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Egerton Phillimore Papers
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'Cantrefi a Chymydau Cymru',

Transcript of the Red Book of Hergest (Jesus College MS 111), cols 377 and 964, comprising a list of the cantrefi and cymydau of Wales and a list of proverbs, commenced 17 April 1884.

'Merlin Extracts',

Notes on the Life of St Kentigern and a transcript of Walter Bower's 'Scotichronicon' (BL Titus A. XIX), in the hand of H. L. D. Ward, given to Egerton Phillimore in the 1890s.

Ward, H. L. D. (Henry Leigh Douglas), 1825-1906.


Extracts from Edward Lhuyd's 'Parochialia' (Bodleian Rawlinson MS B.464), with notes by Egerton Phillimore.

'Welsh Aedoeology',

Galley proofs, with corrections in Egerton Phillimore's hand, of his 'Welsh Aedoeology', the first part of which was published in the second volume of a German journal entitled Kryptadia in 1884, pp. 323-97. It was widely believed t...

'Y Marchog Crwydrad',

Transcript, commenced 26 September 1883, of Llanover MS E. 1 (NLW MS 13163B), 'Y Marchog Crwydrad', a Welsh translation of William Goodyear's 'The voyage of the wandering knight' [1581], taken from the thirteenth-century F...

A. Helen Morgan - Marie L. Nutt,

Letters from a number of correspondents, including R. Jones Morris, T. E. Morris, William Meredith Morris, Reginald J. Mure, Max Nettlau, Frederick Newte, E. W. B. Nicholson and David Nutt.

Nettlau, Max, 1865-1944.

Accumulated material,

Items of antiquarian interest, mostly dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including account books, almanacs, tax assesments and terriers, wills, inquisitions post mortem and translations of medieval patent rolls. Egerton Phillimor...

Adam H. Fairbairn - F. J. Furnivall,

Letters from a number of correspondents, including James H. Fennell, Ferrar Fenton, H. E. Forrest, Isaac Foulkes ('Llyfrbryf'), J. S. Furley and F. J. Furnivall.

Furley, J. S. (John Sampson), b. 1855.

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