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William Condry Papers,
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'A Country Diary'

The file comprises newspaper cuttings of 'A Country Diary' articles from The Guardian, 1957-1991, pasted onto index cards. The articles each have a descriptive title, which would seem to indicate that they were intended for the book A Welsh Country Diary, which was published in 1993.

Condry, William, 1918-1998

'A Naturalist in Snowdonia'

The file contains material relating to the geology and scenery of Snowdonia, early botanists, mountain creatures and plants and their Latin names

A Slice of Welsh Wildlife

Despite Condry's title only a small proportion of this file actually relates to wildlife. The file includes a sketch map of mid-Wales and some details of birds, mammals, plants and insects, but the majority of the entries concern place names and items of historical and topographical interest, particularly churches, castles, standing stones and bridges, sometimes illustrated by sketches; other items include brief biographies of past naturalists, articles from newspapers and journals, bibliographic information and unidentified reference numbers (many marked in red ink), literary references, 1930-1998, and correspondence, including a postcard from Arthur [Chater], 1998, discussing narcissus species and a letter about the naturalist, J. H. Salter, from his grand-daughter, 1975.

Chater, A. O.

A Year in the Country

The file consists of a letter from the editor, Jon Gower, 1997, inviting Condry to contribute to an anthology of diaries covering all the months of the year, with a handwritten word count, typed draft of February's entry, list of topics and index cards.

Condry, William, 1918-1998

Accumulated letters and obituaries

Letters, obituaries and articles relating to William Condry which appear to have been accumulated by David Saunders of the Dyfed Wildlife Trust, as indicated by a covering letter, 2015. They include a letter by William Condry to Elwyn Hughes, 1955, and letters between Condry and David Saunders, 1991-1997, mainly about the publication of articles in various wildlife journals. The remainder of the file comprises correspondence of David Saunders with Penny Condry, Jack Davies, Dafydd Davies and Arthur Chater, in connection with the obituary of William Condry by Arthur Chater, published in ‘Wildlife’, September 1998 (present in file), together with a brief article on Condry’s retirement, 1982, and further obituaries, mostly in Wildlife Trust publications, 1998-1999.

Saunders, David, 1937-


The file includes eight small notebooks, containing a diary of the first African trip, 1963-1964, remarking on the work of Mary Richards and Desmond Vesey-Fitzgerald, detailed notes on the area of Rukwa, with ideas for chapters in Condry's forthcoming African book, Penny Condry's diary for the end of 1963, and camera notes, a typed itinerary for Condry's visit to East Africa in July 1967, brief notes on species seen and photographs required, bird lists, and loose notes on Arusha, describing its designation as a national park and the involvement of Desmond Vesey-Fitzgerald; Condry's diaries of his trip to Arusha, 1971, with a further diary in a different hand, possibly by Vesey-Fitzgerald, covering 1971-1974.

Condry, Penny, 1922-


The file consists of a card index compiled following Condry's visits to Africa in 1963-4, 1967 and 1971, which included visits to Rukwa and Arusha. The entries for African birds include lists of birds spotted, individual descriptions of the birds, many with fuller notes on distribution and habits, and details of when and where seen, references to relevant literature, notes of photographs taken and occasional printed articles. A small section of the index comprises a bibliography, and the remainder covers climate, geology, history, land use, natural history and literary references, and includes occasional sketches, press cuttings and correspondence, 1966-1967, relating to reference sources, botany, slides and photographs.


