File report

Archival description hierarchy

# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 NLW MS 13063B [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. Barddoniaeth, 1684, [1767x1826] / Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies.
2 NLW MS 13064D. Barddoniaeth, [1701x1847] None
3 NLW MS 13065B. Gramadeg y beirdd; traethawd ar retoreg, [1601x1826] / None
4 NLW MS 13066B. 'Llyfr Meyrig Davydd' , [1534x1826] / None
5 NLW MS 13067B. Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith, [1575x1700]. None
6 NLW MS 13068B. Barddoniaeth, [1600x1826] / None
7 NLW MS 13069B [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith, [1674x1833] / Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies.
8 NLW MS 13070B. Hen gwndidau, etc., [1575x1800] / None
9 NLW MS 13071B. Barddoniaeth, [1601x1826]. None
10 NLW MS 13072B. 'Llyfr Jenkin Richard', [1601x1800] / None
11 NLW MS 13073B. Achau, [1601x1826]. None
12 NLW MS 13074D. Extracts, etc. from 'Brut y Brenhinedd' and 'Brenhinedd y Saeson', [1615x1800] / None
13 NLW MS 13075B. Rhyddiaith, [1575x1800] / None
14 NLW MS 13076B. 'Gesta Romanorum', [1575x1675] / None
15 NLW MS 13077B. 'Llyfr Edward Gamage', [1601x1800] / None
16 NLW MS 13078E. 'Llyfr Thomas Bona', [1575x1826] / None
17 NLW MS 13079B. Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith, [1575x1700]. None
18 NLW MS 13080B. Barddoniaeth, etc., [1675x1800] / None
19 NLW MS 13081B. Barddoniaeth, etc., [1601x1826]. None
20 NLW MS 13082B. Legal and financial miscellanea, [1601x1800]. None
21 NLW MS 13083B. Legal precedents, [1675x1700]. None
22 NLW MS 13084B. 'Llyfr Siôn Philip', [18 cent., second ½] / None
23 NLW MS 13085B. 'Geirlyfr llysiau', etc., [1675x1700] / None
24 NLW MS 13086B. Buchedd Collen, [1675x1826] / None
25 NLW MS 13087E. Barddoniaeth, trioedd, etc., [1767x1826] / None
26 NLW MS 13088B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
27 NLW MS 13089E. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
28 NLW MS 13090E. Barddoniaeth Dafydd ap Gwilym ac eraill, [1767x1826] / None
29 NLW MS 13091E. Geirfau, etc., [1767x1826] / None
30 NLW MS 13092E. Barddoniaeth, [1767x1826] / None
31 NLW MS 13093E. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
32 NLW MS 13094E. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
33 NLW MS 13095B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
34 NLW MS 13096B. Gramadeg y beirdd, etc., [1767x1826] / None
35 NLW MS 13097B. Welsh bardism, etc., [1767x1826] / None
36 NLW MS 13098B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
37 NLW MS 13099B. Barddoniaeth, etc., [1767x1826] None
38 NLW MS 13100B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
39 NLW MS 13101B. Welsh chronicle; triads; etc., [1767x1826] / None
40 NLW MS 13102B. Diarhebion, etc., [1767x1826] / None
41 NLW MS 13103B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
42 NLW MS 13104B. Madog and the discovery of America; Welsh Indians; etc., [1767x1826] / None
43 NLW MS 13105B. Barddoniaeth [1767x1826] None
44 NLW MS 13106B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
45 NLW MS 13107B [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies.
46 NLW MS 13108B. Bardism, [1767x1826] / None
47 NLW MS 13109B. Genealogical and heraldic material, [1801x1826] / None
48 NLW MS 13110B. Triads, [1767x1826] / None
49 NLW MS 13111B. Meddygon Myddfai; Llyfr Harri Siôn, [1767x1826] / None
50 NLW MS 13112B. Miscellanea, [1767x1826] / None
51 NLW MS 13113B. Brut Aberpergwm, etc., [1767x1826] / None
52 NLW MS 13114B. Agriculture of Glamorgan, etc., [1767x1826] / None
53 NLW MS 13115B. A journey in cos. Glamorgan and Carmarthen; agricultural data; etc., [1785x1826] None
54 NLW MS 13116B. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
55 NLW MS 13117E. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
56 NLW MS 13118B. Barddoniaeth; doethineb Catwg Ddoeth, [1767x1826] None
57 NLW MS 13119B. Dunraven Castle; trioedd Pawl; etc., [1767x1826] / None
58 NLW MS 13120B. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
59 NLW MS 13121B. Brut Ieuan Brechfa; Brut Aberpergwm; triads, etc. [1785x1826] None
60 NLW MS 13122B. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
