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Thomas Edwards manuscripts,
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A volume containing details of the writer's weekly hours of work, 1876-7; accounts of Court Hamilton No. 3460 [?Benefit Society], 1879-81; and accounts (collections and disbursements) of St. Martin's Welsh Church, Chester, 1883. The volume was originally an arithmetic exercise book used by 'Master Thomas Edwards, Meliden, Horeb School, April 18th, 1859'.

Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer') and others.

Autobiography of 'Erfyl',

An incomplete autobiography of Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'), together with a proof-sheet thereof, corrected by Thomas Edwards, and additional biographical information in another hand. This autobiography was translated into Welsh and incorporated in an anonymous biography of 'Erfyl' which appeared in Y Traethodydd, 1876, p. 281ff.

Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'), Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer') and Morris Davies.

Barddoniaeth 'Ceiriog',

Holograph poetry by John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'), largely in the form of original or carbon copy letters, 1860-7, sent to John Owen ('Owain Alaw').

Hughes, John Ceiriog, 1832-1887


Holograph poetry, with some transcripts and printed cuttings, collected by Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'), and by John Owen ('Owain Alaw'), among which are poems by or in the hand of John Blackwell ('Alun'), Richard Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), Morris Williams ('Nicander'), William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), John Williams ('Ab Ithel'), John Jones ('Myllin'), Lewis William Lewis ('Llew Llwyfo'), David Williams ('Alaw Goch'), and W. Morgan ('Penfro'); 'Englynion o waith Sir Rees Cadwaladr Curat yn Aber Garthgelyn yn Sir Gaernarfon i ymofyn a Thomas Jones ynghylch y Seren gynffonog a ymddangosodd yn y flwyddyn 1680', with a covering letter by J. W. Prisiart, Plasybrain; 'Arwyrain i Gymdeithas Cymmrodorion Caerlleon a henwau ei Phenaethiaid' by Wm. Edwards, Ysgeifiog, 30 August 1823, printed in T. Edwards: The Chester Cambrian Societies, 1906, pp. 12ff.; 'Lines proposed to be placed on the Column, to be erected on Moel Famma ... in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of his Majesty's reign' by J[ohn] H[umphreys] P[arry], 14 November 1810; 'Ar ddyfodiad William Grenville Williams, ab Syr Huw Williams, Barwnig, Bodelwyddan, i'w lawn oed, 30, Mai, 1865', by 'Talhaiarn'; a souvenir of a testimonial presented to the Hon. E. M. Ll. Mostyn, 31 October, 1843, with a 'hir-a-thoddaid' by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'); cuttings, 1862 and undated, of poetry by John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'), with marginal notes by the author and a marginal covering letter from him to John Owen ('Owain Alaw'); and poetry addressed to Thomas Edwards, Junior, Chester.

Blackfriars of Rhuddlan,

A transcript, with explanatory note, by J. S. W. Gumbley, O.P., of C. F. R. Palmer: 'The Friar-Preachers, or Blackfriars of Rhuddlan' in The Reliquary, January 1886; and 'The Dominicans in England' in the same hand.

J. S. W. Gumbley.

Bodrhyddan memoirs,

Extracts from 'Bodrhyddan Memoirs. Entries copied out of Pierce Roberts of Bronhwylwa [sic] his Memorandum Book, written from the year 1595-1546 [sic for 1646]', printed in Archaeologia Cambrensis, Ser. III, Vol. X, pp. 320ff.

Bygones; coinage of Wales,

A reprint in booklet form of the Bygones column edited by Thomas Edwards in Prestatyn Weekly, containing extracts from Walter Davies: General View of the Agriculture ... of North Wales, 1810; and P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton: The Saxon, Norman and Plantagenet Coinage of Wales, 1906, reprinted from The British Numismatic Journal, Vol. II, 1906.

Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer').

Bywgraffiad 'Owain Alaw',

A part, relating only to John Owen ('Owain Alaw'), of an essay by G[riffith] Jones ('Glan Menai'), on 'Owain Alaw, Tanymarian, a Brinley Richards', together with additional biographical memoranda in the hand of Thomas Edwards, and a draft testimonial [from Charles Bowen, rector of St. Mary-on-the-Hill, Chester] in support of the application of 'Owain Alaw' for the post of assistant organist of Bangor Cathedral [1865].

Griffith Jones ('Glan Menai'), Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer') and Charles Bowen.

Cilcain documents,

Abstracts of deeds and documents, 1588-1869, relating to Cilcain, including a land tax assessment dated 8 May 1799.

Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer').

