Heraldry -- France -- Burgundy.



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Heraldry -- France -- Burgundy.

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Heraldry -- France -- Burgundy.

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Heraldry -- France -- Burgundy.

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La Maison de Bourgogne

A volume, [1690s], of biographies, painted armorials and pedigrees of members of three reigning houses in Burgundy and their collateral branches.
It comprises the Bosonid Dynasty from Beuves d'Ardennes (822-877) to Henry I of Burgundy (948-1002), the Capetian House of Burgundy from Robert I "le Vieux", son of Robert II, king of the Franks (1011-1076), to Philip I of Burgundy (1346-1361), and the House of Valois from Philip II "le Hardi" of Burgundy (1342-1384) to Mary of Burgundy (1457-1482) (pp. 1-167); the counts of Nevers, descended from the House of Valois, from Philip of Burgundy (1389-1415), to Charlotte of Burgundy (1472-1500) (pp. 169-184); the lords of Montagu et Chagny, descended from the Capetian House of Burgundy, from Alexandre (1170-1205) to N. de Montagu (15 cent.) (pp. 185-232); and the counts of Albon and dauphins of Viennois descended from the Capetian House of Burgundy, from André or Guigues (VI) of Burgundy (1184-1237) to Anne of Burgundy, wife of Humbert I de La Tour-du-Pin (1240-1307) (pp. 235-248). There are annotations and transcripts, [19 cent., last ¼], in the hand of G. T. Clark, both in the manuscript and on new leaves tipped in (18 ff.), with other genealogical and biographical notes by him, in French English and Latin (9 ff.), filed separately.

Rois et ducs de Bourgogne

A volume, [1690s], containing biographies, painted armorials and pedigrees of kings and dukes of Burgundy.
It lists kings of Burgundy (historic or semi-legendary) from Gundion (d. 451) to Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1250), (pp. 1-53); the dukes of Burgundy from Beuves d'Ardennes (d. 877) to king Charles II of Spain (d. 1700) (pp. 61-183); and the counts of Burgundy from Othe Guillaume (d. 1027) to Jeanne II (d. 1330), wife of king Phillip V of France (pp. 185-211). Also contains transcripts and annotations in pencil in the hand of G. T. Clark, [19 cent., last ¼].