61 NLW MS 13123B. Miscellanea, [1648x1826] / None
62 NLW MS 13124B. Triads, [1785x1847] / None
63 NLW MS 13125B. Barddoniaeth, [1767x1826] / None
64 NLW MS 13126A. 'Llyfr Gwallter Demapys'; genealogies of the saints; etc., [1785x1826] / None
65 NLW MS 13127A. Barddoniaeth, [1767x1826] / None
66 NLW MS 13128A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
67 NLW MS 13129A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
68 NLW MS 13130A. Barddoniaeth, etc., [1785x1826] None
69 NLW MS 13131A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
70 NLW MS 13132A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
71 NLW MS 13133A. Triads, [1767x1826] / None
72 NLW MS 13134A. Barddoniaeth, [1767x1826] / None
73 NLW MS 13135A. Triads, [1767x1826] / None
74 NLW MS 13136A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
75 NLW MS 13137A. Proverbs, [1767x1826] / None
76 NLW MS 13138A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
77 NLW MS 13139A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
78 NLW MS 13140A. Genealogies, etc., [1767x1826] / None
79 NLW MS 13141A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
80 NLW MS 13142A. Welsh word lists, etc., [1785x1826] / None
81 NLW MS 13143A. Triads; miscellanea, [1785x1847] / None
82 NLW MS 13144A. Bardism; miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
83 NLW MS 13145A. Extracts from the scriptures; rules of the South Wales Unitarian Society; etc. [1785x1847] / None
84 NLW MS 13146A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
85 NLW MS 13147A. Agriculture, etc., [1785x1826] / None
86 NLW MS 13148A. Barddoniaeth, etc., [1785x1826] / None
87 NLW MS 13149A. Sketches, [?1801x1815] / None
88 NLW MS 13150A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
89 NLW MS 13151A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
90 NLW MS 13152A. Miscellanea, [1785x1847] / None
91 NLW MS 13153A. Miscellanea, [1785x1847] / None
92 NLW MS 13154A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
93 NLW MS 13155A. Notes on words, etc., [1785x1847] / None
94 NLW MS 13156A. Agriculture; accounts of journeys, [1785x1826] / None
95 NLW MS 13157A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
96 NLW MS 13158A. Miscellanea, [1785x1847] / None
97 NLW MS 13159A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
98 NLW MS 13160A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
99 NLW MS 13161A. Historical and genealogical miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
100 NLW MS 13162A. Miscellanea, [1785x1826] / None
101 NLW MS 13163B. 'Y marchog crwydrad', [1601x1625]. None
102 NLW MS 13164B. Account and memoranda book, 1688-1758. None
103 NLW MS 13165B. Llyfr du Pantlliwydd, [1575x1625] None
104 NLW MS 13166B. Achau, barddoniaeth, etc. [17 cent., first ¼] None
105 NLW MS 13167B [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. Brithwaith Gwillim Pue, M. B., [1674-1676] / Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies.
106 NLW MS 13168A. Barddoniaeth; y XXIV brenin cadarnaf, [1598x1625]. None
107 NLW MS 13169B. Barddoniaeth, [1640x1676]. None
108 NLW MS 13170B. Poetry, Cyfrinach beirdd ynys Prydain, [1767x1800] / None
109 NLW MS 13171A. Englynion, etc., [1725x1765] / None
110 NLW MS 13172B. The fifteen tribes of North Wales, etc., [1838x1850]. None
111 NLW MS 13173A. Achau saint ynys Prydain, [1785x1826] / None
112 NLW MS 13174A. Journal, 1802 / None
113 NLW MS 13175A. Transcripts, [1785x1826] / None
114 NLW MS 13176B. Aphorisms, 'The art of divine contentment', etc., [1698x1800]. None
115 NLW MS 13177B. Cyfrinach beirdd ynys Prydain, [1767x1826] / None
116 NLW MS 13178B. Carolau a chaniadau duwiol, etc., [17 cent.]. None
117 NLW MS 13180B. Barddoniaeth, etc., [16 cent.]-[17 cent.] None
118 NLW MS 13181B. Hebrew bible, [1525x1858]. None
119 NLW MS 13184E. Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni, 1834-1845. None
120 NLW MS 13185E. Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni 1834-1885 None
121 NLW MSS 13061-13062B. 'Llyfr Tomas ab Ieuan, Tre'r-bryn', [1657x1835] / None
122 NLW MSS 13182-13183E. Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni, 1834-1848 None