiB).

Rowlands, Henry, 1655-1723

Arabic and Hebrew grammar notes

Five copybooks containing notes, in Latin, on Arabic and Hebrew grammar, in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) [presumed to have been compiled by Evans while at the Presbyterian Academy, Carmarthen, 1777-1778].

Astrology, theological tracts, &c.

  • File
  • [late 15 cent.], 1650, [18 cent.]
  • Part of Panton Manuscripts

A composite volume in three parts, dated to the late-fifteenth century (pp. 1-32), 1650 (pp. 33-48) and the eighteenth century (pp. 49-102), containing astrological material (pp. 2, 15-16, 95-98, 26-32); names of plants in Latin and Welsh (p. 3); charms (pp. 4-6); the Paternoster, with every sentence explained (p. 7b); theological tracts (pp. 10-14); a commentary on the Prophecies, dated 5 May 1650 (pp. 33-48); fragments of Bruts (pp. 49-64, 71-74, 83-94); a list of the hundreds and commotes of Wales (pp. 99-100) and of the parishes of Carmarthenshire (pp. 101-102); etc.
On p. 6 is the note 'Gruff: llwyd ap Madoc Dd. a wnaeth y llyvyr hwnn i T. ap howel'.


A volume containing transcripts by Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) of early Welsh poetry.

Barddoniaeth Siôn Tudur ac eraill

A manuscript containing poetry by Guto'r Glyn, Siôn Tudur, Wiliam Llŷn, Gruffydd Phylip and others.

Guto'r Glyn, active 1430-1468

Brut Gruffydd ab Arthur, &c.

A transcript, in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), of 'Brut Gruf. ab Arthur', a compiled version of Brut y Brenhinedd 'transcribed from a very old copy of the British History on Vellum' (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 1-109 verso, and NLW MS 1978iiB, ff. 110-261 verso); together with copies of correspondence, 1758-1765, of Edward Richard of Ystrad Meurig School and Lewis Morris, relating to Ieuan Fardd, Morris's health, literary criticism and Celtic antiquities, with special reference to Camden and Nennius (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 111-192); and copies of two letters from 'Dr. Phillipps' [the Rev. James Phillips], Blaen y Pant, to Edward Richard (NLW MS 1978iB, ff. 192-194). Also included is a table of contents (ff. 195-196) and a pedigree of St David (f. 261 verso).
The text of Brut y Brenhinedd was the original of the text of Brut Gruffydd ab Arthur printed in the second volume of the Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales.

Brut y Brenhinedd

A volume containing a transcript by Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) of 'Brut y Brenhinedd', completed 11 May 1776 (f. 304 verso).

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