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Miscellaneous papers and note-books containing notes, extracts, transcripts, lists, etc., in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') bound together in one volume. The contents of pp. 53-60, 73, 75, 86-9, 91, 143-206, 209-17, 233-8,...

'Iolo Morganwg'.


A composite volume, the contents including: pp. 1-2, an English prose rendering of a 'cywydd' by Tudur Aled requesting a horse from the Abbot of Aber Conwy, the first line of the original being 'Gydag un a geidw Gwynedd . . .';...

William Owen-Pughe, 'Iolo Morganwg' and others.

Poetical works of Richard Llwyd,

The Poetical Works of Richard Llwyd, The Bard of Snowdon; comprising Beaumaris by and Other Poems: with a Portrait and Memoir of the Author. London: [1837]. There are a few marginal comments by John Williams (1833-72), Beaumaris (see note under 56...

Richard Llwyd and John Williams.


Miscellaneous papers of Thomas Pennant, David Pennant, and David Pennant, junior. They include personalia, estate and parochial papers, 'The Account of David Pennant with the Poor of Whitford', 1798-1834, a note on Owen Glyn Dŵr, a price...

Thomas Pennant, David Pennant and David Pennant, junior.


Miscellaneous poems in various hands including poems entitled 'A Christmas Chace 1777' (mention of Porkington and Llanarmon), 'The Cheshire Grand Jury's Address to Sir J[?oseph] J[?eky]ll' [chief justice of Chester, 1697- ...

Reverend Richard Howard and others.

Letters, &c.,

Miscellaneous letters:- W. H. Goldwyer, Bristol, to Walter Scott [aft. Sir Walter Scott], 1818 (comments on an enclosed copy of a portrait of Rob Roy), W. H. Goldwyer and [Mrs.] H. Goldwyer [from Bristol] to their son[s] Henry [and John] Goldwyer,...

Llyfr John Morgans, Glanfrêd,

A volume containing some 'penillion' and, at the other end and largely in a different hand, late eighteenth and early nineteenth century English poetry ('On the death of Cromwell', 'On the death of Admiral Lord Nelson'...

Letters of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'),

A volume containing forty-five holograph letters, 1820-30, mostly dated, on guards, with a few drafts and miscellaneous papers, from Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'; 1795-1855), writing at various times from Trefriw, Croesoswallt [Os...

Commonplace book of John Lloyd Richards,

Two notebooks (pasted together) of the Reverend John Lloyd Richards (1790-1854), vicar of Llanwddyn containing 'Subjects for [weekly] themes given by Mr Ainger for 1821', '...[L]ines ... set up in a neat frame in the room at the Pav...

Memoirs of the author of Indian Antiquities, etc.,

A composite volume containing [Thomas Maurice:] Memoirs of the Author of Indian Antiquities ... Part I (2nd. ed.) (London, 1821) and Parts II-III (London, 1820, 1822). Preceding the text are two engraved portraits of Thomas Maurice (one published ...


A notebook partly in the hand of Mary Richards containing miscellaneous material e.g. Welsh and English verses, one series being by 'R[ichard] Richards Vicar Meifod', 1820; medical recipes; 'A List of Subscribers towards paying Rent...


Miscellaneous material including notes on legends associated with 'Llyn Barfog' and 'Llyn tri Graienyn' in Merioneth [in the hand of E. G. B. Phillimore]; 'Cân croesawiad i Edmund Buckley, esq., ar ei ddyfodiad iw oed, Mai...

Journal of William Davies, Ffrwd-fal,

A journal, 1 June 1832 (not 1831 as written in the top left of the first page) - July 1836, with a few additional entries to 1841, kept by the Reverend W[illia]m Davies, Independent minister and schoolmaster, better known as Dr William Davies (180...

Edward Thomas letters to Helen Thomas

Over one hundred letters, 1896-1900, from Edward Thomas to Helen Ashcroft Noble, whom he married on 20 June 1899. The letters contain mainly personal news and reflections, notably impressions of his life at Oxford and of visits to Wales; also incl...

Crawshay family papers,

A small group of the papers, 1847-90, of George Crawshay including poetry composed or translated by him; papers, 1830s-1888, of his wife Eliza; and genealogical notes and other papers relating to the Crawshay family.

George and Elizabeth Crawshay and others.


  • NLW MSS 12855-12856A.
  • Ffeil
  • [19 cent., second ½] /

Two note-books containing miscellaneous Welsh verse including poems by John Williams ('Ioan ap Griffith') of Rhiwbryfdir [Blaenau Ffestiniog] (second half nineteenth cent.), and one English poem by the said John Williams.

John Williams.

Felicia Dorothea Hemans papers

  • NLW MS 10959C.
  • Ffeil
  • [1811x1935]

A group of manuscript papers of Felicia Dorothea Hemans (née Browne), including eight holograph letters written (where indicated) from Bronwylfa, near St. Asaph, and from Milburn Tower, near Edinburgh, the correspondents including M[atthew] Nichol...

Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835

Felicia Dorothea Hemans papers

  • NLW MS 11066C
  • Ffeil
  • [1828x1831]

A holograph letter, 10 April ----, from Felicia [Dorothea] Hemans from Wavertree, to Samuel Parkes (returning the recipient's 'nice quiet Tragedies', the writer's holiday at Seacombe); and poetry by Mrs. Hemans, including manus...

Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835

Gwaith 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'

A collection by W. J. Roberts of the poetical works of Evan Evans (Ieuan Glan Geirionydd) entitled 'Gemau Glan Geirionydd' (changed to 'Y Geirionydd'; c.f. the printed edition Geirionydd as edited by W. J. Roberts). A table of ...

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904

Poetry, prose, letters and miscellanea,

A collection of papers, mainly in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe], containing original Welsh poetry, poetical translations, transcripts of medieval Welsh poetry and prose texts, autograph letters and miscellaneous notes, including: 1, 'Engl...

William Owen-Pughe.

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