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Robert Clive Papers
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A Refutation of Considerations on Indian Affairs of

An incomplete manuscript, [c. 1772], of a Refutation of Considerations on Indian Affairs by William Bolts (1772), being presumably A View of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the British Government in Bengal (1772) by Harry Verelst, Clive’s successor as governor.

Abstracts of letters sent by Clive in India

A notebook covering the first months of Clive's second governorship of Bengal containing abstracts of letters/communications sent by him, mainly to army officers and staff of the East India Company, relating mainly to routine affairs such as visits, escorting dignitaries, etc. The volume is endorsed: 'Note Book Commencing 13th May 1765'.

Account books,

An account book, 1774-1786, with Messrs. Gosling, Clive and Gosling, bankers, relating to the payment of legacies, annuities, etc.

Accounts Current Messrs Amphlett and Fullerton,

The volume gives details of Clive's accounts with Thomas Amphlett (his cousin) and William Fullerton (the family doctor) for the last year, 1759-1760, of his first period of office as governor of Bengal. They range from the payment and receipt of Clive's card debts, to his salary as governor, and the Company's allowances for his table expenses and for ‘three Publick Entertainments, viz. Gen Kings Birthday Christmas day and new years day" [1758-9]. Extent: 11 ff. Outsize vol.

Acquired India papers,

Papers, 1727-1729, 1757-[c. 1763], of Company servants who served before and during Clive’s time in India comprising the journals of Henry Harnett, 1727-1729, ledgers of Henry Harnett, 1727, voyage journals of Henry Doidge and others, 1757-1759, and papers of William Dobbins, [c. 1760]-[c. 1763].

Acquired papers,

Papers acquired by Robert Clive, 1739-1772, some deliberately, others it seems by accident.

aLetter from ? to Mirza Sahib,$f[1757x1759, or 1766].

I have requested your agents here to put all my properties under one heading for tax purposes so that when I submit my annual accounts you will be able to check them at a glance and if there was any adjustment to be made you could then summon me to do so and I will gladly come and settle the account. I will be grateful if you could let me know if this is acceptable to you. If so, you could send your vakils Shaikh Muhammad and Malik Ram to investigate the matter and make their recommendations to you and you could then write to Nawab Sabitjang Bahaur [Lord Clive] who could in turn advise Nawab Nasir al-Mulk and Rajah Balabh Sahib to follow his recommendations.


A copy of the appointment, 2 May 1766, of Anthony Polier as a major on the Bengal establishment, a note of the proposed appointment, [post March 1769], on Clive’s recommendation, of Robert Wilson as a surgeon, and copies of minutes and the general letter of the Court of Directors, 10 April 1771, concerning the restoration of Sir Robert Fletcher to the service and ‘the late Appointment of Mr [John] Petrie’.

Army returns companies and casualties,

Weekly, monthly and general returns of troops, ordnance, ammunition sepoys, lascars, coolies and artificers etc. relating to the various companies making up the East India Company’s army for the years [c. 1750s], 1760 and 1764-1767 with the notable exception of one return [c. 1757] relating to French army casualties. The companies’ returns include a roll, [c. 1750s], of the detachment of the Company’s troops victualled by Ensign Davies at Trivady [presumably during the war in the Carnatic known also as Dupleix’s war, 1749-1754], a return, 1760, of troops, etc., at Rajmahal under the command of Major John Caillaud (1724-1812), [presumably during the defence of Patna, 1759-1761], and returns, 1765-1767, of the three brigades established by Clive’s reforms of the military under the commands of Sir Robert Barker, General Carnac and Colonel Richard Smith and stationed at Patna and Allahabad. There are also returns, 1764 and [1765?], of the Company’s troops on board the Prince of Wales (at the Cape of Good Hope) and the Speke. The returns are mostly statistical but sometimes give the names of the troops and even their country of origin. The casualty return relates to the numbers of French killed and wounded at Chandernagore, [post 1757, March 23].

Army returns Fort William and Bengal generally,

Weekly, monthly and general returns of troops, ordnance, ammunition sepoys, lascars, coolies and artificers etc., of the garrison at Fort William, Calcutta (including its detachments to Patna and at Allahabad), and of the troops in general on the Bengal establishment during Clive’s second governorship, 1765-1767.

aText of a declaration from an East India Company official to Siraj ud-Daula,

A contemporary translation is entry nos. 16 and 35 in CR8/1 dated [21-24] January and 7 February respectively. This undated declaration which matches clause 1 of the former and clause 3 of the latter, coming from the East India Company council members ('Kunsuliha') to the Nabob, and claiming to represent 'Sabitjang Bahadur' (i.e. Clive), and referring to payments made in respect of the forts at Calcutta, Qasimbazar, Jahangirnagar, and elsewhere being complete.

East india Company.

Attorneys’ papers,

The group comprises proceedings (minutes) and correspondence, 1764-1768, of Clive’s attorneys who conducted his affairs in England while he was in India.

Bengal expedition,

Papers relating to Clive’s involvement in the Bengal expedition, despatched in 1756 from Madras (where he was deputy governor of Fort St. David) to Bengal to recapture Calcutta following the infamous ‘Black Hole’ incident. The papers include returns and an invoice of stores shipped for the expedition, Sept.-Oct. 1756, a warrant for the commander-in-chief to appoint courts martial and judge advocates, Oct. 1756, three copies of the journal of the proceedings of the land forces commanded by Clive, Oct. 1756, instructions from the Select Committee of Fort St. George to Clive, Oct. 1756, and a narrative [post-Nov. 1756] of the ‘Quarrel re Bengal’ from 9 April to 8 Nov. 1756.

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