The file comprises handwritten notes on loose sheets and index cards, covering the discovery, identification, location and lists of alpine plants, mainly in the upland areas of Merionethshire, a set of notes for a lecture on the history of botanical and ecological studies on Cader Idris, with a schematic biography of the Snowdonia botanist E. Price Evans, literary and bibliographic references, typed and handwritten surveys, reports and newsletters relating to the ecology of certain Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in North Wales, 1968-1996, photocopies and off prints, including two papers on the flora of Cader Idris by E. Price Evans, 1932, and press articles about Evan Roberts, 1979, another Snowdonia botanist, occasional items relating to plants in Scotland and other areas of Britain, pressed and dried specimens of alpine ferns with relevant notes, and a large quantity of letters and enclosures concerning similar topics, notably from Peter Benoit (15), 1962-1995, Arthur Chater, (7), 1985-1994, Dafydd Davies (27), 1986-1997, E. Price Evans, (1), 1957, Dewi Jones (24), 1988-1997, with an enclosed typescript article on William Williams, the botanical guide of Snowdonia, Derek Ratcliffe of the Nature Conservancy Council (5), 1983, and Richard (`Dick') Roberts (7), 1985-1991.

Annual reports

The file consists of annual reports for 1973, 1982, 1983 and 1987.

Annual Reports

The file consists of a printed volume containing the Ynys-hir annual report for 1981, to which Condry contributed a section on the flora of the reserve, and the typed draft of an article for the 1990 report, entitled 'Some Glimpses of the Past', about the history of Ynys-hir and Eglwys-fach.

Arthur Brook

The file consists of an obituary of Arthur Brook, ornithologist and bird photographer, of Builth Wells, reprinted from British Birds, October 1957

`Articles about Wales'

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts of several articles by Condry, 1947-1982, namely 'Lowlands - Winter' (partly compiled from notes dated at Dale Fort, 1947), 'Forestry', 'The Raven', 'Plant Hunting on a Welsh Crag', 'Birds of the Welsh Woods', 'Cwm Idwal Nature Trail', with a note, 'not essay quality', 'The Welsh Marches' with a note regarding editing, part of an untitled article about buzzards, notes and sources for historic sites in Harlech and Merioneth, a small notebook, 1966, containing items of topographical and historical interest in Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire and the Marches; author's proof of an article on Welsh wildlife, typed drafts and a cutting of 'A Welsh Nature Note', written for the Liverpool Daily Post; correspondence, 1957-76, on the effects of flood lights and lighthouses on migrating birds, the Gwent Levels and photography; other typescript and printed articles, newsletters, pamphlets and maps on subjects which include field studies and other outdoor educational activities, conservation in agriculture, reclamation of industrial sites and history; magazine and newspaper cuttings, 1955-[1974], relating to birds, geology, scenery, industry, history, crafts, natural history and conservation.

'Bardsey Talk'

The file consists of notes describing the history of Bardsey, the founding of the bird observatory in 1953, the work of the Bardsey Trust, the island's geology and wildlife

Barfog Lake papers and general bulletin

The file comprises correspondence and minutes of committee meetings in connection with the protection of the Barfog lake and bog from drainage, and designation of the area as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, 1964-1981, including a letter from Arthur [Chater], 1964, on the flora of the bog, together with a copy of a bulletin, 1970, of the Haverfordwest, Tenby and North Pembrokeshire sections of the Pembrokeshire branch.

Chater, A. O.

Biographical sources

The series comprises newspaper and magazine articles written during Condry's lifetime, obituaries and letters of condolence to Penny Condry, and other memorials and tributes, 1955-2020 (accumulated 1973-2020)

Bird Records

The file principally comprises notes on literary references, sightings, identification, distribution, calls, habitats and habits of wild birds, mainly in Wales, but with some examples from England, Scotland and Jersey. Some of the observations are Condry's own, but many are quotations or summaries from diaries or articles by other naturalists, especially J. H. Salter and E. H. T. Bible. Of particular importance are extracts copied from Salter's notebooks, monitoring the red kite population between 1902 and 1933.


The file comprises articles by Condry entitled 'The Dovey Estuary' which includes information about Ynys-hir as a newly formed RSPB nature reserve, Other Aspects of Nature at Ynyshir',Bird Garden From Rough Pasture' and `Autumn Tide'.

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