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William John Parry Manuscripts
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'Galareb ... am John Parry, Bethesda, 1850' by 'Trogwy'; Pryddest: 'Abraham' submitted for competition at the Wrexham Eisteddfod, 31 December 1885; Cerdd: 'Y Gwanwyn' by William Jones 'Graienyn', 1...


T. J. & J. Smiths One Day Octavo Scribbling Diary ... for 1893, with entries by W. J. Parry for 1893 and 1894, and poetry composed by him on board the Guisepina in South American waters.


A selection of poems copied by W. J. Parry: 'A Cup of Water' (Esther Kentish); 'Y Wlad Well' ('Watcyn Wyn'); 'Childhood's Memories' (R[ichard] S[amuel] Hughes, 1889); 'Ar yr Onen lâs y ceni' (...