Correspondence of 'Erfyl',

Letters to 'Erfyl', the correspondents including [John Blackwell, 'Alun'], ?1829 (references to the Royal Denbigh Eisteddfod of 1828, William Owen-Pughe, etc.); Jane Davies, Penmaen Dovey, 1851 (letters of her father, 'Gwallter Mechain'); [Robert Davies, 'Bardd Nantglyn'], 1818; Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), 1847-54 (Rhuddlan Eisteddfod, 1850, etc.); [John Jones, 'Ioan Tegid'], Christ Church, Oxford, 1840; [John Jones[ 'Myllin', 1820 (emigrants from Llanfyllin, Llangadfan, Hirnant, and Llangynog, to America, Wrexham Eisteddfod, 1820, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri' and 'Dafydd Ionawr'); John Owen ('Owan Alaw') [1855] (death of 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'); W[illiam] Owen-Pughe, 1834; W[illiam] Rowlands ('Gwilym Lleyn'); Robert Saunderson, Bala, 1830-48; Morris Williams ('Nicander'), Jesus College [Oxford], 1832-?34 (orthography of the Welsh Bible); and William Williams ('Gwilym Caledfryn'), 1824-5 (a bitter attack on David Saunders, Merthyr, etc.). NLW MS 9031 also contains letters to John Parry, Chester from W[illiam] E[dwards], Ysgeifiog, 1823, and Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), 1820, and from [Thomas Price, 'Carnhuanawc'] to Y Gwladgarwr (printed in the 1834 edition, pp. 19-20); and letters from 'Erfyl' to W[alter] D[avies] ('Gwallter Mechain'), 1818 and undated (Welsh proverbs, Welsh grammar), R[obert] D[avies] ('Bardd Nantglyn'), 1818 (Welsh poetry), [John Jones, 'Myllin', 1838], 'Ioan Tegid', 1831 (orthography of the Welsh Bible), R[ichard] P[arry, 'Gwalchmai'], 1850 and undated (references to Richard Llwyd ('Bard of Snowdon') and the Rhuddlan Eisteddfod of 1850), [Robert] S[aunderson, Bala], 1850 and undated, and others.

Cwm records,

Material towards a history of the parish of Cwm, comprising a transcript of a terrier of 1774 and an abstract of another of 1856; a transcript of an allotment by John Calveley, 1813, of commons and waste lands in the parishes of Newmarket and Cwm; a list of field names taken from the tithe apportionment, 1844; extracts from Recognizance Rolls, Bodrhyddan estate muniments, and printed sources; and some notes on the flora of Cwm [in the hand of R. H. Day, Cwm], together with a covering letter, 1913.

R. H. Day and others.

Cymdeithas Cymry Caer,

A minute book of 'Cymdeithas Cymry Caer' (Chester Welsh Society), 1893-8; with some cuttings from The Chester Chronicle, 1895-7, recording meetings of the Society. Much of the volume is in the hand of Morris Parry, Chester.

Morris Parry and others.

Diserth Castle,

Proof-sheets, with manuscript emendations and additions, of Thomas Edwards: 'Dyserth Castle', which appeared in Archaeologia Cambrensis, Ser. 6, Vol. 12 (1912), pp. 263-294.

Thomas Edwards ('Pencerdd Caer').

Diserth Castle,

Two copies each of E. W. Cox: 'Diserth Castle' extracted from Journal of the Architectural, Archaeological, and Historic Society ... of Chester, and North Wales, New Series, Vol. 5 (1895), pp. 361-379, and of Henry Taylor, F.S.A.: 'The History of Diserth Castle', ibid., pp. 380-383; together with some manuscript notes and sketches, including a rough plan of foundations on the hill above Meliden drawn by T. A[llen] Glenn, 10 May 1911.

Diserth records,

Material relating to the parish of Diserth, comprising notes on the parish registers; extracts from the vestry books, 1721-1836; transcripts, etc., of terriers, 1749, 1841, 1856; abstract of the deed of endowment of the National School, 1863; extracts from printed reports on public records, etc., relating to the mill; extracts and transcripts from Bodrhyddan mumiments containing an inventory of the machinery of the mill taken by Charles Howard, millwright, 1775, reports on Talargoch Lead Mines by John Richardson of Llanerchymor, 1775, and Thos. Slaughter, Chester, 1782, and a writ of the Court of Quarter Sessions to levy on the parish a fine of £30 for not repairing a part of the highway, 1820; and notes on the church and the castle, and on flowers growing on the castle hill.

Diserth records,

Material relating to the history of Diserth, particularly of the castle and parish church. Among them are extracts from the parish register, 1623-36; extracts from public records (Recognizance Rolls, Patent Rolls, Close Rolls, Royal and Historical Letters, Domesday Book, etc.), Peniarth and Harleian manuscripts, Bodrhyddan estate muniments, and printed sources; a note by T. Allen Glenn on an inscription in the churchyard; transcripts of letters of Alfred Neobard Palmer, Wrexham, 1910, and H. B. Thompson, Blundellsands, 1910; and a pedigree of the family of Hughes of Kinmel, compiled by Philip H. Lawson, Chester, 1914.

Edwards family records,

Certified copies of the certificates of birth, 6 August 1867, of Elizabeth Ann Davies, Whitford, and of the marriage, 16 September 1897, at Christ Church, Mostyn, of Thomas Edwards, Chester, and Elizabeth Ann Davies, Llanerchymor, Mostyn.

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